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  1. I really hope not, but that's just because I'm a SunLight shipper and I just want to see Sunny with Princess Twilight. I know it's not going to happen, but a guy can dream.
  2. Love it. All the Dazzlings' songs are great, but Under Our Spell really suits them best, I think. As a song, I like Let's Have A Battle better, but for how well it fits the theme of the Sirens and the movie, Under Our Spell is best.
  3. Whatsapp, Duolingo, 9Gag, Youtube, Mail, Chrome, Music. I guess those are my most-used apps.
  4. I love them. I wouldn't try one myself, probably, because I'm not that good at games in general, but I love watching GDQs to see people completely destroy the games I grew up with, and some of the more recent ones that I enjoy playing. I mostly love the Legend of Zelda 100% runs. Five hours of glitch after glitch to get everything collected in the proper way. Amazing entertainment.
  5. KatonRyu

    General Media Animorphs

    I loved it as a kid, and I love it today. I'll probably reread it somewhere in the near future. Even the ghostwritten books of more questionable quality were still at least enjoyable.
  6. KatonRyu

    General Phone salutations

    I used to pick up the phone with my name, but that was in the day of landlines without caller ID. Now if someone calls me, I assume that they know they're dialing my number, so I just pick up the phone with, "Hello?" if it's a number I don't know or, "Hey!" when it's someone I know.
  7. Having fun and living the way I want to. That's it. I'd like to write a couple of books along the way, but I don't think that's my purpose.
  8. I have no idea what the years in the poll mean, exactly, but my last year (which is the sixth, in Dutch count) was easily my favorite. I was finally beginning to grasp everything because there was mostly repetition, so it was the only year where I was never in danger of failing my exams. It was very relaxing.
  9. Definitely 24 hour clock. But we just pronounce things in the 12-hour way. So 16:15 is still just 'a quarter past 4'.
  10. The Legacy of Kain series. The amount of time travel and constant outmaneuvering of everyone by everyone else is insane. Although I guess Dark Souls counts as well, given how deliberately vague the games are about everything.
  11. In the normal life, I'd be fencing twice a week, practicing krav maga twice a week, and going to the gym twice a week. Right now, I have krav maga HIIT outside twice a week, and I do exercises at home with my kettlebell, as well as pushups, situps, squats, mountain climbers, and Australian pullups on the dinner table on four of the days without HIIT. In either case, I have one day of rest.
  12. This one, despite its flaws. I like the technology we have, I like a lot of the music that's coming out, I like the games. Living in another era would take most of those things away, and I'd rather not give them up.
  13. I don't know. I used to think society would progress, but as I'm looking into history more and more I'm beginning to see that while our technology and means of communication change, humanity itself hasn't changed much in the past couple of thousand years. I'd like to believe that, with our greater understanding of the world and natural processes, we'd be able to put a stop to climate change and make the world a more rational and free place to live in, but all in all I'm just getting more pessimistic about the future in general. Not necessarily directly about my own future, just the world as a
  14. That strongly depends on what you call serving. The Netherlands had a draft (they still do, it's just worded in such a way that you don't actually have to do anything unless the country itself is under direct attack and people are needed immediately), so my father and grandfather have been in the army, they just never went to a war. Well, my grandpa lived through WW2, but since he was 8-13 at the time I don't think he did much fighting.
  15. In general anything that doesn't somehow involve supernatural or alien things. More specifically, though, I really hate romantic comedies, any kind of soap opera, or reality TV.
  16. I've gotten a few warnings, but nothing more severe than that, because even if I don't necessarily agree with the warning, I'll at least try not to break the same rule again. I've never really been on any forums where the mods were vindictive, though.
  17. For the most part, I agree with the observations the site makes. Personally, I find the 96% Introvert score very satisfying.
  18. I'm neither, really, but probably more of a follower than a leader in most cases. Basically, I do whatever aligns with my personal objectives at that moment. If someone else has the same goals and has a plan, I'll follow it. If not, I'll do it myself, but I won't be involving others if I don't have to.
  19. I don't, because lately there hasn't been any good news whatsoever. Ninety percent of the items on the news piss me off in one way or another, so I just save myself the stress and ignore it completely. I can't fix these problems anyway. You could say I'm just putting my head in the sand, and you'd be right. I'll stop doing that once I get the feeling I can actually do something about any of the myriad things I consider to be wrong with the world.
  20. Casual, definitely. Aside from Dark Souls and racing games, I don't play a single game without cheating, and even then I had to watch a playthrough of Dark Souls to get into it. I play games to relax, and for the story, not the challenge.
  21. As long as the forum is alive, I'm bound to check in from time to time. It won't be as much now that the series is over, but maybe once G5 is out I'll become more active again.
  22. The picture...I know what it's supposed to be, but I really don't like that story. Maybe because I was forced to read it in French class, but even back then I just...didn't like it. To answer the question, though: yes, I do. I still prefer kids' shows to adult ones, anyway, and kids' books over adult ones. Maybe the idealism is a nice counter to how depressing real life has been lately, or something.
  23. Skyrim is easily my most played game of all time. I only have 1017 hours in it on Steam, but I'd been playing it for years before I got the Steam version. In total, I think I'm somewhere between 2500 and 3000 hours on it, and not a single one of those hours was spent playing the game fairly. By this point, I have so many ludicrous mods installed that attempting to play the game fairly wouldn't really work anymore, anyway.
  24. KatonRyu

    General Media Favorite Mute Characters?

    Neo from RWBY. She's a great fighter and even though she doesn't talk, she's expressive as hell.
  25. Partially, I guess? I like cute things, like kittens and puppies and whatever, and I do get emotional watching certain movies or shows, but at the same time I am, in many cases, a cold-hearted bastard, and I love ultrav-violent games and watching combat sports. Basically, I'm compassionate only to those I care about, and indifferent about everyone else.
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