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  1. That may be so, but children who watch this show might be tempted to feed their dog or cat things that really aren't good for them after seeing Fluttershy recommending it. The majority probably won't, just like I don't believe that violent shows or games make children act that way, but in this case it's actually presented as something desirable and in our world it simply isn't. There are already too many people IRL doing this out of misguided enlightenment.
  2. This episode was the best one in a long time. Angel's lines are funny as hell and it was a blast seeing him running around in Fluttershy's body. Easily one of the most amusing episodes in the series. The only thing I could hold against this episode is Fluttershy's 'try to be vegetarian' speech to the predators. IRL a lot of pets die or get very sick because their owners try to make obligate carnivores vegetarian or vegan, and I really don't think it's smart to have Fluttershy, who really should know better, suggest something like this.
  3. After the trivia episode, I was kind of worried going into this one, but fortunately I didn't have to. This was a good episode, it was nice to see Twilight showing her character development, as well as having Discord comment on it. It was also fun to see the security system in action again, and how the villains got past it successfully. I like Cozy Glow a lot more now that she's openly evil.
  4. I always just interpret it as the show taking words we'd be familiar with, and then putting them into a related, but still different context depending on their needs. Calling a winged horse a Pegasus is definitely something kids would do, and understand. Similarly, I doubt many children know the legends of the actual Changelings, or the Windigos, or Ahuizotl, or that 'alicorn' was originally the name for the material a unicorn's horn is made of, not a winged unicorn. As for the cockatrice, it makes sense that they wouldn't go for paralysis or death in the show, because death would be far too grim for the target audience, while paralysis would probably look extremely unnerving even to adults, while petrifaction, being something unheard of IRL, would have much less of a scary impact, while still allowing for lots of tension. Ultimately I think the creative liberties the show takes are all for the better, and allow it to create its own mythology by using existing concepts.
  5. Both of them are great as supporting characters, but not so much as the main character, IMO. That said, both fulfill very different roles in their respective settings, and of the two the FiM Spike seems to be more active the story than LBT Spike, so I guess I slightly prefer FiM Spike.
  6. I've always thought that Celestia is well aware of how much she is to blame for Sunset's fall, but the show just does a really poor job of displaying it. The same goes for her trolling sense of humor. Celestia, in my mind, would know better than to frighten Twilight and Sunset, the former because she's just neurotic about the prospect of somehow failing her, and the latter because she knows damn well how guilty Sunset feels about everything that's happened. She would definitely mess with them, but not in such a callous way. In Forgotten Friendship's case, I just decided to let it slide and cherry-pick the elements that I did like. At this point, my headcanon is only loosely connected to the actual canon, exactly because of things like this, where Celestia seems to accept none of the blame.
  7. For starters, I'd spend a lot more time building up the Storm King to be a credible threat. I'd have the party at the start go off without a hitch, and then start showing storm clouds beginning to gather over Equestria, clouds that the weather ponies can't seem to keep away. I'd then have Celestia and Luna explain that, a thousand years ago (because everything is always a thousand years ago in this franchise) they fought the Storm King and managed to exile, but not truly defeat him. His return now could spell doom for Equestria, but it's possible for him to be stopped through the use of a powerful magical artifact, only known as the Eye of the Storm. The Eye has the power to influence the weather, specifically being able to calm even the most furious storms. When he was first powerful a thousand years ago, the Storm King had already sought to destroy it, and Celestia had given it to the Hippogriffs to keep safe. Celestia would then task the Mane 6 to visit the Hippogriffs and retrieve the Eye, while the Princesses, Starlight, and Discord would defend Equestria from the Storm King. Discord would be incredulous at first, of course, but he'd soon find out that the Storm King's storm magic is powerful enough to go toe to toe with Discord's chaos magic. From this point on, the movie would switch between the POVs from the Mane 6 to the Princesses as they continue on their journey. The Storm King and his troops attack Canterlot, and despite their might the Princesses, Starlight and Discord are incapable of being everywhere at once, fighting both the troops and the magical storms at the same time. The Storm King then discovers that there is one more Princess, and orders his general Tempest to find her and bring her back, so he can drain the magic from the Princesses and take over the world (of course!). The Mane 6, meanwhile, don't have much luck with finding the Hippogriffs, since Mount Aris appears to be deserted. While still there, the group is discovered and captured by Celano's pirates, who are working for the Storm King. After convincing the pirates to rebel against their overlord, they ask where the Hippogriffs have gone, and Celano tells them that the only thing she knows is that when the weather began to turn and the Storm King's return was imminent, the Hippogriffs just disappeared. She jokingly suggests they might have fled under water, where the Storm King wouldn't be able to find them. Twilight thinks that Celano could be right, though, reasoning that the magic of the Eye could probably be tapped to do other things than simply calming storms. Before they can put this plan into action, they would be discovered by Tempest (in the same way as before, through Rainbow Dash's Sonic Rainboom), who attacks the pirate ship with her own airship. They escape by hiding themselves in a storm cloud, an effort coordinated by Rainbow's skill at weather manipulation and Twilight's magic, but once they've escaped Twilight is frantic that Tempest's presence here must mean that Canterlot has fallen and that everything is up to her now as Equestria's sole remaining Princess. Her friends remind her that she isn't alone, but Twilight doesn't seem to really hear it. The pirates drop the Mane 6 off at Mount Aris, and Twilight uses her magic to allow them to breathe underwater while they look for the Hippogriffs. The scene in Seaquestria would then play out much like in the current movie, with the added caveat of Novo explaining that they indeed used the Eye to transform themselves into sea ponies in order to escape from the Storm King, by exploiting the nature of its protective magic. Novo is reluctant to hand over the Eye, feeling the protection of her own people is her most important mission, as well as believing the risk of delivering the one thing that might stop the Storm King directly into his hands is just too great. Twilight is unable to convince her, tells Pinkie and the others to go have fun with the sea ponies, and attempts to steal the Eye. The subsequent argument on the beach does lead to Twilight getting captured, just like in the original movie. Tempest takes Twilight to Canterlot, where the Storm King coldly dismisses her instead of restoring her horn like he'd promised, and Tempest begins to realize that Twilight's pleas for her to turn away from the Storm King might have been genuine. At the same time, the other ponies and Celano attempt to sneak into Canterlot to free Twilight, but are captured and brought to the Storm King. At this point, the Storm King has all but won, and he finally begins the ritual to drain the Princesses of their magic in order to bolster his own (Starlight and Discord are locked up in cages made from the same material as the Changeling hive to prevent them from escaping, but the Storm King has no interest in Starlight's magic because it is just that of a unicorn, and he simply doesn't know how to drain Discord's magic so he decides not to bother). Tempest, however, turns against him and frees Twilight and everyone else. The Storm King, enraged, decides that he'll simply level all of Canterlot with a storm while his troops battle with the ponies. Then, in a Big Damn Heroes moment, Novo and the Hippogriffs show up with the Eye, and they use it to calm the Storm King's storms and nullify his power. Unwilling to be beaten, he charges Novo and manages to wrest the Eye away from her, but in doing so he sends himself tumbling off the balcony. He tries to use the Eye's magic to save himself, but in his haste (he is falling to his doom, after all) he messes up and instead of giving himself the fortitude to survive the fall, he turns into a statue and smashes into pieces on the ground below, along with the Eye. In the epilogue, it's shown that fragments of the Eye still retain enough power to enable the Hippogriffs to switch between their normal and sea pony forms, and each of them is given a shard to wear around their necks to make switching easy, allowing them to choose to live on land or under water. Meanwhile, Tempest is forgiven for the things she did in service of the Storm King, and Twilight is forgiven for nearly starting a massive international incident by trying to steal the Eye. Both learn a valuable lesson about friendship somewhere in all of this. Roll credits. Maybe I'll write this as a full fanfic someday.
  8. Time To Be Awesome is the first one I thought of, even though Open Up Your Eyes is very good too. Together with Rainbow, those are the only songs I actually remember from the movie. I always like Rainbow Dash's singing, though, so it's no surprise I like that one best.
  9. The scene on the beach after the failed pearl heist. Twilight and Pinkie both had good arguments IMO and Twilight losing her temper and sparking her horn was really powerful because she's never made such an open threat of violence to her friends before, and she looked absolutely horrified at having done it now. Definitely the strongest written scene of the movie for me.
  10. I don't talk to nearly as many people as I do on here, since I prefer being by myself. I'm also much less likely to actually engage in a discussion since I usually consider it too much of a hassle to actually defend my viewpoints. I am just as pretentious IRL as I am here, though, that part is completely real.
  11. That's probably about correct. Looking past the fact that fascism is fantastic for dictatorial scumbags, not all of its tenets are necessarily bad. Ultimately, though, I'm far too much in favor of personal liberties over the greater good to truly count as a fascist.
  12. Personally, I just use it in the same way I'd use religious exclamations: as a normal remark. I don't actually use it in the context of its 'homosexual' meaning, nor its original 'happy' meaning, in the same vein that I don't use 'dumb' or 'lame' to disparage people who can't speak or paraplegics, respectively. Basically, South Park got it right with their discussion over the meaning of the word 'fag' (in the spoiler tags).
  13. I consider myself to be hilarious, but my humor is extremely dark and offensive so most people probably wouldn't find it as funny. That said, I've heard jokes on TV which were way worse (and way better) than what I can come up with, so even in my preferred genre I'm not that funny, I guess.
  14. Albert Heijn, Plus, and Jumbo, in order of distance. All of them are pretty close, though.
  15. I don't know. I once scored 130 on an IQ test and I pick things up quickly, but I can't help but feel that everyone else is at least as smart as I am, and probably smarter. I'm very interested in stuff like history, biology, and physics, but I suck at math so my interest in those things is purely limited to the pop-science side of things. I'm probably just average.