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  1. KatonRyu

    Movies/TV Movie Scenes that Give You the Chills

    Near the ending of Return of the King. "My friends...you bow to no one."
  2. KatonRyu

    Your most recurring bad dream?

    Usually dreams with lots of actual drama and violence are ones I like. The dreams I don't like, which do occur with any frequency, are ones about fencing. I love fencing, but I tend to have a lot of trouble with my equipment, so in my dreams I'm usually on the strip at some huge competition, only to discover my weapons are all broken or made out of tinfoil or something. Not very dramatic, but it's annoying just the same.
  3. KatonRyu

    What was the first MLP character you discovered?

    Twilight, because of TV Tropes. This was in early 2011, between seasons one and two.
  4. KatonRyu

    Does MLP have the best fan fiction?

    Is the reputation of fanfiction in general really that bad, though? In most of my fandoms I've found at least a few fics that seem to be well-liked by many fans. Personally I don't really see that MLP fanfiction is treated any differently than it is in other fandoms. The one thing that MLP seems to really have going for it in that regard is that it has a site dedicated to nothing but MLP fanfiction, whereas most other fandoms simply use ff.net and AO3.
  5. KatonRyu

    Who's your favorite MLP fanfic writer?

    I don't read many fanfics, but not too long ago I read a really good one, written by Such A Chlorbag, so I'm pretty sure that is my favorite writer within the fandom.
  6. KatonRyu

    Equestria Girls in Toon Boom

    I hope not. I found the movie kind of underwhelming in Toon Boom and I vastly prefer the Flash look. If they fix the off-model issues, though, why not.
  7. KatonRyu

    What is your height and weight?

    I'm 1.87m tall (~6'2") and I weigh about 88.5 kg (~195 lbs). Still got about 6 kg (~13 lbs) to drop before I'm where I want to be, but hey, I started out at 110 kg (~242.5 lbs) so I covered a lot of ground already.
  8. How recent is recent, exactly? If 'this year' is recent enough, a close friend committed suicide in March, that easily takes the cake for 'saddest'.
  9. In theory, you were supposed to, but I never did. I always shower at home or what passes for it that day, like a hotel room or whatever. Same thing with fencing practice and tournaments and the like; I never shower at the venue, always at home.
  10. KatonRyu

    If FIM does end, will the fandom stop writing fanfiction?

    It'll keep going for a good long while. As others have said, many series that ended ages ago still have people writing fanfics for them, and I'm pretty sure I will keep on writing it as well.
  11. KatonRyu

    What are your "tools of trade"?

    I use Word to type my fanfics in one huge wall of text. Then I copy it to a separate document for initial editing, and then I do the final edits on the sites I'm posting it on, adding the rulers and properly placing the author's notes and so on. My keyboard's a Razer Blackwidow 2013.
  12. KatonRyu

    Gaming What's the longest time you've spent on a video game?

    My most played game is Skyrim, easily. I have 717 hours logged on it in Steam, but I had it pirated for years before that so in total I spent well over 2000 hours on it. Oblivion is probably somewhere around a 1000 in total. Rocket League - 275 hours Audiosurf - 164 hours. Pokemon silver was around 400 when the save died. I have other games that I probably played around 400-500 hours, like Total Annihilation and Age of Empires 2, but I have no way to actually measure those.
  13. KatonRyu

    General Do you like dogs or cats more?

    Cats for me. I've been afraid of dogs for most of my life, and even though I'm not anymore and even like dogs now, I still like cats a bit better. I like their complete disregard for everyone around them, mostly.
  14. KatonRyu

    What's your car

    I have a red Citroen C1 Selection from 2008, which used to belong to my mom before she died. Beyond having five doors, it has absolutely zero technically impressive things. It has no automatic door locks, no airco, no rev counter, no cruise control. Top speed is around 150kph, although I did once max it out at its 170kph mark (meaning that in reality I probably did 160 at best). Despite not being powerful or flashy, though, I really love it. It's small, so it's easy to park, but I can still manage to fit 5 people in it, even though that means every speed bump scrapes the undersides.
  15. KatonRyu

    Do you like your legal name?

    I'm okay with it, but I wouldn't say I actually like it. That is, I don't like hearing my own name at all. I wouldn't change it, though, because no matter what people call me I'd still dislike it.