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  1. Good question. I think Jaime would probably have won out in the end, but not easily. I think Ned would probably have managed to injure Jaime, but that Jaime would still overpower him in the end, either because Ned would lapse for just a moment after injuring Jaime and Jaime would use that to his advantage, or because Jaime would turn out to just be a little more skilled than Ned.
  2. It kind of depends at what era we're looking at. Jaime himself considered Arthur Dayne to be the best swordsman, and Ned Stark was considered to be very good, too. I might've picked Jaime, but you don't get to see him fight all that much before he loses his hand.
  3. AppleDash, LyraBon, whatever the name for Starlight x Trixie is, and my absolutely favorite MLP ship, SunLight.
  4. I like her a lot. She was a great villain (except for the lame backstory), and she became a great supporting cast member and well-rounded character. By the end of the show she was easily one of my favorites.
  5. I don't. It's a series I never watched for any particular element of it, just to see talking ponies having adventures. If anything, they're sometimes too high, like they were for the movie.
  6. What kind of agenda did MLP push, in your view? I'm seriously wondering this. Or, really, what kind of agenda are any animated shows pushing, like Gravity Falls or Star vs. the Forces of Evil? Hell, I don't even know what 'woke' is supposed to mean, since I've never heard it used in any serious context. Literally the only example I know of it being used anywhere is one of Fluttershy's salespony personas saying it, and that was just making fun of a stereotype.
  7. I don't really know. Barristan Selmy was definitely one of the biggest badasses, though Sandor Clegane was, indeed, also a great fighter. Then again, the series is filled with great fighters.
  8. The sequel to Legacy of Kain: Defiance. There was talk that it would be made, long ago, but all sorts of things happened, it wasn't a priority, Tony Jay died, who knows what else. I still hope they make it one day, though. It's the best voice acting I've ever seen in a video game, and it really deserves a sequel.
  9. I don't really like it. I like softer, simpler music with clear melodies and understandable vocals.
  10. This one's pretty obscure nowadays, I think. As far as I know the song's just called 'Ritz', but the video has this title on it. Not sure.
  11. Not 'athletes', maybe, but I certainly think being good at e-sports requires a lot more skill than being good at darts. I really don't understand why that game's so big.
  12. It's just too subjective to ever be possible. What some people will praise in a game, others will hate. It is possible to find your own perfect game, of course, but that game won't be the perfect game.
  13. Nope. I don't like the color shift and I've never noticed any problems sleeping, nor the quality of my sleep changing no matter whether I use it or not. I'm probably wrong, but hey.
  14. Any Pokemon game. I played them all the time, was always online looking for elusive ways to catch Mew or Celebi (it took me years to find the Mew glitch), training up my Pokemon in Cerulean Cave/Mt. Silver. I'm considering buying a Switch just to play Sword and Shield.
  15. I'm very old-fashioned and I don't really like wireless anything. I prefer wired earbuds, wired mouse, wired keyboard, wired internet. I have a pair of wireless earbuds, but they have a habit of losing connection and then beeping at maximum volume to helpfully tell me they've lost connection. I'll stick to wired, thanks.