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  1. Skyrim is easily my most played game of all time. I only have 1017 hours in it on Steam, but I'd been playing it for years before I got the Steam version. In total, I think I'm somewhere between 2500 and 3000 hours on it, and not a single one of those hours was spent playing the game fairly. By this point, I have so many ludicrous mods installed that attempting to play the game fairly wouldn't really work anymore, anyway.
  2. KatonRyu

    General Media Favorite Mute Characters?

    Neo from RWBY. She's a great fighter and even though she doesn't talk, she's expressive as hell.
  3. Partially, I guess? I like cute things, like kittens and puppies and whatever, and I do get emotional watching certain movies or shows, but at the same time I am, in many cases, a cold-hearted bastard, and I love ultrav-violent games and watching combat sports. Basically, I'm compassionate only to those I care about, and indifferent about everyone else.
  4. Even though the city I live in has its share of areas I'd rather not be if I don't have to, the district I live in is completely safe.
  5. I generally don't. I did this year, because it was my 30th, but normally I can't be bothered to invite people.
  6. I'd probably say agnostic atheist. I don't believe in a deity and don't see any evidence of one, but there's no way to be sure.
  7. I'm introverted for the most part. I enjoy the social activities of hanging out at the fencing or krav maga club, but beyond that I prefer to be at home.
  8. I didn't care about the virus when all of this idiocy began, and I don't care about it now. Yes, it kills people, but so do a lot of other, far worse diseases. I consider the worldwide reaction to be extremely exaggerated and I hope the vaccine hurries up so we can go back to normal. Honestly, all I want is to get back to training, both fencing and krav maga. We had bootcamps going on for krav, at least, but as of today everything's going on lockdown again over here. As if it's going to solve anything. Oh, it'll get the infection rate down for a bit, but the moment the restrictions are loosene
  9. I'd help in any way I could, obviously. I'm all for the creation of horrible abominations that could make Cthulhu crawl into his bed with his teddy. When the abomination is inevitably stopped, I'll claim to have been forced and get away without being punished for my role in bringing about this horrific monstrosity.
  10. High Lord Wolnir in DS3. I already hated the catacombs level that he is the boss of, but he's just a gimmicky crap boss in a game filled with otherwise brilliant bosses and enemies. You can kill him really easily on the first try because he starts that fight non-aggressive, but if you fail that one he's going to be awake for every new attempt. He can spawn skeletons, which are weak enough but they get in the way, and they inflict bleed damage so you can't really ignore them either. He's got an AOE death gas attack that will kill you in about two seconds, and he's got an unofficial time limit i
  11. I like the way you think, though a computer virus created by using essentially the darkest magic known to man seems like it's not that benign to begin with. And since it would contain my soul, it would probably go mad with power, try to become some kind of Skynet, and then take over the world, only to fail because I'm extremely inept and would probably erase my own programming, or something.
  12. I have way too many things I could use as a Horcrux, but maybe my PC, or else one of my many plushies. Though, if I weren't a madman with delusions of grandeur I'd go for something that no one would find, like a fallen leaf or something, or a pebble.
  13. I get emotional at animated shows all the time. Hell, MLP pulled it off several times, most notably with the 'You're in my head like a catchy song' sequence. Aside from that, the final to Gravity Falls, at least until the show got cold feet and began to reverse the impact of it, and several times during Star vs. the Forces of Evil. Anime-wise, K-ON's ending definitely made me very emotional, though the biggest impact from an anime was probably the final or penultimate episode of A Place Further Than the Universe, after they find the laptop in the old base. Even just thinking about it give
  14. As an actor, he's fine. He isn't my favorite, but neither do I consider him a bad actor by any means. As a person...my thoughts on his beliefs aren't very positive, and under site rules I'm going to leave it at that.
  15. Only if I really have to. It's definitely more secure than just a password, but I hate the hassle of having to look up the token in my phone just to log in somewhere. I already use unique, generated passwords for every website and application of note, so I really don't care to use 2fa if I'm not forced to.
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