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  1. I'm not too sure, really, given that I've always, even as a kid, found it weird that they had planets filled with only one kind of environment and nothing else. I'm probably going to say either Hoth or Tatooine, though I don't have a real reason why. I do know the one I consider to be the dumbest, though: Dromund Kaas, because 'kaas' is the Dutch word for cheese and every time I see that name I just think it's going to be on a shelf next to the Gouda and mozzarella, rather than being the home planet of an extremely feared race.
  2. I was nine at the time, so I thought the lightsaber fights and the command ship battle were awesome, and everything else was useless filler. Twenty-one years later, my opinion really hasn't changed all that much.
  3. I don't really use it in signing either. My signature has devolved into a scrawl that not even I can put down consistently. I'm glad digital signatures are becoming a thing more and more. My handwriting is abysmal no matter what kind of writing I use, so while I can still more or less write the cursive I learned in school, I generally don't bother.
  4. I'm generally honest both online and IRL, although I'm often a fair bit blunter online than I would be in a real-life situation. Nowadays I really only lie if I can't be bothered to deal with being truthful, and only about trivial things where being found out wouldn't matter much anyway, like saying something ran out at the store when I really just forgot to bring it and don't feel like going back for it. For larger things, maintaining a web of lies is far more work than simply telling the truth.
  5. AHOO! AHOO! AHOO! But in all seriousness, I'm a programmer. Not a particularly good one, nor can I say I actually enjoy it all that much as a profession. I like the 'building stuff and seeing it work' part, but the whole 'maintainability' and 'separation of concerns' bit can go fuck itself, basically.
  6. If I'm eating something I like, I'm really fast. If it's something I don't particularly care for, I'm much slower. I have no idea why, but I physically can't eat fast unless I'm eating something I really like.
  7. I'm okay with it, mostly. I hug my friends when I greet them and my girlfriend all the time, but I'd be a bit weirded out if a total stranger suddenly hugged me in the street, and not necessarily in a good way.
  8. They thought it was kind of funny but nothing beyond that, really. To be fair, I was 21 when I started watching so my friends really didn't care one way or another.
  9. I'd be flattered and say I'd like to be friends (assuming this is, in fact, coming from someone I at least like) but that I'm in a relationship and not looking for anything beyond friendship. Given I don't go out (even before the pandemic I didn't) it's not very likely that it would happen anytime soon, though, so I've never really been in that kind of a situation. With my current girlfriend I was the first one to tell her I liked her, though it turned out she had liked me for a while as well. I only really knew how much she liked me when she kissed me, though. That's nearly 12 years ago at this point.
  10. Cats do whatever the fuck they want, and whatever gets them food. They do recognize their owners, though, and some cats will definitely enjoy the attention their owners give them even without the promise of food. Both our cats hung out outside all day, and we know they were fed in some other houses as well, but whenever I or one of my parents came home in the afternoon or evening they'd recognize the sound of the car engine and come running. Whether they have complex feelings for us or not, I don't know. Ultimately humans are animals just as much as every other creature, so if we can do it, who's to say they can't, if likely not in the same way we do.
  11. Definitely. I've had tons, but the biggest one would probably be Lucy on Elfen Lied.
  12. Pink, no contest. There are pink things that look fine, but on the whole I really don't like the color.
  13. I'm not really talking about the gameplay, I was more referring to the moments where the story itself became more serious and dramatic rather than comedic. The gameplay was a bit awkward throughout, but that was very much part of the setting. But while I generally liked most characters, I never really connected with them emotionally in the way that others seem to. I didn't want to kill them, but I didn't really care for them either. It was when the game moved away from mediocre humor that I think it really showed its class, but even though those moments were very strong I just don't think they can raise my opinion of the game as a whole above 'it was okay, I guess'.
  14. Don't get me wrong, I don't think it's a bad game, I just don't think it deserves the mountains of praise it's gotten. The part of the game where the backstory is told late in the run, the lab part of the True Pacifist run and the atmosphere of the Genocide run are great, as is the music (specifically the main theme and its derivatives). Basically, the moments where the game is serious are the moments where it shines. In terms of gameplay and humor, though, I just didn't really feel it to the point it was more annoying than endearing.
  15. I'd say both, but it really depends on the game. Both AAA and indie games can be shit, but both can be great as well. Ultimately, I judge more by the game itself than its heritage.