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  1. I thought there actually was an animated series thread, but I can't find it anymore, so I guess it does?
  2. Absolutely nothing. I never did any homework and I sure as hell wouldn't do it if I redid high school. Although since I'm a lot more confident now than i was back then, I'd probably have fewer issues with the dozens of dickheads there.
  3. I don't really know why other people like them so much, but I've always been a shipper and in some series, characters just have the kind of chemistry that makes me want to see them in an actual romantic relationship. Ever since I watched K-ON, that's mostly been girl-girl pairings. I guess it's partially because I myself am a straight male, so I find it quite easy to see attractive traits in girls. That also makes it easier for me to write a story in which the characters are believably attracted to each other.
  4. I don't do it at all. Even if I'd know someone IRL I still wouldn't. I'm mainly here to read general opinions on things, or occasionally discuss something. I don't really follow one or more specific persons here.
  5. Since there seems to be a thread for movies, games, and music, I figured one for regular TV series would be in order. (I searched for an existing one but didn't find it, feel free to delete this one if it does turn out to be duplicate). My unpopular opinion is that Black Mirror is a vastly overrated and pretentious series with the subtlety of a sledgehammer. I honestly can't figure out if they're trying to be speculative, over the top, or something else. If they're trying to be funny, they fail because it takes itself too seriously.If they're trying to be speculative and subversive, they fail because they're far too pretentious.
  6. I see creators and their works as entirely separate things. I don't care what my favorite artists, actors, writers, or whatever are like in their daily lives. I have no idea what J.K. Rowling has done that would warrant book-burning, but I love the seven (and absolutely no more than seven) existing Harry Potter books. True, I don't care about a lot of the things happening in the franchise right now, but that will never diminish the quality of the original seven books, which I still see as the best books ever made, especially Deathly Hallows.
  7. I'm not sure if it's an unpopular opinion or not, but given the positive RottenTomatoes and IMDB scores of the movie, it probably is. Chicago is an absolutely terrible movie.
  8. Until Gen 7, always Water. When I first started playing when Gen 1 had just come out, I liked Blastoise best of the three fully evolved starters, because he had fricking cannons in his shell. Then I learned about Type matchups and the fact that Water types can usually learn one Ice move or another, and that your rival will always pick Grass if you pick Water, and I just stuck with that ever since then. I only changed in Gen 7, because I love cats and Litten was absolutely adorable. I did get both Sun and Moon, though, and in Moon I did pick Popplio. I sadly don't have a Switch, so I haven't played Gen 8 yet.
  9. If it's my work, yes. If I dislike the person in question, yes. If it harms the original creator and I know it does, yes. In all other cases, I wouldn't. In a school scenario I almost certainly wouldn't bother to report it. God knows I've handed in my fair share of copy-pasted essays in my day.
  10. I don't believe in either, really, but I think Hell would be a place where you're doomed to never succeed. You'll always get second place, things will always just fail at the last moment or go wrong at the worst possible moment, something like that. I could say 'eternal torture', but I'd imagine Hell to be a bit more creative. Heaven could be many things. I often envision it like some kind of New Game+ in a game, where you basically start again from childhood, but with all the knowledge and skills you've acquired through your first life, and possibly sharing that New Game+ universe with your girlfriend/boyfriend/wife/husband there. Optionally it would also guarantee that you'd never get sick or injured so you could literally do whatever the hell you want, and take different routes with each subsequent life. Alternatively I see it as being transported outside of time and space, and given the knowledge and ability to construct your own universe from nothingness, essentially becoming a god. In this case as well, I'd have provisions built in to be able to visit your significant other.
  11. About many, many things, mostly being a successful writer and being able to quit my regular job.
  12. Very competitive. I absolutely hate losing and I always have. I also can't stand games that are based on luck because you can't reliably win them. In real life games and sports, I'm also dead set on winning honestly, because it wouldn't mean anything otherwise. I'm only competitive in things I care about, though. I wouldn't be at all competitive, for instance, in a football (soccer to Americans) competition, because I don't like the sport, I suck at it, and I can't be bothered to learn it. I also don't care about being the best at my job. Merely 'adequate' will do.
  13. The absolute best one I've read is My Best Friend's Kinda Hot... by Such A Chlorbag. It's a Starlight/Trixie shipping fanfic, and everything about is exactly right. The characterizations are spot on, the descriptions are amazing, the pacing's great, it's just excellent.
  14. I hate it every two weeks. The other Mondays are actually my off days, so I tend to absolutely love those. I just hate the first day of work after any period of relaxation, no matter what day of the week that ends up being.
  15. It isn't really being dead that scares me. After all, I'm not exactly around anymore when I'm dead, and if I am still around somehow then no matter what, everyone I'm leaving behind will be dead at some point as well and then I can meet up with them again. What I do fear is the actual process of dying, the moment where you know that this time, it's not going to be okay and that those moments are the very last ones you're ever going to experience.