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  1. This in my mind is what sets TTYD apart from other Paper Mario games - the mystique. The first time I started chapter 5 and they were talking about a demon behind the door, I was like, "Really? A demon in a Mario game. Not something you see every day." Finished playing the remake today, and my nitpick there is how they straight up give away the last dungeon halfway through the game.
  2. Cold start, as in laying the strips in a cold pan before heating it. It yields a crispier result, but produces as much grease as baking. I'm surprised I don't bake it seeing as there's no cleanup. Also, stir frying, cut into smaller pieces and tossed in a wok with scallions and noodles. IF I buy bacon, which I haven't been doing lately.
  3. Thief Simulator and Hello Neighbor for the Switch. Gotta say, Hello Neighbor... is not the easiest to beat the first time without a video walkthrough even with a good grasp of what to do, and the other guides I looked up weren't that helpful. Still beat it though - I replayed it this morning, and it's a good one.
  4. INEPT from Yooka-Laylee. So you take the next Kartos challenge, only this time you're met with a boss fight as boring and unintuitive as the rest of the level he's in, while you once again contend with Kartos' lousy controls. It was an interesting concept, but the execution was poor and left little room for error. I skipped the last levels of the game after that and went to the final boss - they were that boring.
  5. Princess Peach Showtime. Got it for my birthday and finished it over the weekend, though I planned to get the demo to see if I'd like it. And let's just say, Super Princess Peach got competition, 'cause I did.
  6. Comedy: Dr. Shaym McJuggernuggets Angry Grandpa FailArmy Uncle Roger Markiplier GameGrumps DashieGames Faze Jev Gaming with Gleez XboxAddictionz TheXboxCriminal Introllsive ProPepper 2, the Ranting Gryphon YourMovieSucksDotOrg Cooking: RunnyRunny999 Cooking with Dog Middle Eats Vincenzo's Plate Epicurious Misc.: MoistCr1tikal TheAmazingAtheist
  7. Same. Filler is a big reason why I'm thinking to just watch the key episodes of One-Piece. ________ Edit: Let's see, I remember watching: FLCL Crayon ShinChan Tenchi Muyo Case Closed Inuyasha Trigun ...but I don't remember if I finished them 'cause I watched them on cable TV.
  8. Huh. First Funimation is about to shut down (for those that don't know, penguinz0 made a good video about it), and now one of anime's most legendary artists is dead. Talk about making your mark. This guy's work not only changed the face of anime in the west, but inspired whole video game franchises and more. I'll never forget coming home from school in the 4th grade to watch DBZ on Toonami, those were the days. RIP
  9. Some names are suitable for giving to your kids, first or middle, like Diane (Pinkie's middle name), Maud, Octavia, Daisy, Lily. The rest are suited to usernames/terms of endearment, but are outlandish and/or could get you in actual trouble. Just imagine going through life and trying to be taken seriously with names like Cattail, Treehugger, Spoiled Milk, or God forbid, Big Daddy McColt.
  10. Kitchen Nightmares (US), uncensored.
  11. Movies: Top Gun, Avatar, Moana, The Godfather, Citizen Kane Shows: Game of Thrones, Squid Game, Breaking Bad, The Wire Anime: One Piece*, Attack on Titan, My Hero Academia *I've watched two or three episodes when it started on CN ~20 years ago. Wasn't terribly interested in it then, but fast forward to 2010, bunch of fanboys on YouTube soured me on ever watching it again. But now I'm somewhat curious to get back into it, just for the key episodes.
  12. Tabitha. You know the one. No matter what people say, the girl is crazy good at what she does. She and... Kathleen Barr Maryke Hendrikse Kelly Metzger Colin Murdock Lee Tockar Scott McNeil Non-MLP: Patrick Warburton H. Jon Benjamin Christopher Sabat Damian Clark John DiMaggio Jacquie Brennan Dan Castellaneta
  13. When songs gets stuck in my head, including those I can live without - and I wish I'd done this sooner - I turn to Bollywood. It's still throwing something at the wall to see what sticks, but lemme tell you, Bollywood has got some kickass tunes of its own. Tons. You haven't lived until you've heard at least a dozen of them. It's better if you don't speak Hindi/Tamil/etc.; not being able to understand the lyrics is part of the charm.
  14. Used to use Jack Daniels BBQ sauce, which was fine as long as I didn't taste any alcohol. I don't really like whiskey. Now I'm all about the chipotle.
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