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  1. Sorry, man. :c I mean, it's still up to the OP's but... -shrugs-
  2. After three days I finished my new OC's backstory. T_T

    1. Demonic Soulz
    2. remove p l e a s e ?

      remove p l e a s e ?

      I actually like your OC's design. Can I just say it looks cute?

  3. Um.... The RP already started. I'm not 100% sure if you can still get in. Though it's up to SilverHeart and Midnight Scribbler. Sorry. :c
  4. @@Midnight Scribbler, @@SilverHeart, I can probably come up with some form of list but there is one problem... by using real life recipes it will probably get extremely confusing or at the very least complicated. Lol. ;-;. The best way I can see us getting around that is to make it more primitive by grouping ingredients into a few selections. Such as in colors and each color has it's specialty. The following is just a draft of what I'm talking about. Not anything final. Green Herbs: A must have ingredient for almost any elixir or remedy. Alone it can act as a very weak medicine.
  5. Bittersweet glanced out the window to see that the once grim and dark forest had been replaced by a expansive patch of land that, far off in the distance, she could see Bloodwell. As the carriage continued to move closer she could begin to make out the rather luminous architecture of the village. It gave Bittersweet a bit of a creeping suspicion but nothing to really put her on the edge. Soon the carriage came to a stop inside of the town square. The door opened and a pony who greeted himself as Red Cask was there. This pony spoke in a monotone and acted just like the butlers that Bitter
  6. Working on the backstory for my new OC on a google docs. It's four pages long. -_- Such carried away. Wow

  7. Yeah, I've always sort of combined Alchemy and Chemistry into one a lot of the time. I gotta work on that a bit, the two are rather similar to an extent anyway. haha. Besides, alchemist sounds so much cooler than chemist. Haha. I was also just using thermite as an example, too. I really doubt there is gonna be any random strips of manganese just laying around. And you can't just walk into a store and buy manganese! Also, I should most likely specify this in her dossier because I really failed to emphasize this, but she only chose to be an apothecary. Her alchemy skills go much furthe
  8. @@SilverHeart, @, Hey, a few quick questions regarding Bitter's alchemy and stuff. I'm asking because I'd like to not do something that you'd deem "overpowered" or something. Haha. Now, just before I start asking, I'm not intended to use anything similar to godmodding for potions. She can't create most of her potions or poisons instantly or on the spot. Most of them will involve using her alchemy kit which may be portable, can't just be set up whenever. Just thought that should be noted prior for reference. 1. So, since Bittersweet is an alchemist and all, so I was wondering if t
  9. I guess it was more like a (•_•) ( •_•)>⌐■-■ (⌐■_■) Bloodline-segment... I'm funny. ;-;
  10. I'm pretty sure it'd go something like this... > Human takes over Equestria > Calls herself Queen > Queen's are (mostly) always associated with being evil > The writers would make her have evil intentions > Mane 6 think they have the tools to win > They don't > Dues ex Machina > They win > ??? > Profit
  11. I play fifty/fifty on reddit... casually. If you don't know what fifty/fifty is... well... Either you're super lucky, or your missing out on some grade A suspense.
  12. How you know I'm white. I listen to dub-step on the loudest volume in the middle of class... while the teacher gave us homework time. And I already finished the homework during the lesson. White life too strong

  13. When I read this I immediately thought you were going to say the RP had to be canceled. I got scared. ;-;
  14. Well what if it's through some kind of portal that leads to a land of illusion or something cooky like that then it'd have a huge effect on the plot and all. But that'd be really silly unless it was done really carefully and stuff. ----------------------------------------------- Also, I learned the word Crepuscular today and I wanted to use it in a post, so I did. No regrets <3
  15. @, As she spoke to the tan stallion Bittersweet heard a calm voice of a mare speak to her. Bitter turned her head to see the voice came from a beautiful mare whose coat was black as night and mane a shadowy violet. Her crepuscular hazel eyes looked at Bittersweet, almost swooning her entirely, even though the gaze probably wasn't meant to have a seductive effect. Thankfully, the remark about teaching her niece the difference between an elixir and an explosion sent Bittersweet into somewhat of a shy nerd out. "Well, an elixir is a magic or medicinal potion such as cold medicine, though some
  16. B... b... but throwing in BS magic ruins any suspense! It's a screenwriter tactic to fill in random plot holes or advance the plot. Even if the magic has no real purpose other than to move the story along or explain something. Harry Potter movies are the prime example of this.
  17. Understood, thank you. Also, for some reason I'm never notified when you quote any of my posts. It's rather surreal considering the RP is a mystery and it's weird how I'm not getting notifications of you replying to me. Haha. I just thought I'd point that out because of the irony. At least I think it's irony. -shrugs-
  18. (shortish post :c) @@Scribblegroove, After hearing the stallions remark about "seeing things" outside, Bittersweet couldn't help herself but to take a quick glance herself, though she didn't see anything aside from the forest that was there before. "He's probably just seeing things." Bitter thought to herself before turning her gaze back to the stallion, who seemed slightly distressed. "Though if that's the case he certainly believes he saw something." She silently assessed in her head. Bitter was about to attempt to console the brown maned pony but before she could even open her mout
  19. I'd be kinda upset for any sort of relationship the show puts in it. UNLESS IT'S VINYL SCRATCH X OCTAVIA! They can be a thing. <3
  20. I'll admit it everyone... I think that Spike is pretty annoying, I don't like him, when bad things happen to him, I laugh. I like Mare Do Well I really REALLY REALLY want Vinyl Scratch x Octavia to be canon. Like, please? It's make me and my ship very pleased. I think the human versions of ponies looks really stupid. Like, REALLY stupid.
  21. I have an image I've been saving for a thread just like this one...
  22. (I got REALLY carried away with this post. I apologize for the length and if it starts to get rambling or just seem like there's filler in it.) After a spell Bittersweet failed to hear any rude responses from anyone. In fact, most of the ponies seemed to not even notice. Only two ponies made any verbal response to Bittersweet's sudden introduction. Bittersweet was actually rather relieved that almost nopony had noticed, or cared about her outburst, and even more relieved that the ones who did weren't ridiculing Bittersweet for it. "See Bittersweet, they're nice. You have nothin' to wo
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