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  1. My reaction when I find out my game save is gone...
  2. The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt. And season 5 of MLP. And the next half of Season 5 of The Walking Dead
  3. A ponies name can also relate to their personality. Such as Fancy Pants. He basically acts like anyone you would refer to as a "fancy pants" would. Same with Harshwhinny. She's rather harsh. Fluttershy is shy, which is where the "shy" portion comes into play. Flutter is most likely related to butterflies because people (at least I) refer to butterflies as fluttering. Her cutie mark is three butterflies so it makes sense.
  4. In all honesty when Twilight turned alicorn I was like "Hasbro.. I hope you know where you're going with this." Now if all of them became alicorns... well... the following image should suffice...
  5. I personally like Independent Reviewers reviews. Especially the ones I know and love like ProJared or Angry Joe. But they can't review every single game there is, which is where the corporate reviewers come in. I watch a lot of IGN and Gamespot reviews because despite popular belief, if they rate a game something, you can have another opinion without getting butthurt about it! (It's shocking, I know.) It's just that corporations have the JOB to review every last game (Other than indie games. Though they do review some of them that have been hyped up enough like Shovel Knight and Bastion) that
  6. Though the game itself was a rather average and mediocre title, the trailer for Dead Island was one HELL of a trailer. It made me buy the game. Though I'll admit I regret buying the game itself, the trailer certainly did it's job in making me want it. The sheer genius of that trailer was astounding in every way. I think a lot of people will agree that the Dead Island trailer was one hell of a show. It had good pacing, angles, and strung you along for the whole duration.
  7. My biggest struggle would most likely be playing through Dark Souls 1 all the way through. It wasn't the easiest thing I've ever done for sure, nor that hardest, but it was one hell of a struggle. I got stuck on a lot of bosses as well as sections of the game. When I beat the game I was surprised with myself that I endured the whole thing. Ever since then I've always played through games on the hardest difficulty possible right away. Haha. <3
  8. I'd so take that $10k. I mean, I feel like if the ponies were transferred into our worlds appearance they'd look like regular ponies and those would look, well, weird being all technicolor. It wouldn't be that bad spending an entire day with Vinyl Scratch (she is best)... but with 10k I could buy a lot of video games... so.. I'd take the 10k. Gotta think in the long term, man.
  9. I need two images to respond to this thread. And that is all.
  10. INVADER ZIM!!!! MRW (My Reaction When) I heard there wasn't any more Invader Zim
  11. Kim is just a bit Ronrey up at the top. :c We should give him some ponies. That'll cheer him up! Perfect! 10/10 best Kim North Korea.
  12. I don't talk about it often. I will occasionally say things like "Everypony" but most of the time people just think I'm f**kin' around. If people ask me if I watch the show I'll say I do. I'm not gonna hide it. It's a TV Show, I don't mind if people know. However I'm not as much of a brony as most of you. I mean, if I come across a shirt in real life at a store or something I may buy it if it's cool looking, but other wise I'm not going to go out of my way to get pony things. I go out of my way to get video game merchandise and Walking Dead merchandise. Haha.
  13. My new years resolution is to finally follow through with my new years resolution. I'm really feelin' it this year too.
  14. Except dark chocolate. I hate dark chocolate.
  15. Wasn't that demon form technically the magic that was forcing her to do those things? So wouldn't keeping it mean she would be evil still?
  16. Believe me when I say that it doesn't. It doesn't last long and you move at the same speed. So you're still attacking fast as hell just that you don't have to worry about getting hit for two or so seconds. If anything, it makes it even more action-y. It's simple and satisfying and becomes addicting.
  17. I didn't mean to say I didn't like it. I think it's awesome. Haha. Without it the game would be a lot harder than it already is. Plus killing things is slow motion is always cool. Plus if you can dodge an attack early and not have Witch Time happen. It's sort of a high risk high reward kind of thing and I love it. I personally never got stuck on RE4 but I did a few times on Evil Within. I'm not actually finished with The Evil Within yet. Still on the mansion level where Ruvik stalks you around. Been too lazy to endure through it. -_-
  18. So I'm currently playing through Bayonetta on the WiiU and I must say that this game is extremely unforgiving! It's really freakin' hard. It requires you to learn how to use it's dodge thing where if you dodge an attack at the last possible moment you enter into slow motion called Witch Time where you can unleash combos upon your enemies. It's really hard to do though especially when you're fighting three to five huge things at once. So I was wondering, what games have you played that have made you frustrated beyond belief?
  19. WELL! When it comes to female protags I'd have to direct your attention to games such as The Last of Us, Tomb Raider (The one for the PS4 and not the older ones.) Bioshock Infinite, and any RPG you can choose your gender. OH! And Bayonetta. Now, for the first few games listed you can see how it has a good female protag. But the final one, Bayonetta, you might be questioning that judgement a bit due to how sexualized Bayonetta is. And I'm pretty sure this is the game that everyone is talking about when it comes to inappropriate portrayal of a female in a video game. I beg to differ however
  20. Well I dunno what your parents are like but me personally, I'd probably say the following. "Mom.. Dad... I want this shirt. Yeah, it's a pony shirt. I don't care. I like ponies. Who are you to tell me what I can and can't like? No matter what you say or do I will like ponies. So, you might as well quit ye'r fussin' and let me buy this shirt. I'll pay for it with my money. As Arnold Schwarzenegger would say based on the movie where he gets pregnant and has to dress up as an old lady. My body, my choice. Or in this case, my wardrobe, my choice." If that doesn't work buy it anyway. -shrug
  21. Haha, thanks!. I just may do that
  22. FirstPonySpectre

    20 Years from now

    Well, I don't actually own any pony merchandise. The closest thing I have to pony things is just wallpapers for my iPhone, haha. I mean, don't get me wrong, I love the show, but when it comes down to it my heart will always go out to The Walking Dead. Which is the franchise I spend most of my extra money on. If I did ever wear a pony outfit and my kid or grandkid saw I'd probably just bluntly say "I watched My Little Pony." Before staring them dead in the eyes and waiting for a response.
  23. TL;DR - What games are you playing? BRACE YOURSELVES!!! RANT INCOMING!!! I BEG TO DIFFER!! >:c As a hard core gamer (I've played over 700 games spanning all the generations) I can safely say that there are some AMAZING boss fights in modern games. I really have NO IDEA what you're playing to think otherwise. A great boss fight isn't all about setting or graphics, it's about approach and the feeling of rewarding from beating them. It's about the satisfaction you get from driving the nail in that bosses coffin once and for all. A great boss fight will make you feel something
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