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  1. maybe she'll do extreme damage to everything ruin thousands of ponys life's but then she realizes what true friendship is then they forgive her cause friendship
  2. the end of Canterlot wedding part1 twilight just wanted to save her bro but den stuff happened Aslo what coby said about the magical mystery cure
  3. I like men does that count as girly i like musical theater if that counts
  4. I think we need more fire/fighting ham i right i would love to see a Dark/ water type
  5. itzkurt206 Spam me all you want I'm always on invisible even though ik u guys will make me regret saying that
  6. the greatest moment of my life was looking at Justin's sig and the moment i got my dog
  7. nothing i think would anger the fandom more than if they tried copy right the word brony if they put a stop to all conventions
  8. well rarity has ummm well i guess she ummm....... oh i know she tricked the diamond dogs thats something didn't last very long though but then she did it again good for her
  9. my favorite movie would have to be the Great Gatsby the ending made me cry and i don't think i have a least favorite movie
  10. -season 5 -turning 15 -spring play at my highschool
  11. It would have to be Gilbert Gottfried because he has the voice of an angle
  12. if they made a pinkie bat episode i think i would melt
  13. young fluttershy or scrunchy face rainbow or baby aj i think are the cutest
  14. i love soda i like coke (i hate pepsi) i like grape crush Dr.Pepper Mt.dew and seirra mist
  15. 9 in the afternoon & gospel - panic at the disco come on eileen - dexy's midnight runners take me to church - hozier drop in the ocean ron pope All taylor swift songs (not including 22) story of my life - one direction let it be - Beatles Fortunate Son - creedence clearwater revival