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Status Updates posted by Metallic Strings

  1. Season 6 is ALREADY HERE!!! That was quick compared to the nearly year long wait for season 5

  2. Iv'e been really getting into Gravity Falls. It's an interesting show!!!

  3. The Downward Spiral by Nine Inch Nails has got to be one of my favorite albums of all time!

  4. I've finally changed my about me page after a year of not changing it. It's much better than the first one in my opinion

  5. It is my 1 year anniversary of my mlp forums account. I decided to go back to my roots and put up my first profile picture again

  6. I think I might be taking a break from mlp. But I will still be here to talk

  7. I need to update my about me page REALLY BADLY!

  8. Listened to korns self titled and life is peachy albums. Both are so awesome

  9. Man, Ive noticed I posted a lot of random topics throughout my time here.

  10. Hey guys I'm back. Happy birthday mlp forums!

  11. When did mlp forums become a Pokemon forum?

    1. Gawn Aiwbaw

      Gawn Aiwbaw

      To the end of eternity

  12. It's my last day of summer before school.

  13. i have been listening to a lot of 311 recently

  14. i can now play poll by nirvana on my guitar.

    1. Blackened




      Where've you been man? It's been a while.

    2. Metallic Strings

      Metallic Strings

      oh crap, I was typing so fast that I forgot to put in the y at the end of polly.

  15. I got to update my about me page. Like, really badly.

  16. I've been playing super Mario 64 recently. I got all 120 stars in only 4 days.

    1. The Mint Pone

      The Mint Pone

      That's awesome. I haven't played the game but it looks damn hard! (especially the 100 coins stars)

    2. Blackened


      Nice. It's my favourite game of all time.

  17. Happy birthday to me. Happy birthday to me. Happy birthday dear me. Happy birthday to me.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. J.T.


      Happy birthday ^_____^

    3. MagentaRush


      Aaah happy birthday!

    4. Blackened


      Have fun at the Zombie show!

  18. My birthday is tomorrow, and I'm going to rob zombie for my birthday.

    1. Love//Hack


      Happy early birthday! How old are you turning? :D

    2. Metallic Strings
  19. i am going to see rob zombie for my birthday, which is in two days.

  20. Math and studying and chemistry. Oh my!

    1. Metallic Strings

      Metallic Strings

      I don't get that they're making us do work especially for Memorial Day weekend! And screw chemistry because i cannot understand it at all!

  21. Omg. It's a ponified version of Jenny from my life as a teenage robot! Anyone remember this show?

    1. Love//Hack


      I grew up with that show when I was a little girl actually.

    2. Metallic Strings

      Metallic Strings

      I didn't see too much of it myself, but i still know what it is.

  22. Only about two and a half weeks left until summer vacation. And I will finally be free from the hell known as middle school!

  23. Who here likes star vs the forces of evil? I've been watching that a a lot. It's now one of my favorite shows besides mlp.