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  1. Hello! I'm trying to adopt some adorable baby rats from a Rat rescue in Winner, SD. The problem is that I live in Hillsboro, OR and need help to get my rats (and others) over here. The rescue has started a "Rat train", a sign up to drive the rats over to Oregon, May 2nd and 3rd, but so far only the first and last legs of it is covered. The planed rout is for it to go from Winner to Salt Lake, let the rats stay the night there (we need help with that as well) and then continue the next day to Oregon. I'm asking you for help, or if you know someone who can. Here is the Facebook page that Star's rescue has for the train, feel free to share it wherever you think it might be seen; https://www.facebook.com/notes/stars-rat-rescue/stars-rat-train-winner-sd-to-hillsboro-or/907041579340930 Star's Rat Rescue home page: http://www.starsratrescue.com/ Thank you for reading, fuzzdemon