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Posts posted by NonbinaryDuck

  1. The Total Drama series. Yeah, the comedy can be bland or predictable, but that theme song just forces me to wear my nostalgia shades.


    Yaaas. TDI was good, TDA was meh, and TDTW was pathetic and weird. It eventually got boring as the seasons went on. Also I hated how DJ got voted off from that one episode on TDI when Chef pretended to be Jason (or an alternative, but you know, copyrights n shit,) and started chasing people around. I knew it was going to be him because he's very delicate and sensitive. ;w; It made me upset and I actually got teary when he got kicked off.

  2. What is your MBTI type? INTJ, second being INTP
    Who is your favorite pony? Applejack, Zecora, and Sunbutt
    Which pony are you most like? Twilight Sparkle and Rarity
    What type of pony is your ponysona? (If you have one) Pegasus; Crystal Pony
    If applicable, how do you contribute to the fandom fans of MLP? Drawings, voice acting, soon possibly fanfics.

  3. Wordsmith, but for other's sake.


    I'll twist and bend things around if that is I know I'm going to be hurt or if someone else is.

    For example, if someone makes someone feel bad for one of their flaws, I'll further

    delve into their flaw, but try to make it positive-- no matter how bad it is.


    It's not good at all with certain situations, therefore I must stop having such

    behaviors. :/

  4. What? A crush?? IN THIS ECONOMY??


    In seriousness, I had sexual attraction towards people, but pfft not romantic. Romance are for the weak, bwahaha. I'm cupioromantic tho, so even since I'm aromantic I still wouldn't mind pretending/being in a very "lovey-dovey" relationship.


    Well, now aiming towards the actual question-- with a friend? Not sure if half of the people who talk to me would be considered friends, but I've had acquaintances with nice bods? Sorry I just cannot connect towards romantic attraction. :blink:

    Nope, I don't swing that way. And even if I did then I still wouldn't fall for him. He has the face that only a mother could love.


    Pfffttt, hahaha. I feel ya. :P 

  5. The stereotype that Juggalos are drug abusing, illiterate white trash. What's ironic is that I've seen a ton of people on these forums that seem to believe said stereotype


    "Jumping over rooftops-- jugga-la-ga-move

    Tell me have you ever seen a ghetto freak shooowww?"

    ~ICP, The Loons


    I'm not a Juggalo but I do love some of ICP's and Twiztid's music. Also probably b/c their music helps my homicidal thoughts (although one of their songs did put me into a psychotic episode lolol that was fun.) And.. they're not necessarily white trash, but I'm no fan of hearing white boys rapping. At least their music is actually tolerable and easy to enjoy. Also I love some sick and twisted jokes they have on their music, but hah some others may disagree.


    Either way, if Juggalos were to be drug abusers, that's an issue to be concerned with, not a red flag telling you to run away from said person or group of people. If someone said they're addicted to cocaine I'd help them, not thinking that they're going to give me diseases or among other mentalist bullshit.


    Anyway, what bothers me are people who think that mentally ill people are known to murder/abuse/rape/etc. more than neurotypicals, when a few articles, such as this one, said actually that most people who harm others are not neuroatypical/neurodivergent. Hah! How do you like us now, huh normies? :P

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  6. Eh I'm going to engage in some hypocrisy as much as I know its good to vent every now and then i'm tired of seeing don't you  hate threads about unimportant things like being mildly annoyed by pewdipie. I dislike pewdiepie I don't hate him you don't hate him unless you have some serious anger problems you just don't like him for reasonable reasons you find him annoying and he doesn't entertain you but for some on who's sick and tired of hearing about pewdipie you sure like to talk about him.


    I'm on the fence of this one. :L I talk alot of shit about gamers, but mostly of their gross behaviors. So if I were to say I'd agree with you--which I do regardless, shhh!-- I'd be a hypocrite. *coughsThereforeIAmAHypocritecoughs*

  7. You should probably cut the r-word in your original post, for it's considered to be not only an invalidated and outdated "disability", but as well as it being used as an ableist terminology.


    Anywho, here are the following things, not in order, which I found is ridiculous:


    • People who get whiny and upset when you call them out on their bullshit
    • People who you go into debates with and assume you're attacking them just because you're proving them wrong
    • When I politely ask someone not to use a certain word or joke about a certain something and they get mad at me for being bothered by said disturbing content
    • When a white person throws the n-word around and jokes about it, but gets mad when a black person says we don't season our food and we think mustard is spicy. (I cannot count the amount of white people who're like this.)
    • Transphobic asshats who try to justify my identity
    • Anyone who tries to doubt my knowledge in psychology-- this is actually a huge one for me hehe.


    Alright, I'll follow this thread to see what you guys think also. I'm actually curious now. :D

  8. Err, I highly doubt so. You can have triggers without PTSD, there's a difference. PTSD, for the majority of those with PTSD. actually relive the past event of which has happened-- take note of "Post Truamatic"-- those are the words people often ignore apparently. There's also usually physical evidence of the person also having "flashbacks" of said event, usually they go into catatonic shock, or their body language/facial expressions are in a blind/blank state. (Ex. stops moving for a certain amount of time, may possibly start slurring their words when dissociating, derealization from their actual current state, usually it's not heavy crying or other signs of emotions until that is the traumatic episode ended.)


    Now, just triggered? Yes, this is more likely. Shining Armor just might of have anxiety attacks through the weddings and special ceremonies he's been through. In other words, you can just be barely anxious about something which gives you bad thoughts and that's still considered to be a trigger. In this case obviously, he might of been more than anxious, considering he was literally bawling his eyes out, he's mostly definitely triggered, but he doesn't have PTSD.


    Sorry, I just thought I should clear up this misinformation because I think everyone forgets you can have triggers without PTSD. I even remembered someone on here said you must have PTSD to have triggers, which is one of the most ridiculous B.S. I've ever heard! :lol:  Yikes, people really need to look up stuff before opening their mouths, because they have no clue what they're talking about pfft hahaha.


    Anyway, I'm not saying it's impossible, he could have very mild PTSD, but regardless I assure you there's a 97% chance he doesn't. 

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  9. I try not to stress out over things like this. Sure, it's annoying when a certain film or game gets too much attention and turns into a meme, but it's pretty easy to isolate yourself from that type of thing when you're an adult. You have a lot more control over who you hang around and so on when you're older.


    Even teenagers can isolate and avoid such content. You just need to be self disciplined.

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  10. "Mr. Bofadeeznutzen, your new gynecologist, will be with you in a moment ma'am." (That's right and I don't regret a damn thing I said.)


    I could honestly not care, and instead join the fun too. Nothing wrong with random and silly humor, just as long it doesn't cross certain lines, but yeah. I still don't understand the 9+10=21 joke, but whateve.


    Afterall, dank fuel can't melt steel memes.

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  11. We have missed Diamond Tiara getting an episode. This could create some oppitunities on how Diamond Tiara should truely behave. I was thinking for the past couple of weeks on an episode of how Luna visited Diamond Tiara's dream and Diamond Tiara got the message that she should change her ways. Now that will make some charater development.


    I still think most of Diamond's issues derive from not having great parents, and I'd love to see an episode with confliction between her and her parents. My psychological feels are getting to me and I wanna instigate what's up in her head.

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  12. So. Yup. Toontown online, a MMO based on fighting robots who are called cogs, and playing as animals to defeat noted cogs, was a huge hit for Disney. I mean, really-- it was an amazing game! It was actually so underrated because everybody ran off to Club Penguin after awhile, but even after when the game was shut down my heart still belongs to that game, for I made good friends and it started my whole gaming obsession.


    I really miss this game. I miss it by a mile. Now, they do have private servers such as Toontown Rewritten and Toontown Infinite, but it's just not the same. Toontown itself was different, especially in the earlier years of the community and game itself. People were so supportive, friendly, kind, and great overall. People actually played the game (not just hanging around chatting in Toon Valley, for any ex-TT players would understand what I'm talking about,) and very accepting. No joke, I remembered someone actually talking about how much they hated their lives ingame (I was kinda eavesdropping, whoops,) and everyone kept saying that they'll support them no matter what and they'll always be available if they ever care to vent again.


    Eventually the game went down the dumps ever since the community became careless and Disney hasn't properly done updates on it, but regardless I miss the game and the community overall.


    Basically what I'm asking is do/did any of you play/played Toontown? Private server or the original? I'm planning to get over my nostalgia by playing one of the private servers but I'm still to heart broken. No joke, I literally cried myself to sleep the day when it shut down, and I'm scared if I will get all teary again if I play it once more. Anyway, please vote and tell me. Thanks, and if you ever wanna hmu about this just feel free to PM me! :D

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