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  1. LMG

    Rarity Fan Club

    What is that scene from what episode?
  2. I think I know the answer. Rarity's parents looks like they are in their 30's and I think that Rarity is a young teenager with the Mane 6.
  3. LMG

    Rarity Fan Club

    Here's filly Rarity and Spike.
  4. LMG

    Rarity Fan Club

  5. LMG

    Rarity Fan Club

    Do you guys dream of Rarity, I dream about Rarity. (I'm serious) The first dream was one time I dreamt of Rarity hugging me. the second dream was when I stared at Rarity, she blushed. The third dream was that she was in the bed with me. These are the only dreams that I can recall.
  6. 336296 336297 Who knows Anna Yvette (Monstercat Vocalist)?
  7. LMG

    Rarity Fan Club

    Can anyone make a signature of mine?
  8. LMG

    Rarity Fan Club

    Happy Rarity Day! Why? Because I'm going to be busy the day of that event.
  9. LMG

    Rarity Fan Club

    Who's awake? I am. I'm living in Saudi right now. It's 11:30PM here. Any latest Rarity arts?
  10. LMG

    Rarity Fan Club

    Not Blueblood! (Rarity hates him.)
  11. Do you guys think there will be an episode where a human from Earth (Real Earth) will be appear in Poniville? I wish there is....
  12. Hello everybody! How are you?

  13. LMG

    Rarity Fan Club

    Dunno, maybe Rarity herself? ooBrony, where do you live? I live in Malaysia.