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  1. I've actually seen that before. dunno why it has "youtube poop" in the title. Seems unedited to me.
  2. My Skype name is the same as my username here. Though I may have commented here before. Sorry if I have. Not gonna lie, I got no clue why someone would wanna add me
  3. Nothing like EDM.

  4. Suicide Squad. It's a dank movie, even though bad reviews and a handful of the lines are cringy.
  5. Sports, real life, social interaction (okay I don't downright despise that last one, but it can stress me out sometimes)
  6. It starts Monday for me. And god am I not ready. Not ready at all. Only thing I'm looking forward to are my friends.
  7. Dude I'm pretty much level 6, but mostly electronic. I'm trying to expand my horizons, but my heart is set on electronic music, mainly EDM/IDM. If it's electronic and has good mixing/melody and doesn't sound generic, I'll probably like it. I'd say electronic wise, furthest I've gone down the "levels" would be no-fi, Aphex Twin, and vaporwave. Electronic music means more to me than life. And I really, really love life. But I also love rock if it has a good meaning. Mainly System of a Down and Avenged Sevenfold.
  8. My favorite song overall since I was 12 has always been Deadmau5's Strobe. But a few songs that I love jamming out to at the moment are Aphex Twin's Windowlicker, Daft Punk's Short Circuit (best acid house song IMO) DMX's X Gon Give it to Ya, (yes, it's because of Deadpool, problem?) Tombstone's I Got No Time, and the Felix Jaehn remix of Cheerleader
  9. attractiveness 1/10 intelligence 6/10 kindness 7/10
  10. I'd have one if there was a ponified version of EDM.
  11. Ubuntu or Kubuntu. Choose either (it doesn't matter which) and you'll stop world war 3.