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  1. for 30 minutes i forgot how to draw a pony head o.O

  2. wow this looks amazing
  3. not really, im working on one but it needs improvement. and about the stalion oc i would love to try to draw it thanks ^-^ thank you
  4. No seriously everything you have in mind i wanna hear
  5. Hey!! so i just finished drawing my first actual well made (i think) OC i got so excited i wanted to make more, so if you have any idea for an OC or any insperation replay please
  6. Hey! i would love to help you improve your drawing little advice: take images for poses you like from the show and analyse it. head is a circle and the body is two (in case that makes sense) than draw the legs as simple sticks (like a stickpony figure), draw little dots where the joints are and understand how the pony body works ( tutorials help alot, but i learned watching others draw. i also learned a little about horse anatomy but it isnt as hard as it sounds). The more you draw the more you understand what looks nice and what looks funny. After finding your own style and method, id recommend getting a tablet (wacom or galaxy note pro if you want to do it digital) but traditional is also awesome . if you choose to draw digitally and you got a tablet than good , im not saying ANY tablet would work but if allready, something of samsung note (with a pen) is what i use. if you want to draw on the computer im recommending a wacom tablet, they are the best but a little expensive (other tablets do great work too, wacom is just what people think is best). I use a Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 version, and it is the best tool for me, usually notes come with samsung sketchbook, but i like autodesk, its a good simple program to start with and it can give you meny effects to go on with, but i also work with my laptop and wacom tablet. for my laptop i have Paint Tool SAI and photoshop (photoshop is optional), i also have flash and im learning to animate but thats off topic . At first itll be hard to get straight lines but this is the point of this post when i say PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE!! (for more help on drawing you should check DrawWithJazza on YouTube, hes the person whom i learned most of what i know from) in case you dont/cant buy a tablet of some sort there are other ways to draw digital art with MS paint or Paint.NET: in both of those programs there is the line tool, you can draw a sketch on paper, take a photo, and upload it to one of those and use the line tool to create smooth looking lines (both are REALLY simple yet still with the right use can be the tool of a masterpiece). I hope i helped you a little and if you want to talk to me id be glad to help you with more questions Skype: neon.wings1 (i just noticed this thread was posted a year ago , if still helps would save me alot of awkward moments
  7. Name: Anna Age: 15 Gender: Female Country: Germany Likes: Weapons, Music (Rap, Rock and Trap mixes), Drawing, Arguing Dislikes: When people act dumb to try to be funny Hobbies: Drawing, Singing, Dancing, Shooting, Hunting, Other info: im really REALLY shy (sometimes i even think people judge my breathing) so i usually am not the first person to start a conversation
  8. hello=)

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    2. Deagle


      thanks :), maybe you have any idea for a name?



    3. 碇 シンジン

      碇 シンジン

      hmm im not good in names but she looks like Elizabeth =)

    4. 碇 シンジン

      碇 シンジン

      hmm im not good in names but she looks like Elizabeth =)