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  1. I made one ages ago but it has drug content from Breaking Bad, so yeah, also a suicide joke using a segment from Breaking Bad. Details: Oops kinda forgot the whole point of why I came here Ahem: What kinda name do you think I should use, for those minimalist styled ytps? Maybe its not 'transformative' enough so maybe they would get taken down. Also I may wanna post trippy stuff, more than the humor ytps can be. Like, flashes of dozens of scenes with no explanation, for those ones, but for humor I would actually have it make more transitional sense. But ye
  2. Note to self: theres a difference between suspicion and skepticism lol

    1. Widdershins


      Eeehhh... I suspect I'm skeptical of your apprehensions.

    2. Lil Pip

      Lil Pip

      I don't believe you.

  3. How often do you correct incorrect people, who are on your side of a political/scientific/etc issue?

  4. High skill achievers who try perfecting their skill-oriented craft can more easily be down on themselves due to attempting to be the best and it requires such high standards. I think thats why Dash accepts the humiliation, also because its like Frats or Army initiation or something? A test of character or how much they can put up with, to prepare them for worse tensions later. I don't really know.
  5. Lil Pip

    Visual Art Kim Jong-un Painting

    Don't worry about it, never know until you try and the first time is usually the hardest.
  6. I hope Starlight accidentally rips open a portal to demons or something and tries to fix it without Twi finding out, Twi finds out end of episode one, episode 2 is them all fixing it.
  7. Lil Pip

    Visual Art Kim Jong-un Painting

    Do you prefer realistic, or do you wanna try comedic exaggeration?
  8. Lil Pip

    Visual Art Kim Jong-un Painting

    Cuz of memes I am sure next is Trump Personally I prefer more colorful stuff.
  9. The subversions are evident for those who researched it. But, how does one beat a subversion? Today I want to wonder out-loud, about counter-subversions. The problem is it takes so long to implement, it might as well only be done if the subversion you want to stop will win, as an effort against it. Like how the marxist subversion is kinda doing it, once more powerless spread it across years. Recent posts n concepts have been making me think more on this topic, like how anger is an emotion that causes the most response, so is more effective for media advertising etc. Anyway
  10. I basically agree with Vulon I think its a publicity thing, just like when they censored(reduced or smoothed idk lol) Tracer's butt due to literally one complaint. A complaint they could've easily had their staff or someone else intentionally submit. Then it ended up on gaming news headlines, everyone heard about it. Now OverWatch has more female gamers than alot of other games I hear. Idk if its related, but I also heard tumblr had more females, and that tumblr is kinda into identity politics stuffs. So it seems to be related, but its not definitive proof. So, with such a large demogr
  11. When I tried before I could tell it was my imagination centers and had doubt. But now I look at it like, it has to reach the prefrontal cortex from the imagination center. Why the prefrontal cortex? Because that is what controls what makes you you, as opposed to you somebody else. It filters your behavior and such. Prolly more to it than that(idk how to factor in the subconscious mind at a technical level, and thats a large factor too I think), but I googled psychology a bit before, thats pretty much the gist of how I see it. So if I were to try and get tulpa, the next doubt s
  12. I like Jeric's thoughtful post. Its like a bunch of pseudo-canon I suppose. And that causes discussion amongst peers which adds more value to it than a cut n dry piece of work. In a friendlier environment its healthier, but in a hostile environment or more nitpicky lets say, it can cause people to become disinterested. The reason why Disney Star Wars probably kept canon organized is due to stylized differences already causing criticism, so even more problems with canon could alienate the first audience which is huge, or so nerds can nerd out with a consistent canon to bring solidari
  13. I actually had a mental breakdown from poor sleep at college, and never finished. Its remarkably important and underrated, sleep. Some people say stuff like 'sleep is for the weak' *shakes head*.
  14. It'd be neat, but doubt it'd happen because kids are going to beg for the sugary stuff. Then get diagnosed with adhd because of the artifical colors and flavors.
  15. The game would need alot of cute commentary dialogue remarks etc of the mane6 while going through their journey for side-entertainment value, but it shouldn't slow down the pace of the game.
  16. This sounds like someone could translate it to a meme song thing, its catchy.
    1. Barpy


      i think i've heard this one in some meme videos already :o or where do i know it from?

  17. got 52 kills as spy ambassador wanga prick dead ringer

  18. Now and then, and only if its a game I obsess over enough to play through it ten times to the point where I can't help but speed-run.
  19. Idk if the cayenne pepper or the dairy+protein powder+ meal with parmesan combo is doing the moodiness. Parmesan is yummy tho!

  20. Like giving a dog a belly-rub when it lays on its back.
  21. She was a top 5 for characters I relate to on the show, maybe even was a top 3 lol. *Doesn't mean I am significantly like them xD, also emphasis on was. I don't debate anymore xD.
  22. Also today I am sore from hitting the gym. Also I reached 748 lbs for a Leg Press Machine last week, today I peaked at 568 but I did alot more reps, and could've done more, swapped machines anyways.

    1. Lil Pip

      Lil Pip

      Compare that to my back muscles only getting 55lbs at 12 before needing to lower the weight lol. Upper-body is terrible lol. My legs tho, super ez. I even maxed out the leg press machine at 928 lbs and did ONE press, and that was after doing multiple at each 90 lb interval before it, but I had to use my arms to help force my legs to do it, and got light-headed, that was last week.

  23. Considering buying a fanart item I am mysteriously not saying. But I am too excited, I can't stop waiting. But I am also a little anxious, the price could be sort of high lol. And I literally have nothing to compare it to with price, its going to be higher than whatever I compare it too, how much higher is a question I can't answer.

  24. Last few times I play as TF2's Spy, I go positive by at least double and only played one match. I was actually starting off sorta bad 3 n 8. I finished 34 17 and had a 7 streak and improvised alot quicker and smoother. Opportunities abound. A map I never tried before too.

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    2. Lil Pip

      Lil Pip

      It was casual payload. I don't verify with my account, so I don't play comp. I joined late and got 2nd place on my team, first place had I think 59 kills. There were 5 rounds I only played 2 rounds.

    3. Lil Pip

      Lil Pip

      I stopped playing because when I do too good I feel like I don't wanna Jinx it and get a bad match lol. The other day I also instead of trying to be sneaky n ambush engie I played a normal spot, and got 10 kills off the sentry in one life in a relatively short time. And no idk the map names, but this map for the engie one I played one of the most frequently.



    4. Lil Pip

      Lil Pip

      Anyways my set-up was spycicle cloak n dagger, and diamondback. Diamondback is the only pistol thats really reliable for me. I think my aim is adjusting from devil daggers, different sensitivity n context perhaps, but before I got devil daggers I was worse than how frequently I am doing good lately. But that map today was really open, not tight, alot of spots to spy I guess, some maps are too restrictive. Maybe I did good because it was a new map for me tho. My brain is weird like that someti...

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