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  1. I made one ages ago but it has drug content from Breaking Bad, so yeah, also a suicide joke using a segment from Breaking Bad. Details: Oops kinda forgot the whole point of why I came here Ahem: What kinda name do you think I should use, for those minimalist styled ytps? Maybe its not 'transformative' enough so maybe they would get taken down. Also I may wanna post trippy stuff, more than the humor ytps can be. Like, flashes of dozens of scenes with no explanation, for those ones, but for humor I would actually have it make more transitional sense. But yeah, what kinda name would fit? Idk.
  2. Note to self: theres a difference between suspicion and skepticism lol

    1. Widdershins


      Eeehhh... I suspect I'm skeptical of your apprehensions.

    2. Lil Pip

      Lil Pip

      I don't believe you.

  3. How often do you correct incorrect people, who are on your side of a political/scientific/etc issue?

  4. High skill achievers who try perfecting their skill-oriented craft can more easily be down on themselves due to attempting to be the best and it requires such high standards. I think thats why Dash accepts the humiliation, also because its like Frats or Army initiation or something? A test of character or how much they can put up with, to prepare them for worse tensions later. I don't really know.
  5. Don't worry about it, never know until you try and the first time is usually the hardest.
  6. I hope Starlight accidentally rips open a portal to demons or something and tries to fix it without Twi finding out, Twi finds out end of episode one, episode 2 is them all fixing it.
  7. Do you prefer realistic, or do you wanna try comedic exaggeration?
  8. Cuz of memes I am sure next is Trump Personally I prefer more colorful stuff.
  9. The subversions are evident for those who researched it. But, how does one beat a subversion? Today I want to wonder out-loud, about counter-subversions. The problem is it takes so long to implement, it might as well only be done if the subversion you want to stop will win, as an effort against it. Like how the marxist subversion is kinda doing it, once more powerless spread it across years. Recent posts n concepts have been making me think more on this topic, like how anger is an emotion that causes the most response, so is more effective for media advertising etc. Anyways, lets say we try to subvert a subversion. How would that even play out? Is that the alt-right trolling, their attempts at it? Like when people supposedly from 4chan got others to say shit like milk is racist for being white. It makes them stupid and powerless. Then again, how the anger works, is even those against it sorta fuel it, like debating a ludicrous idea still gives it a platform to convince people. So that method might actually be feeding into it more, like pushing at the base of a fridge on wheels it can fall backwards onto you. Like hot n cold air forming a tornado. So how does one really control a subversion?
  10. I basically agree with Vulon I think its a publicity thing, just like when they censored(reduced or smoothed idk lol) Tracer's butt due to literally one complaint. A complaint they could've easily had their staff or someone else intentionally submit. Then it ended up on gaming news headlines, everyone heard about it. Now OverWatch has more female gamers than alot of other games I hear. Idk if its related, but I also heard tumblr had more females, and that tumblr is kinda into identity politics stuffs. So it seems to be related, but its not definitive proof. So, with such a large demographic, its in their best interests to do as much pandering as possible. Also partially related Apparently its the sumowatch app or something he did the wrong one but, same idea really. I think that people can be prone to confirmation bias, so enabling it, like the identity politics stuff, causes more people to get into the product. But also, if people are proud of themselves, they speak more(free advertising, like friendship lol), if disappointed in the game not ranking them up yet they complain about it more (free advertising). And studies have shown anger is more relevant to speaking up about something. And don't want to be rude but sjws are motivated by anger. (heck skeptics can be too) Also the psychology does say that aspies and autistic have a higher chance of getting angry. Its just identity politics for profit. Also, it inspired loyalty through relatability through just declaring she is autistic, but does she really have traits of autism from a psychological perspective? I have no idea. They could've just made it up recently, then make a video later to confirm it, idk. It could be they had it in mind since inception due to marketing staff giving them the Tracer butt idea since inception, so it also could be intentional and she could be autistic, or it was just so successful they decided to branch out more for more money. But theres also the chance I am using confirmation bias some. *going too meta now time to stop lol*
  11. When I tried before I could tell it was my imagination centers and had doubt. But now I look at it like, it has to reach the prefrontal cortex from the imagination center. Why the prefrontal cortex? Because that is what controls what makes you you, as opposed to you somebody else. It filters your behavior and such. Prolly more to it than that(idk how to factor in the subconscious mind at a technical level, and thats a large factor too I think), but I googled psychology a bit before, thats pretty much the gist of how I see it. So if I were to try and get tulpa, the next doubt scenario, I would probably take that as a sign of progress. Sorta like how reaching a new challenging area in a video-game, is evidence you made it through other areas to get there, which is something, and instead of focusing on how hard it is, focus on how to beat it. Or in this case, I would try a doubt-relief meditation thing perhaps with internalized synchronized chanting, tho that'd probably end up humorous. Or try a guessing game, or some other sort of games we could play, so theres a clear distinction between me and them, and doubt would impede the activity, so performing it would technically work. Kind of like how tetris helps prevent ptsd, and distracts from ptsd, and also cig n food cravings. Its like if you dwell on the negative, that gets stronger, and dwelling causes it to come up, so keep busy like that song 'when you're going through hell, keep on moving don't slow down'. And they theorize why tetris may work is one of two reasons, the relevant reason being the mind doesn't have time to dwell essentially. Sort of like how boredom increases crime and drug usage. And I know I responded late, but still felt like saying it.
  12. I like Jeric's thoughtful post. Its like a bunch of pseudo-canon I suppose. And that causes discussion amongst peers which adds more value to it than a cut n dry piece of work. In a friendlier environment its healthier, but in a hostile environment or more nitpicky lets say, it can cause people to become disinterested. The reason why Disney Star Wars probably kept canon organized is due to stylized differences already causing criticism, so even more problems with canon could alienate the first audience which is huge, or so nerds can nerd out with a consistent canon to bring solidarity. I mean it could go either way, solidarity or discussion. But ultimately it may be due to the difference between science fiction and fantasy. Fantasy doesn't mind being unrealistic (magic (case and point(lol))) where sci-fi thrives on believability involving loose futuristic technologies, I mean they even have fictional vehicle parts for petes sake for hard-core fans perhaps those of engineering. So I can see why they would require more consistency. Actually some people had plot issues with FiM also, but considering how drastic styles can change based on author, it shouldn't come as a surprise when canon is less valued, also because younger target audience means less emphasis on realism which means more artistic freedom.
  13. I actually had a mental breakdown from poor sleep at college, and never finished. Its remarkably important and underrated, sleep. Some people say stuff like 'sleep is for the weak' *shakes head*.
  14. It'd be neat, but doubt it'd happen because kids are going to beg for the sugary stuff. Then get diagnosed with adhd because of the artifical colors and flavors.