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  1. Finally got Kingdom Come: Deliverance and holy shit is it great. The attention to historical detail and interesting characters has completely sucked me into medieval Bohemia. 

  2. Big Brain Donald did it. This is once again a Trump stan account. 


  3. Trump when Iraq kicks the US out of the country. 


    1. Angel_Dust


      Oh wah, the terrorist manchild in chief should get the f*** over it.

    2. Alastor
  4. Big if true. If it gets us out of Iraq with the warhawks cheering it would be an unironic galaxy brain move. 


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    2. Angel_Dust


      Iraq: "F*** you if you're going to commit terrorism and start a pointless war against our next door neighbor"

    3. Alastor



      The Kurds in the North have also responded as well


    4. Angel_Dust


      I mean our country pretty much abandoned the Kurds anyways, so... Which was stupid because they are literally the ONLY reason the US has any business at all in the Middle East, and even then that's more than debatable.

  5. If drafted into war with Iran I hereby pledge to commit all war crimes. I’m a liability Uncle Sam. Best to pass me up. 

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    2. Kyoshi


      Commit all war crimes? So basically what the US army does on a daily basis then. :P 

    3. Twiggy


      Except this time it will be streamed to all normies on Facebook. They keep voting for these fuckers, they will look at the results. 

    4. Kyoshi


      Remember when the strike in Baghdad was being blamed on Iran? I distinctly remember the government and all mainstream media being like "Iran has commited a strike to damage US interests". Then a few hours later the US takes credit for the strike the moment they knew they killed that guy. I am not sure if I have ever seen such blatant corruption.

  6. 1. Biden wins nomination

    2. Makes Hillary his VP

    3. Biden wins election

    4. Biden dies in December

    5. The Hilldawg ascends.

    It would be so perfect I wouldn’t even be mad lol. 

    1. Angel_Dust


      My reaction would still have to be this:



  7. 2010 - 2012 were shit cause drugs. 2013 was when I got clean. Haven’t touched drugs (that weren’t doctor prescribed) since. 2014 was meh I had a job at Burger King and went down in fame as the first person who got caught stealing nuggs and didn’t get fired. 2015 was when my daughter was born making it my greatest year. It’s a lot of work but having a kid is great. It’s like having your own personal clown. Always brings me a lot of joy. 2016 was alright. Was working construction. My house burned down in a wildfire. 2017 was garbage. Wife and I went our separate ways. Got a little messy in court with visitation. Dat new house tho. 2018 was when I started my detailing business and it was a huge success. I have financial stability and have crossed the threshold where I’m objectively not a loser. 2019 was great. Got a savings and ex-wife and I signed a white peace. We’re frens again. Spent a week in Canada lol @ bagged milk. 2015 > 2018 > 2019 > 2013 > 2016 > 2014 > 2017 > 2012 = 2011 = 2010 thank u for reading my bolg
  8. John Boyega wildin’ our after the Mouse’s check cleared is the best part of 2020 so far. 

  9. Happy New Year to everyone. It might get better this year. 

  10. This extremely cursed image made its way to my tl and I refuse to suffer alone. 


  11. Jesus was born at the stroke of midnight on December 25th and I refuse to hear otherwise. 

    Merry Christmas. 

    1. Alastor


      Happy Yule~

    2. Splashee


      What time zone? (j/k)

  12. Lol Trump got impeached



    1. Angel_Dust


      Honestly, he needed to be impeached, but for doing the exact same things most presidents have done over the course of the last 50 years. But it still needs to go to senate, and it will more than likely die there.


      The impeachment is for the wrong reasons. It's not for what he (and every other president since Nixon) has actually done wrong, but it's simply because the establishment are sore losers. It's honestly funny that some establishment Republicans hate him too because Trump is exactly like them. :ButtercupLaugh: I mean Dems and Reps aren't even all that different anymore, they just keep perpetuating this Red vs Blue nonsense that divides the country.


      Tulsi is the ONLY person in the House (not even the Squad) who actually voted the right way for this dumpster fire of an impeachment inquiry. F***ing pathetic.

    2. Twiggy


      Patrician take m8. 100% agree. 

  13. Brexit is back on the menu lads. 


  14. If mods actually decide to keep this, /b/ may actually return to a less shit time.



  15. I’ve worked there before. It would have been a great job if it weren’t for all the customers.
  16. I’d echo the sentiment of going outside without my shirt on. Only instead of seeing what it’s like it would be to see what female jail is like.
  17. Ate three pounds of food, half of which was turkey. Now I slumber. 

  18. This is the best tweet I’ve ever seen.

    1. Alastor



  19. Had one of these before but I can’t seem to find it anywhere. If you’re worried about the question (or answer) resulting in trouble with staff, tweet me @genericanimeavi and I’ll answer it there. Only rule is I won’t dox myself.
  20. This costume is really offensive. For real. Imagine if a blind person saw this.