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  1. I'd like to switch to some older edition, but I'll be the only one playing it around here. Playing against yourself is kind'a close to insanity, unless it's a simple testing.
  2. Going out for a Warhammer tournament for several days. Great, I guess.

  3. They do have a nice ruleset, great special units and named characters in HH. Their Invictarus Suzerains are simply the most detailed and beutiful SM unit I've ever seen. Not sure if I like Roboute Guilliman's model, though.
  4. Yes. I've placed in on altar and praise it as my God and Savior, for without it I wouldn't make it through this summer.
  5. Same thing with Librarian Conclave and Skyhammer. That's why I prefer Horus Heresy. It's harder to break the balance here. No completely broken units, no formations and huge variety of viable playstyles. That's my choice. Black Templars? You've won my respect =D How do you like these guys? They are what Black Templars used to be back in the 30k =)
  6. Not sure kiss of the beak would feel good. Or is even possible. Just saying.
  7. The more I try to make any friends, the more I start to think that I'm incapable of doing that.

  8. People here are weird. They refuse to accept free stuff. So what if I'm a random guy trying to give out berries in the middle of the night? It's free, damn it! =P

  9. Alright. What the hell. Go to sleep at 11pm, close eyes, open them - almost 5am. No sleep. I don't get it.

    1. Photon Jet

      Photon Jet

      It's that time of year I believe.

  10. Ah, alone once again.

    1. Meemayfox
    2. Custos Umbra

      Custos Umbra

      Hugs permitted and appreciated =P

  11. Oh my. That's beautiful. Definitely want to see more of this.