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  1. Custos Umbra

    Warhammer 40k/30k

    I'd like to switch to some older edition, but I'll be the only one playing it around here. Playing against yourself is kind'a close to insanity, unless it's a simple testing.
  2. Custos Umbra

    Warhammer 40k/30k

    They do have a nice ruleset, great special units and named characters in HH. Their Invictarus Suzerains are simply the most detailed and beutiful SM unit I've ever seen. Not sure if I like Roboute Guilliman's model, though.
  3. Custos Umbra

    Is there a fan in your room?

    Yes. I've placed in on altar and praise it as my God and Savior, for without it I wouldn't make it through this summer.
  4. Custos Umbra

    Warhammer 40k/30k

    Same thing with Librarian Conclave and Skyhammer. That's why I prefer Horus Heresy. It's harder to break the balance here. No completely broken units, no formations and huge variety of viable playstyles. That's my choice. Black Templars? You've won my respect =D How do you like these guys? They are what Black Templars used to be back in the 30k =)
  5. That's not Shining, that's Tia
  6. Feeding on our feelings, what else?
  7. Not sure kiss of the beak would feel good. Or is even possible. Just saying.
  8. I'd pack my bags and catch a ride straight to a madhouse.
  9. "Small scale Tactical Superiority for Dummies"
  10. Custos Umbra

    New art,New species (WIP)

    Oh my. That's beautiful. Definitely want to see more of this.
  11. Custos Umbra

    Warhammer 40k/30k

    I play 30k Mechanicum against both 30k and 40k, preferring 30k as opponents. Playing agaist local 40k players just isn't fun most of the time, since they try to build as broken rosters as they can, no matter how boring or stupid (fluff-wise) they are.
  12. Custos Umbra

    Mega Thread What are you thinking?

    Someone kill me. Or help me rehabilitate my English speaking skills. Maybe both, I wouldn't mind.
  13. Custos Umbra

    Warhammer 40k/30k

    Through the dark art of Magi Bioligis, rise, you condemned thread! Time to try to revive it, so I'll make an attempt to start discussion about strong and weak sides of different factions of Warhammer 30-40k. Let's start with Legiones Astartes from Horus Heresy. It's very versatile faction with lots of options,but is limited due to high point costs. Currently it has 16 Legions + Blackshield faction to chose from: -Dark Engels -Emperor's Children -Iron Warrioirs -White Scars -Imperial Fists -Night Lords -Blood Angels -Iron Hands -World Eaters -Ultramarines -Death Guard -Thousand Sons -Sons of Horus -Word Bearers -Salamanders -Raven Guard -Alpha Legion All Legions, while mostly having same units and gear, have different rules which dictate their playstyle. If you're interested in some particular Legion - respond. For now let's end with basic pros and cons. Pros: Rites of War which further change your playstyle, Large Squads and upgrades with fixed "to squad" cost, Sergeants in Artificer Armour, Availability of Jetbikes. huge customization of your HQ. Cons: Lack of Combat Squads and special weapons for Tacticals, lack of ATSKNF, costly units, lack of any Eternal Warrior options. If you want that kind of information... you know what to do.
  14. Custos Umbra

    Do you read the first post in a thread?

    Well yeah. I read the first and the last 3-5 posts. It keeps me informated enough to consider writing something myself, but doesn't make me read all of the damned 10+ pages of posts.
  15. Custos Umbra

    Gaming Favorite Video Game Opening Videos

    With no doubt, Dawn of War!