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  1. Surprisingly he tries to make Imperium a more democratic place, like he did with Ultramar before the Heresy and doesn't worship the Emperor, since he knows he isn't a God. Hell, he even tried to CURE people and worlds of Nurgle's plagues instead of, you know.. burning them all alive? Also he and his old pal brought new Marines, new technologies, brought back to battle the Custodian Guard.. Fills much less grim-dark with him now.
  2. There's also now Roboute Guilliman, who even managed to ally with Aeldari and who's generaly a cool dude. (Hurts to say that, since I'm quite sick of all that Ultramarine praise)
  3. Well, one can argue that Eldar.. sorry, Aeldari, some of the Thousand Sons, Alpha Legion (but who the hell could tell if anything is true about Alphas?) and a few of loyal Space Marine chapter (Space Wolves, Salamanders, Lamenters) are qualified to be called Good guys of 40k.
  4. Usually - no. But you won't stop me if I see that you're interested in my hobbies.
  5. Russian. And it's even stronger if I try to speak English better :_)
  6. As my whole family. Weird combination of paganism, shamanism and Orthodox Christianity
  7. Steam: CustosUmbra Battletag: CustosUmbra#2496 Origin: XenoBrass Currently playing Helldivers, Overwatch. Heroes of the Storm and Mass Effect: Andromeda Would be really happy to cooperate with someone
  8. Poor Magnus can't get rest in 40k, getting slapped down by everyone, huh? At least he's not Horus Heresy OP version of himself anymore =)
  9. Yeah, lack of animations is shameful.. there's a short CGI movie called "The Lord Inquisitor" that's being worked on, though.
  10. Ashamed to ask... can anyone help out with purchasing RP on NA server? I've transfered from a different server and now some kind of stupid law of my country made me unable to do so -_-
  11. A bit late for that, but... Happy New Year! Yaaay!