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  1. Franklin3241

    Do you like the hot weather?

    I'm learning to severely dislike the hot weather, especially this summer. It's making trying to play Pokemon GO much more of a hassle. Lol. Seriously though, hot weather is terrible.
  2. Franklin3241

    Health Exercise Frequently?

    I didn't exercise that much until about two weeks ago when Pokemon GO released. Lol. I've been going on walks every day and trying to get in shape ever since. It's hilarious to me that it took a video game for me to start seriously exercising. Haha. Gotta catch 'em all!
  3. Franklin3241

    How many of you are YouTubers?

    I'm a Brony "YouTuber" for sure. Haha. I'm also a musician. My channel currently has five original songs I made dedicated to events and characters from Pony. Three of which have been featured over on Equestria Daily. I'm going to be spending my summer making more music that (I hope) everypony will enjoy! Here it is in case you're curious:
  4. Franklin3241

    Gaming Who here likes Portal?

    I absolutely love the Portal series. I've recently completed both games for the first time and they were both great. I'm currently working through some fan-made content for Portal called Rexaura and Portal Stories: Mel. Very challenging but still fun. Good to see someone else with good taste in games! Haha.
  5. Franklin3241

    Onward - An Instrumental for Spike

    As always, I appreciate your feedback, Thunder Dash. Thanks for the tips!
  6. Franklin3241

    A quick little remix x3

    It's a very happy tune that puts a smile on my face. I genuinely enjoy it. It first reminded me of something that would be in the Pokemon games. Haha.
  7. Franklin3241

    Onward - An Instrumental for Spike

    Hello, everypony. Bo Cherry/Strat Attack here. I have a new song here for you all. Earlier today, I was wondering how Spike would feel if he ever left Twilight and how he would cope with moving on in his life. This track is basically a soundtrack to that concept. This track has (digital) piano, strings, and bass from the 4beats iPad app. I like to think of this song as an auditory look into Spike's thought process after he leaves Twilight. He keeps thinking back to all the good times (the first little melody we hear in the track) but is determined to move forward (the weary but strong second piano melody we hear). I sincerely hope you all enjoy it, and if you like what you hear, feel free to check out my other tracks on, YouTube, and SoundCloud. Thanks for listening and have a good day! Bo
  8. I actually really enjoy the soundtrack to the first Equestria Girls, not to mention the other two's soundtracks (which are admittedly superior in my opinion). I guess some people don't like the soundtrack to the first one because it's so different from what we we're used to in FiM.
  9. Franklin3241

    Plushies you own/owned

    I currently have... 1 Fluttershy (my first one, got it about a year ago) 1 Twilight (given to me as a gift, pretty cool) And 1 Princess Luna I just bought from Build-a-Bear. I was so hesitant to walk in there, but I'm glad I did. It's awesome.
  10. Franklin3241

    Movies/TV What are your favorite movies this year?

    So far this year, I have really enjoyed... 10 Cloverfield Lane Zootopia Captain America: Civil War If I had to pick my favorite, I'd definitely go for Civil War. It was excellent, in my opinion.
  11. Franklin3241

    Tartifondue's Gallery

    Really good work! I'm particularly enjoying your Rarity and Applejack drawings. Keep it up!
  12. Love what you did with the mane and eyes. Excellent work!
  13. Franklin3241

    Movies/TV What do you think of the PPG Reboot?

    My point exactly. I just couldn't enjoy the show after seeing this scene.
  14. Franklin3241

    Movies/TV What do you think of the PPG Reboot?

    I was pretty excited to watch this reboot, and I honestly enjoyed parts of the first few episodes. Then I saw "Painbow." There's a (horrifying) scene in this episode where Blossom and Bubbles twerk with some trippy looking panda. (Yes, you read that correctly) Naturally, I turned off everything immediately after that and vowed to never watch another episode of the reboot again. You simply don't do that to The Powerpuff Girls.
  15. Franklin3241

    Hello all!

    Hello, everypony! My name (for the time being) is Strat Attack. I've been a Brony since early 2013. I can't get enough of the show and the crazy productive fandom it has produced. Seriously. You guys are awesome. My summer break just started so I plan to be spending a lot of time watching the show, posting here, and making Brony music for you all to (hopefully) enjoy over the next few months. Speaking of music...that's what I'm mainly here for. I'm a Brony musician that has been featured on Equestria Daily's Music of the Day five different times over the course of about a year. Nothing too special, but hey, it makes my day when it happens. I look forward to meeting and talking with you all. Have a good one, y'all! Strat PS: I'm having the hardest time coming up with an OC name. My current name, Strat Attack, is too close to another Brony musician's name. Any ideas would be appreciated.