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  1. Just watched The Last Unicorn for the first time, great animated movie that I went so many years of not seeing until now.

  2. "She Talks to Angel" is another good episode I like from season 9, reminds me of Freaky Friday, and Angel interacting with the other ponies in public in Fluttershy's body is pretty funny.

  3. I might be a little turned off by the use of iPhones in the upcoming G5 movie, but I should keep reminding myself, don't judge something before you see it, form your own opinion and don't rely on someone else's judgement.
    Remember the episode, "Spice Up Your Life"? Learn from that episode.

    1. TomDaBombMLP


      I know. I’m still gonna wait until at least the trailer to fully jump to conclusions but for me, giving them phones is already killing the magic. :(

    2. JMTV99


      True. I'll keep that in mind.

  4. I am mostly a single player person, especially when it comes to retro games on the NES, SNES, etc. But depending on what the game is, and if the multiplayer is online on, let's say, the Xbox 360, multiplayer is my go-to for games like, Call of Duty, GTA, etc. I mostly play single player games on retro consoles, considering I am a retro gamer.

    1. WWolf


      Ahahah, I've  seen this one before :P . Thank you


    1. Kadae


      Yay thank you! :mlp_yeehaa: 💚

  7. I forgot how good Stranger Things was, started watching it again.

  8. I would seriously hang out with Discord and drink chocolate milk with him.

    I am a weirdo.

  9. I am glad I got the idea to fill my room with lavender smell from the "Royal Problem" episode, I sleep pretty good with that smell.
    I am using an oil diffuser to do it, in case you want to know.

  10. I kinda want my Art of Equestria book to be in the mail sooner, plus the Blu ray movie.

    I mostly made an order for wireless Bluetooth earbuds, because my Apple wired earbuds suck now and randomly play whatever music it feels like without my control.

    I am thinking I wanna get the Elements of Harmony books, but I have to get those from American Amazon, because it is out of stock on Canadian Amazon of course.

  11. I kinda hope season 9 of FiM is added to Netflix by the time the G5 movie comes on Netflix.

    I just kinda feel bad that I had to resort to piracy for season 9, Canadians got the short end of the stick.

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    2. Splashee


      Forgotten Friendship was aired on TV as a special. It had bad pacing (edited badly), it has, like a placeholder generic comedy background track. It felt incomplete.


      Then Hasbro decided to upload 10 minute episodes of Forgotten Friendship on their Youtube channel. It was the full version, showing more scenes, having the right background track. Well everything was perfect, except one of the most important 10 minutes episodes was in mono! No stereo sound. So the real version cannot be recovered.
      Then Netflix put up their version, which was just the old one with placeholder music.


      Forgotten Friendship was one of my favorite episodes ever of MLP, but it was more emotional, and the background track is kinda ruining that emotional part. If it was the correct version, maybe it would have been the best of them all.

    3. SUPERFOX5


      interesting, I assume the youtube version is still around?

    4. Splashee


      Hard to tell. Hasbro put up so many different language versions of their videos, that it can be difficult to find. It was back in 2019 as well, so quite some time ago.


      However, I made sure I got them downloaded at the time they first appeared on Youtube (Forgotten Friendship is too important to me, and I don't trust Youtube).

  12. Does anyone use yayponies for episode downloads?

    I have the Scootaloo Remastered x264 versions, but are they preferred over the iTunes US RAW downloads?

    1. Pentium100


      IIRC I just got the raw versions.

  13. It is. I don't know if anyone has ever done this yet. I was thinking of buying a few more pegboards, and attempting this someday.
  14. I kinda went a bit crazy and decided to do a whole sprite and perler bead pattern of a screenshot from a specific episode of MLP FiM!
  15. My first part of my Shout Factory order came in yesterday! Complete Series and Escape from Catrina!
  16. The sprite is 87x116 pixels perler pattern is 1914x2552 pixels
  17. Once again, I made another sprite and perler bead pattern! Enhanced Queen Chrysalis from the series finale!
  18. I felt a little sad after I finally finished the series finale of season 9. I basically said "screw it" and decided to watch the show back from episode 1. Does anyone else do this, or are at least doing this until the G5 movie comes out?
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