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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. The PPG complete series set was made by Warner Bros., so I would assume automatically that it was good quality. This is what the disc looks like, it looks okay to me, but the moment I start playing an episode, it just stops the Blu ray player. I have also read reviews on Amazon of people having the same problem, so I dunno if it is just me. I might buy a second set, to prove I am not crazy
  3. I assume even if the DVD looks like good condition, no scratches or anything, problems can still arise? I will probably guess yes to that...
  4. I don't really know, the DVD set I am mentioning was first being produced in 2009, so I wouldn't know if anything later would be on a double sided DVD.
  5. I need to get this off of my shoulders, like seriously. I bought a DVD set of PowerPuff Girls like, two years ago, and decided to do a bit of a marathon. The first season I don't think skipped at all, but halfway through Side A of Season 2, kept freezing and glitching, even in more than one player. I played it initially in the Sony BDP-S1700, then in the PS4, and then decided to try the PS2. All of them have the same problem, they freeze and I cannot continue watching it. I don't know if it has to do with the fact that the DVD's are double sided or not, so if anyone can confirm this for me, that would be great. I am finding mixed responses on the internet, and not really a clear answer, although a slight majority say that double sided DVD's can have tons of problems, so I cannot be the only one with this issue. And yes, it was bought DIRECTLY from Amazon, and NOT a marketplace seller, the last time I bought from a third party, the discs were all scratched up and couldn't play at all. Sorry for the rant, I am just sad that I cannot watch PowerPuff Girls properly at the moment...
  7. Oh god, why haven't I come back here more often?

    1. Jonny Music

      Jonny Music

      Maybe because you have a busy life outside of MLP Forums?

    2. SUPERFOX5


      Either that, or busy streaming on Twitch and making the YouTubes

    3. Jonny Music

      Jonny Music

      I do the same tbh. Been really busy outside of MLP Forums, though I do update my blog every time I release the latest content I produce. 

      I also do stream on Twitch at least 4 times a week (wish I could do more, though I've got personal issues that need to be dealt with asap before I can add more streaming times).


  8. I started to do perler bead art, recently, but I have other hobbies too. I stream and make Let's Play's of video games. I collect Disney Blu Ray's. I am also slowly collecting some Shout! Factory DVD's and/or Blu Ray's. Another collecting hobby of mine is video games, from retro to modern.
  9. Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty on the PS2. This was my introduction to one of my favorite game franchises of all time, the story telling to this day, is still pure genius.
  10. Mystery Science Theater 3000 Season 11, The Time Travelers episode I recently got back into MST3K, and I forgot how funny it was. It is too bad that a small number of episodes will not get released because people are either butt hurt about their movies getting riffed on, or VERY protective of their copyright.
  11. If anyone cares to know, I have been away from many months to a few years... oops. But, I have been working on a lot of YouTube videos, specifically Let's Play's and reviews, so you can imagine how much video editing has taken up my time and energy. I feel bad that I haven't been in contact with you guys on the forums... I haven't even watched the show in a long time, that I have not even started season 6 yet, so you can imagine how far behind I am in the fandom. I have also been busy looking around my home city for a job in IT work, but nothing has come up, and I cannot afford to move outside my city, so I am having a lot of trouble with a bit of my personal life. So, that is what I have been up to. Hope you enjoyed that cliched story I told... LOL
  12. Had to read this a few times, and I agree, it seems that 90's girl-focused cartoons had boys viewed that way, and I cannot blame the creators for that, after all, it was a different time then, and there was no fandoms or bronies... Back then, we had boy cartoons, and girl cartoons, but nowadays, any audience can enjoy whatever they want, despite any judgement from the public. This somehow feels to be my current favorite non-FiM MLP series, considering that I like slice of life series, like Crayon Shin-Chan and Lucky Star. This series feels like a winner, to me, at least!
  13. I feel so bad that I keep posting a status update every few months, but almost never stay for longer... I need to get back into FiM, since I have been watching other shows... MLP Tales to be exact :P

  14. I recently started watching Tales on DVD from Shout! Factory, and I can't believe I missed out on this one back in the 90's. It has some interesting characters, even though it seems kinda cheesy, but I still like it somehow, despite being a 26 year old male. The theme song is very catchy for me, believe it or not. What does anyone else think of this show?
  15. Merry Birthiversary!