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    Adventure Artificial Harmony

    Hello everyone! and thanks for checking out this thread. I would like to humbly ask for reader and opinions on this passion project fanfiction. This is a story co-written by several different authors. Here is the description: After years of gruesome murders committed by an unknown organization the once peaceful land of Equestria has been left festering in a state of terror, but when the criminals are finally brought to justice it appears that harmony may once again return. In a twist of fate, the lives of those responsible take a drastic turn when they are given a second chance at l
  2. Hello, fandom, I have decided to finally make a poll on a question I have been quite curious about for a really long time. You see I love OCs and I love to learn about people's OCs especially in the pony fandom for some reason. I really like looking through and learning about peoples original character because they can say a lot about the person who made and designed them. Their choice of race, esthetic and even more interesting in this fandom, cutie marks! Something I have noticed after being in the fandom for years is that it seems the most common fur coat color for OCs is blue. I
  3. I will play it, even if I have use it as more of a interesting chat room with my friends then a game. We have all already planned to make our OCs as a group and just hang around. It would sure beat texting.
  4. The pony's attention was pulled away from every pony else when their current host said the princess were ready. This was a big moment for War and he really needed to focus on not embarrassing himself. He trotted along with the others taking in the sights of the inner castle and throne room. The hall felt warm and inviting but also powerful, he relished in the feeling walking this hall left with him. He focused on the stained glass windows as they passed, liking the warmth of the suns rays on his back they cast inside. Each window told a story, stories War was familiar with. A lot were y
  5. When you feel so utterly humiliated you could really just die right now and you wouldn't mind.

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      Awww, I'm here for you if ya need me mate, care to tell what happened or not really?

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      dayum... well hopefully you'll recover man

  6. Wrote a 54 paragraph starter for someone and they go and delete their account :<

  7. When you want to RP something really really badly but know one will with you.

  8. War is very heterosexual and really old fashioned about it, he tends to be the heroic knight type and treats all mares like princesses. However he really doesn't think about relationships and is so oblivious if some pony flirted with him he probably wouldn't be able to tell. They or someone would have to directly say "Hey she wants to date you!" For him to get it. But one of his best friends is Pan, one is Ace and another Bi, which are my rl friends OCs. Oh and they aren't reflections of us we made them all completely original. No correlation.
  9. The formatting on my OC profile busted and I can NOT figure out how to fix it. The profile looks awful.

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      Same :( This looks weird

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      Yeah I check some others and it seems to be the site.

  10. @Convergence The Zebra seemed polite enough, though he didn't introduce himself so War was still at a lack of what to properly call him and just 'Zebra' really wouldn't do. He seems familiar with how ponies generally responded to him and didn't seem to mind the Doctor asking War his questions, not really offended or uncomfortable by the look. Perhaps it was War's familiarity with Zebras at work but he didn't see a reasons for ponies to get so worked up. He was a little intrigued by the Zebras proposition to spar. Teach him something, War enjoyed learning a lot and thought there was a
  11. I will post as soon as I can, honestly I felt that I was posting to much to often and wanted to give some others a chance while I waited. Some people hadn't talk hardly at all yet.
  12. Welcome! And your art is adorable! I am also an active role player, I am sure the community will be happy to have you!
  13. Personally I like it, its simple and easy to look at. Leaves room for character development to take place within the character rather then needing the uniqueness being from her external design alone. But while I say that I don't mean that you need to get take away everything unique about the OC. Rather just put some creative thought behind your designs. You can take this simple design and then add a little flare. It's easier then working off of an over the top OC. And it maybe eaiser starting with who she is as a pony. Characters are more then what they look like and even if you did
  14. Creative, but alicorn issues aside the colors do clash and the stripes give a Zebra like feel. Of this bunch I prefer the middle one because the patches are more ponylike, more so if you wanted the pony to be from trottingham at least where we know ponies can come with patches. I recommend toning down the color intensity right now they are offensive to the eyes and maybe making it have only a single coat color. Or if you want two maybe give it socks, color the muzzle, tip its wings something like that and you will want the mane/tail colors not to clash with the coat. Maybe pick a coat you
  15. @EQ_Theta @Convergence War was silent while the doctor took to continuing the introduction with that quick witted speech of his. He had unsurprisingly never met a Zebra and seemed very interested. Luckily their last teammate was a Zebra and thus very pony like. If a Dragon or something had come through that door he thought patching them up would be a real challenge. Then again he didn't know what Salves range of expertise was yet, maybe he could fix up a dragon? Either way War was surprised by how he was brought back into the conversation. A question about Zebra culture directed at
  16. PonyOfWar

    FallBreeze Here!

    Welcome to the forums! I hope you enjoy your time here. Your OC is really cute and I love her talent! So unique and interesting
  17. @Convergence @EQ_Theta The large red Pegasus' attention was grabbed by another member joining the herd, this time a Zebra. How interesting although he didn't look at his strips in the same way the Zebra probably caught other ponies. War had been and lived in the Zebra homeland for months at a time, having met many and learned a thing or two about their culture, he didn't seem anymore out of place then the rest of the party. It was probably just War's experience that made him feel this way. Something he did note though was his athletic appearance and the weapon on his back. This stal
  18. I also kinda hope not for my own reasons...
  19. @EQ_Theta The change in his tone quickly indicated to War that the changeling encounter was not a pleasant memory. He would imagine, the way he heard it the queen of a nearby hive had gotten close enough that she captured one of the princesses and nearly beat the elements of harmony. All the while the guards were without a captain due to influence and had to scramble. To hear the many other situations this pony brought up it was worse then he could have imagined. "That sounds terrible, if only we had been prepared. They did manage to fool even the princess and the elements. There was
  20. I am from Kentucky USA. The most interesting part about living here is that we can have all four American seasons within one week at any point of the year. Sometimes two different seasons in one day. Going outside is always an adventure. Hi everyone!
  21. Saitama, the joke is he can beat everyone and anyone with no effort. I don't imagine that would change no matter who people put him against or it defeats his purpose. He is really like a satire character so he isn't a fair fight to put people against anyways :/ Edit: This one might count to, I always imagine post series Alucard from hellsing ultimate could put up a good fight. Freak is immortal, invincible and now omnipresent. I don't think he could win the fight but I don't think Goku or anyone could kill him either, if that counts.
  22. Repost because no one ever sees the last post on a page :/
  23. I think the guards of the crystal empire are shown as a lot more competent. I remember thinking that very thought during the episode where Spike met thorax. They took orders very well and seemed to take their job and the threat seriously, some of them may have been a bit of a jerk but all in all they seemed a much better force then those in Canterlot. And maybe we can chalk it up to reasons mentioned. The crystal ponies were missing for the thousand years of peace, They Likely lived in conflict long before the empire disappeared. The Crystal ponies have likely seen real battle and confli
  24. @EQ_Theta "Right, just the same!" He responded to Crowley, mostly to convince himself. He would be fine the princesses were kind there was no reason to be so worried. Instead he would focus on meeting his new squad, the light blue unicorn had introduced himself as Salve, a doctor. So they did have roles and special skills, a doctor implied whatever they would be doing would be dangerous and they can expect injury. The idea of this mission was getting more exciting by the minute. Still to War most of the others didn't look like fighters nor very durable, hopefully they would be okay
  25. Will do, I had made a post to start a bit of a conversation but ended up waiting for more to respond. I guess that falls into the issue you spoke of before 'everyone waited on others to respond till it died' at the same time I didn't want to flood the RP with posts. A little bit of a bind but I am still around, active and willing to commit to the role play. I will take what you said here into consideration as well! A lot of these ideas sound great to me. History and adventurous environments specifically. I enjoy learning about the motives of our opponents and what lead up to the situatio
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