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  1. PonyOfWar

    Adventure Artificial Harmony

    Hello everyone! and thanks for checking out this thread. I would like to humbly ask for reader and opinions on this passion project fanfiction. This is a story co-written by several different authors. Here is the description: After years of gruesome murders committed by an unknown organization the once peaceful land of Equestria has been left festering in a state of terror, but when the criminals are finally brought to justice it appears that harmony may once again return. In a twist of fate, the lives of those responsible take a drastic turn when they are given a second chance at life, and thrust into the world tasked with learning the ways of the land and becoming one with society. Meanwhile, as Celestia attempts to heal Equestrias scars unseen forces conspire to send her peaceful reign into chaos. Tensions flare and when the Princesses rule is brought into question it will be up to the citizens to decide the fate of Equestria. Each OC in this story was designed by a different one of our authors. We originally attempted this story two years ago with me as the lead author but when that failed to go as we planned we reworked our story and characters as well as picked a different head author. The main writer behind this version is @Famineand we would all really appreciate anyone interested in checking out our story. Artificial Harmony
  2. Hello, fandom, I have decided to finally make a poll on a question I have been quite curious about for a really long time. You see I love OCs and I love to learn about people's OCs especially in the pony fandom for some reason. I really like looking through and learning about peoples original character because they can say a lot about the person who made and designed them. Their choice of race, esthetic and even more interesting in this fandom, cutie marks! Something I have noticed after being in the fandom for years is that it seems the most common fur coat color for OCs is blue. I decided to test my assumption. Tell me what color the fur coat of your MAIN OC is. If you have multiple OCs pick one for the poll. If you don't care to take it a step further please explain your creative process in the comments. I would love to learn why some of you picked the color scene you did, more so those of you with less common colors!
  3. I will play it, even if I have use it as more of a interesting chat room with my friends then a game. We have all already planned to make our OCs as a group and just hang around. It would sure beat texting.
  4. PonyOfWar

    private When hearts grow cold. Chapter one: Shadows fall

    The pony's attention was pulled away from every pony else when their current host said the princess were ready. This was a big moment for War and he really needed to focus on not embarrassing himself. He trotted along with the others taking in the sights of the inner castle and throne room. The hall felt warm and inviting but also powerful, he relished in the feeling walking this hall left with him. He focused on the stained glass windows as they passed, liking the warmth of the suns rays on his back they cast inside. Each window told a story, stories War was familiar with. A lot were y about the elements of harmony and the deeds they had accomplished, it was stories like these that really helped ponies out on the battlefield. People in the army recited them often to lift other ponies spirits, it was nice seeing them captured so elegantly in the royal palace. The red pegasis remained silent but nodded at what the host was saying. This was to be informal but that didn't mean anypony should act with disrespect. So far everypony seemed...okay, surly everypony would be on their best behavior face to face with royalty. These were ponies who could have them exiled or worse, hopefully they kept that in mind. Once the doors opened his ears perked at the sound of Celestia's voice, it was so warm and inviting. He felt his heart start to race and his legs trembled as he had to remind himself not to bow. apparently. Which felt completely wrong. He couldn't help but stare at them a little flushed as they spoke, he was almost to excited about the encounter he had to remind himself to focus on what they were actually saying. When the princesses ask them to sit, War's gaze looked at the table and took in the chaos of information they had laying about. They would finally learn more about what was actually happening. Before he could take his seat, their talkative doctor had a question. War still didn't at this moment, not any he didn't expect to get answered in the brief. He was still thinking of this like one of his missions and typically questions were withheld until the end. Still the question Salve asked was a interesting one, something War didn't think to ask. He had complete faith in his rulers and his country, if the princesses thought this rag tag team was better then, say his own unit, then he would trust them. Still it might be interesting to hear their explanation.
  5. PonyOfWar

    What's Your OC/Ponysona's Sexuality?

    War is very heterosexual and really old fashioned about it, he tends to be the heroic knight type and treats all mares like princesses. However he really doesn't think about relationships and is so oblivious if some pony flirted with him he probably wouldn't be able to tell. They or someone would have to directly say "Hey she wants to date you!" For him to get it. But one of his best friends is Pan, one is Ace and another Bi, which are my rl friends OCs. Oh and they aren't reflections of us we made them all completely original. No correlation.
  6. PonyOfWar

    private When hearts grow cold. Chapter one: Shadows fall

    @Convergence The Zebra seemed polite enough, though he didn't introduce himself so War was still at a lack of what to properly call him and just 'Zebra' really wouldn't do. He seems familiar with how ponies generally responded to him and didn't seem to mind the Doctor asking War his questions, not really offended or uncomfortable by the look. Perhaps it was War's familiarity with Zebras at work but he didn't see a reasons for ponies to get so worked up. He was a little intrigued by the Zebras proposition to spar. Teach him something, War enjoyed learning a lot and thought there was always more to learn, he had fought many Zebra's but didn't mind the opportunity. He seemed interested in the fact War was an actual Warrior which was rare for ponies admittedly. To Zebra's ponies must seem the weaker race and they were right for the most part, many ponies couldn't fight their way out of a box and even the hard working ones lived pretty cushy life styles. Even our guard was embarrassing from time to time but honestly they truly just lacked the practice of real conflict and it showed. Equestria was to peaceful to have many harden ponies while nearly every Zebra was the opposite. A consistent struggle built them tough and it showed. War however considered himself an exception, his talent was combat. And the guard was in no way equal to the military forces. The only reason so many ponies could live plush comfortable lives was because the percentage of ponies that left to defend the country and voluntarily lived lives equivalent to, if not worse, then a lot of less fortunate races. And that's were War fell, "Certainly, wouldn't miss the opportunity." @Dark Horse His gaze followed the Zebra's as the purple Pegasus who had been so quiet up till this point finally spoke and he had a lot to say. He came off pretty pretentious but it was nothing War couldn't handle, he had a member of his own unit this Nova pony reminded him a lot of. War hadn't heard of him but living out side of the country made it hard to keep up with celebrities and when you are in the trenches of a war zone that's the last thing you think about. He really didn't need to worry about ponies forgettig him, his attitude during this introduction would burn him into their memories just fine. He spit out the word 'teammates' just like Disaster from his own unit. He was a bit of a showboater and thought highly of himself and his skills. Usually believing he could handle anything and everything on his own. This Nova seemed no different, well if he could indeed back up what he was saying War wouldn't have a problem with him but the second his behavior puts any of these ponies lives at risk they would have words. He would keep his eye on that one. @EQ_Theta @Golbez @Lil' Lovebug @PathfinderCS @SilverHeart At least his last statements made since, he had attempted to introduce himself to everyone as soon as they showed themselves but they didn't seem to notice so he guessed he would again. Before that it seemed even if War didn't yet have anything to say or chastise this Stallion for some of the other ponies were more offended by his ego then War was. Salve jump right into telling the pony off, which he didn't blame him. He was speaking the truth, if any of them got hurt it was his job to help. Of course it was now War's, and he assumed, the Zebra's job to keep any pony from getting hurt to begin with. War wouldn't pretend he wasn't prepared to get hurt, he would block any of them with his body if he really needed to. The doctor did follow through and introduced himself. Then the green unicorn followed after, apparently a professor of the capitals prestigious university. That was a noble occupation War could respect and though she paused seeming shy, he didn't feel like she was trying to show off like their new purple friend. No, she was just truthfully sharing her occupation. Her blue costume wearing friend seemed the real shy one of the pair and let her friend Logic, introduce her. Her job explained the outfit, while it might not be a occupation as glamorous as others present War imagined it took tenacity to be a magician in a world already full of magic. That was a great quality and if she got up nerve to speak to the group herself he would like to here more. What the Zebra had to say to the purple Pegasus was the most Interesting. He really put him on the spot and he hoped that pony would think before opening his muzzle, he could make a lot of enemies with his next few words and they didn't have time for infighting. War step forward to reintroduce himself to the party. "I am called War, captain of the Equestrian Special Operations unit. It's an honor to serve our country along side each of you, I am sure all our talents will serve each other well."
  7. I will post as soon as I can, honestly I felt that I was posting to much to often and wanted to give some others a chance while I waited. Some people hadn't talk hardly at all yet.
  8. PonyOfWar

    Hey there! A Pony artist here!

    Welcome! And your art is adorable! I am also an active role player, I am sure the community will be happy to have you!
  9. PonyOfWar

    fan ponies What do you think of my oc?

    Personally I like it, its simple and easy to look at. Leaves room for character development to take place within the character rather then needing the uniqueness being from her external design alone. But while I say that I don't mean that you need to get take away everything unique about the OC. Rather just put some creative thought behind your designs. You can take this simple design and then add a little flare. It's easier then working off of an over the top OC. And it maybe eaiser starting with who she is as a pony. Characters are more then what they look like and even if you didn't add anything else externally to this little pink pony there is a lot of room to play with. Her personality or talent could make her stand apart. So if you want to add more to her appearance take some of these questions into account. Where does she live, Canterlot, Ponyville, Manehatten? What is her talent? Does she work in a field that uses her talent or is her occupation unrelated? Does she have to wear a uniform for her job? Things like this can really flesh out a basic character and make one interesting and unique despite appearance. Or at least this stuff works for me when making up OCs idk if the same thought processes will work for you but I hope this helps some anyways.
  10. PonyOfWar

    fan ponies What do you think of my oc?

    Creative, but alicorn issues aside the colors do clash and the stripes give a Zebra like feel. Of this bunch I prefer the middle one because the patches are more ponylike, more so if you wanted the pony to be from trottingham at least where we know ponies can come with patches. I recommend toning down the color intensity right now they are offensive to the eyes and maybe making it have only a single coat color. Or if you want two maybe give it socks, color the muzzle, tip its wings something like that and you will want the mane/tail colors not to clash with the coat. Maybe pick a coat you like then google matching color schemes.
  11. PonyOfWar

    private When hearts grow cold. Chapter one: Shadows fall

    @EQ_Theta @Convergence War was silent while the doctor took to continuing the introduction with that quick witted speech of his. He had unsurprisingly never met a Zebra and seemed very interested. Luckily their last teammate was a Zebra and thus very pony like. If a Dragon or something had come through that door he thought patching them up would be a real challenge. Then again he didn't know what Salves range of expertise was yet, maybe he could fix up a dragon? Either way War was surprised by how he was brought back into the conversation. A question about Zebra culture directed at him rather then the Zebra, maybe Salve was just more comfortable with War for the time being. He would try to answer without it being awkward, "It's a term for a Zebra warrior. They are trained from birth to fight other Zebra blades in one on one combat over the lands little resources for their tribe." It was going to be very interesting having one here. War really hoped they would all get a long more so the ponies not use to Zebras, the culture tended to be a lot harsher then Equestia's because ponies hardly ever had to fight to eat each day. Hopefully no one would step on each other's hooves. Right now with as little as every pony had spoken it was hard to tell. Everyone seemed more eager to learn what this was about and less concerned with conversation. Crowley had prodded a few into conversation that wasn't already so things were living up a little.
  12. PonyOfWar

    FallBreeze Here!

    Welcome to the forums! I hope you enjoy your time here. Your OC is really cute and I love her talent! So unique and interesting
  13. PonyOfWar

    private When hearts grow cold. Chapter one: Shadows fall

    @Convergence @EQ_Theta The large red Pegasus' attention was grabbed by another member joining the herd, this time a Zebra. How interesting although he didn't look at his strips in the same way the Zebra probably caught other ponies. War had been and lived in the Zebra homeland for months at a time, having met many and learned a thing or two about their culture, he didn't seem anymore out of place then the rest of the party. It was probably just War's experience that made him feel this way. Something he did note though was his athletic appearance and the weapon on his back. This stallion was a blade, a Zebra warrior. War was relieved to see another competent looking fighter joining them. He had learned quite a bit about them and about the Zebra's ritualistic style to combat, these enemies likely wouldn't be interested in respecting his culture. Though any combat experience was better then none so the group would have to make it work. Crowley seemed keen on introducing the pair, they were the most similar when it came to occupation. Now at least the soldier wouldn't be on his own defending these ponies. War would pick up were Crowley left off and attempt to greet the Zebra, it may help that War probably knew the most about Zebra culture. He noted the new comers respectful gesture and mimicked it in return. He had done it quite often while working with Zebra's. "Greetings," War knew some Zebras lived in Equestria and didn't think to ask what he was doing here, rather he assumed he called this land home and as such had the same right to defend it as every pony else. Of course the odd shape of his blade and his mannerisms were a give away he had lived in the Zebra homeland at some point, long enough to be cultured. "It will be an honor to work with a Zebra blade. I am called War, an Equestrian Special Operations Captain and this is Doctor Salus Veta," He gestured to the Unicorn he had been speaking with wanting to make sure the group was getting acquainted. Well the best he could without approaching each pony himself. War would converse with any pony willing to speak to him and he didn't want their new Zebra companion to feel like an outcast. Not when this group was already pretty strange and diverse.
  14. PonyOfWar

    My Little Pony Equestria Girls May Become A Tv Series

    I also kinda hope not for my own reasons...
  15. PonyOfWar

    private When hearts grow cold. Chapter one: Shadows fall

    @EQ_Theta The change in his tone quickly indicated to War that the changeling encounter was not a pleasant memory. He would imagine, the way he heard it the queen of a nearby hive had gotten close enough that she captured one of the princesses and nearly beat the elements of harmony. All the while the guards were without a captain due to influence and had to scramble. To hear the many other situations this pony brought up it was worse then he could have imagined. "That sounds terrible, if only we had been prepared. They did manage to fool even the princess and the elements. There was probably not much else we could have done and I am sure we did all we could. Still wish I had been here, it's a good thing changelings can do little more then transform." It would have been a lot worse if changelings were more like the ponies they masked themselves as. It seemed other then a Queen the creatures couldn't do much else. Not magic like a lot of ponies outside of changing themselves. "I wonder what changeling counter measures we have worked on since then. It was a learning experience if nothing else." War looked around at the few others who were conversing. Many of the ponies seemed nervous about speaking to one another but this really took War's mind off of meeting the princesses. The green scholarly looking Unicorn and her Decorative masked friend seemed to already know each other really well and passed the time among their familiar company rather then meeting new ponies. Having a few already aquatinted would be good, it meant their teamwork would hopefully already be excellent while working with each other. Some of the other ponies he wasn't so sure about. Namely the only other Pegasus that Crowley had called Nova. He seemed distance and uninterested. War would try not to worry about that to much until they were actively on the operation. How they acted among strangers and the way they behaved on the field could be very different. Still it wasn't the best first impression. He looked back to the doctor. "I agreed, I believe this will be very different from any normal battle field. Criminals play dirty, we could end up in one of many different situations. These criminals could be any pony and that's the real kicker, they very well could be ponies, our own people. We are going to have to be carful who we trust and play this smart." He felt his thoughts drift back to the mission ahead and wondered who else they maybe waiting on. "A group of ponies skilled enough to get into the castle and steal something important enough for this meeting must be intelligent."