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  1. My skype is trillie.fj feel free to add me to chat about whatever.
  2. Sugar Rush

    Ask Sugar Rush!

    Pinkie Pie is awesome, she's more of a bakery and parties expert than candy pony though. There's some foods I don't like, for example onions I can't stand.
  3. Sugar Rush

    Ask Sugar Rush!

    My cutie mark is gumdrops. Im good at making most candies but gumdrops are my specialty.
  4. Sugar Rush

    Ask Sugar Rush!

    Hard shelled candy, I like the crunch. I like them, I think they look cute.
  5. Sugar Rush

    Ask Sugar Rush!

    Ask a candy horse anything!
  6. You said you wanted the hobo special. Waiter! There's a salad in my soup!
  7. Sugar Rush

    Post your OC!

    Name: Sugar Rush Species: Earth Pony Gender: Male Age: 21 Personality: Friendly, easy going, sometimes goofy History: undecided Special Talent: Candy making http://pre13.deviantart.net/e52c/th/pre/f/2016/031/5/2/j0umvgz_by_plushpone-d9q1xfv.png
  8. Sugar Rush

    Hi everypony

    Just decided to join and saw I was the 35,000th member. I'm mostly around twitter as @sugarrushoc. Anyway, will be checking this place out!
  9. Welcome to MLP Forums, SugarRushPone! I hope you have a great time here. /)

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