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  1. ugh. I got it working for tsssf.net, but not www.tsssf.net obligatory complaint about how painful it is to setup https; thank you for bringing that to my attention. It's fixed now for both the domain and subdomain. I'll think about this more. I see how this can be useful, but letting people post content, even if it's just a line or two of contact info, introduces a lot of other design factors that I need to consider. For example, do I make people login in order to post? Probably not, because having a login page for something like this is probably overkill. If someone can't log
  2. Someone did make a standalone client and server application back in the day (here's their reddit post if you're interested). I'd argue that having a downloadable client is a bad design choice though. The web app significantly lowers the barrier to entry to getting a game started; all you have to do is visit the website, click host game, send the link to a friend, and once they've clicked it, start the game. With a client app, you have to download it, run it, host a game, send some sort of password/lobby code to your friend, have them download the app, launch it, copy in the code, and that's al
  3. I wanted an easy way to play shipfic with some of my friends during the pandemic so I made this website: http://www.tsssf.net It’s drag + drop based, so you draw cards by clicking the decks + dragging cards from your hand to the board. I’m slowly starting to add features to help keep track of complicated gameplay mechanics by adding symbol markers, keywords, and changelings that morph into the card they’re disguised as. Eventually I hope to add goal highlighting for when a player achieves the criteria of a goal card. You can open a new lobby with just
  4. I don't know. "Babs Seed", "Hearts as Strong as Horses", and "We'll make our mark" are all phenomenal.
  5. Thanks for the constructive criticism Thunder Dash! When it comes to form and structure, I think we'll just have to agree to disagree; I spent a lot of time coming up with the progressions and transitions, and I'm quite happy with them, even if they break a few music theory rules in places (also, where are you hearing a minor Db chord? I'm pretty sure I only used major ones). Anyways, the first section was supposed to capture the fiery raw energy and regality of Celestia while the middle section captured her kindness, love and compassion. The third part is a fusion of both of those s
  6. I spent most of the summer working on it, so I guess I might as well share it with anyone who's interested. Not quite sure what else to say *stares blankly at the ground*
  7. Dropping my comments Kyoshi mentions Discord’s use of magical mischief and its effect on the overall episode, and I think this is a valid critique of not just this episode, but every Discord episode following “Keep Calm and Flutter On.” But while Discord’s magic is almost always unnecessary, it’s also the one thing that differentiates Discord from all other characters. After all, Discord was defined to be the spirit of disharmony back in season 2, and with disharmony comes total chaos. Dropping this characteristic would make Discord feel less like Discord, but at the same time, isn’t
  8. You're essentially accusing me of comparing someone/something to a Nazi, and that isn't what I did (I substituted in the word "Nazi" to show how the lyrics could be used to justify anything, e.g. Nazism), so naturally I'm going to rebuke your claim. Anyways, we're not getting anywhere closer to understanding each other. I don't think there's anything more I can say to help you see my perspective; all you've told me is that I've "willfully ignored" aspects which I haven't, time after time, so I can't tell if you're considering my thoughts or are blindly discrediting them. Goodbye ph00t
  9. So it looks like we're using two different definitions of Godwin's law. According to Mr. Godwin (source) the law is "As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches one" (comparison bolded for emphasis). Interpret that how you will, but in my original argument I do not compare (and compare is the key word) anything to Hitler or Nazism to anything, so I have not "lost" any debate by the means of Godwin's law. And, yes, by the episode's end, it clearly is about Spike, but that's not the problem I have with the episode. Allow me to b
  10. Oh please. If you've written a thesis about Godwin's law, I'll gladly read it, but don't tell me I'm calling anyone a Nazi merely because I used the term. "Thorax's presence is the motivation behind the episodes actual story." That's the problem; if one conflict is the primary reason why another smaller conflict happens, and the two happen simultaneously, why wast time exploring the smaller conflict? From the above post, it sounds like we both agree that the conflict involving Thorax is incoherent, which is problematic, as the majority of the episode's screen time is with regards to the ch
  11. Discussions only end when one party decides they wish to discuss no more. Also, I did not compare anyone or anything to Hitler or Nazism, I merely used those words as alternate lyrics to demonstrate potential problems with the song. Rest assured, we haven't proved Mr. Godwin right yet. It's very easy to interpret the episode as being about the changeling conflict, because apart from Spike complaining about his status before the theme song, every conflict after that is with regards to the changeling; the city's abandoned because of the changeling, the Crystal ponies are freaking out because
  12. I know what you mean. The ND and MD (as we like to call nightly and morning discussions) have always been like that. There's almost never any actual discussion there, as the title is more of a misnomer than anything. Still, it can be fun as long as you're okay with people posting random (and objectively terrible) comments 24/7 There's also a secret discussion on EQD that tends to be much better than the ND and MD, but it's secret (in order to keep the ND/MD people from finding it). There's no way to find it until you accidentally do so.
  13. It was just announced a few hours today that EQD is now hosting their own own mlp forums. Source: http://www.equestriadaily.com/2016/08/after-years-of-requests-equestria-daily.html I'm not quite sure what to make of this news, as I've always thought of the MLP forums as the place for MLP forums (jeez, I wonder why), and while I've only made an account just recently on this site, I'm still annoyed that now EQD is trying to, I don't know, steal the traffic of this site? The whole thing's just really weird, as it looks like it's only going to further divide the fandom into subfandoms rat
  14. As with all episodes that the fandom likes at large, I tend to have many bones to pick with it. However, this doesn’t change the fact that many are ecstatic with it. Mind you, I really could have picked any post on the forum to respond to, but I’m going to respond to Dark Quivit’s because: a) our preferences for episodes are pretty much complete opposite, and b ) as I’ve read several of Quivit’s posts criticizing episodes I enjoy, I think it’s only fair for me to do likewise every once and a while. That said, I disagree with Dark Quivit, though I don’t think the episode is bad, t
  15. I agree in full, and hopefully we do get to see some of the under developed ideas in future episodes ( I haven't looked at any episode names or synopses, so I have no idea what to expect out of the rest of the season). And a slumber party in Twilight's Castle would totally be the best thing ever! MLP WRITERS YOU MUST DO THIS!
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