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  1. Just a lil reminder that I’m doing Hearts and Hooves commissions for only $14! :wub:





  2. Hello once again! Decided to try my hand at a YCH-type deal and with Hearts and Hooves Day just around the corner I think now's as good a time as any! So in honor of February 14th I'm offering a $14 special of two ponies (or other species, too!) in the pose below. Small adjustments can be made if needed! Just pick the "Hearts and Hooves Special" in the payment options if you want one! I'm gonna try to do as many as I can of these until the 14th. ^^ Thanks for taking a look! Finished example:
  3. Hi! If you're interested in commissioning me, go to my shop here: So, before we get into the pricing and such, a few terms to consider: I WILL: Draw any canon MLP species (ponies, griffons, dragons, zebras, etc.) Draw felines or canines not related to the MLP universe Draw couples of any orientation Draw kissing, cuddling, hugging Draw OCs Draw humanized pony-related characters ONLY IF you have a reference Draw mild gore/violence (discuss with me to determine limits - I'm pretty open with this one) I WILL NOT: Draw pornography/sexually explicit content or fetishes Draw very complicated machines or related items (just not good at it) Other rules/info: All prices are in USD. All works include a free simple background (see examples below). Highly detailed backgrounds will cost an extra $5-10 depending on the complexity. Each extra character costs an additional $5 (for sketch and line art commissions, an extra $3). I can draw traditionally (pencil, pen, colored pencil, watercolor) or digitally -- please specify which you would prefer! I can draw either in my own style or in a show-accurate style -- please specify which you would prefer! Here is what I mean: Okay! Now that all that's out of the way, here are your options! $6 Sketch examples: (Last one would be $9 because it's +$3/extra character in a sketch) $12 Line art examples: (CMC would be $18 because it's +$3/extra character in line art) $15 Headshot examples: $25 Flat Colors examples: $35 Shading examples: (the CMC and "Happy Birthday" ones have free simple backgrounds; two unicorns with the rainbow have a $5 bg; other pieces have $10 bgs) $60 Reference Sheet examples: I think that just about covers everything! If you're interested in any of these please let me know and we can discuss! ^^ Of course the more I have to do the longer your commission may take depending on where you are on the list and how detailed you want your piece to be. Thanks for taking a look! If you want more examples of my work, or want to see the work above at a higher quality, you can look at my DeviantArt!
  4. Just messaged you! Though you'll probably see that before you read this.
  5. I like that Rara idea, I definitely would have felt more of a connection to her. But I do understand the cross-promotion thing as well. I guess I'm neutral on it.
  6. I definitely felt some tears welling up when the opening started -- I got a rush of pride in the series for making it this far, and I was just overall happy to be part of the fandom for so long (5 years for me, too!).
  7. Heya! I do have one slot left. PM me when you can, and I can explain my busy-ness that @Techno Universal mentioned.
  8. Hey! I can do that, I'll start up a PM with you. ^^
  9. Hi! Just updating examples and such, and headshots are now available! ^^ Here are a few more recent works (there are some new ones up above, too!): Thanks for stopping by!
  10. Rainbow dash!

    So cute! Love her little wing. Also dang you colored it on your phone?! That takes some talent.
  11. Alright, perfect! I'll send you a message when I'm done with the line work!
  12. Awesome! I'll start working on it today. The only thing is I don't see any new pictures in the link from that previous message -- don't know if they're just not showing up or if I need a new link to those. Since you paid for the line art which is something I would be doing anyway working on the full drawing I'll just deduct it from the final price. ^^ So when the concept is done then you would just pay for shading. Speaking of which I just thought of another quick question: would you like it to be lineless or with the outlines?
  13. Okay, sounds good! Just a couple more things and then we can get rolling. For the character do you have any specific pose or emotion you'd like? Also I noticed the hair was a different color in one of the images -- do you want the green or silver version? Also the armor was different in one of the images, so I'd need to know for sure which one you'd want. Oh! And did you want any of the weapons shown -- if so, which one? The only other thing I'd need is a reference of the mage quarter of stormwind -- I googled it but since I'm not actually familiar with the game I wouldn't want to accidentally draw the wrong place. I'm adding a couple prices that were missed in my shop when it was created, but once that's done you should be able to add the "Shading" and "Complex background" options to your cart and then I can get moving! EDIT: Shop's fixed! Just add those options and let me know when you've paid. ^^
  14. Hi there! I just saw your message over there, good thing I came over here before I responded. XD Sure thing! I'd love to give that a try. Here come some questions for ya: would you like it done traditionally or digitally? Would you like a sketch, line art, flat color, shaded, etc.? And would you like a simple background or a complex one (or none at all)? I saw you wanted it in the show's style, so you're covered there. ^^
  15. New art,New species (WIP)

    These are really nice! This is one of the more believable variant species I've seen -- I really like it! Very unique but close enough to still be pony-like. Great job! ^^
  16. Freedom Fighter Fluttershy

    This is great! Her hair looks awesome, and love the cyber glass thing (is there a proper name for that? If there is I can't think of it for my life). XD Anyway, love it!
  17. Wind Whistler (G1)

    She's so cute! I love that you kept her in the original style, you really got it down! I don't see that very often. ^^
  18. My First Digital Painting

    Wow, this is definitely better than my first digital painting, lol. I'm impressed by the detail in the background, and you've done really well with the shadows on Tirek and Twilight! Great job!
  19. "Queen"s Past

    I really like your style! Lineless is something I have little experience in -- you make it look easy! Sorry to hear about your ex friend. :c I've lost a few that way, as well. In my experience, rough times can make way for some of the greatest artworks, as you've done here -- keep your chin up! <3
  20. My first pony sculpture!

    Wow, this is great! I imagine if I tried sculpting a pony it would turn out similarly -- I have experience in sculpture, too, but never with ponies. I hope you keep doing these, she looks great! I love the soft curls in her mane and tail. ;u;
  21. Chibi ponies, wip

    I love the rainbow element on the Pokemon, I don't think I've ever seen that, before! I don't usually like chibi-style anything, but I actually like your take on the chibi ponies, they're very cute! Hope to see the finished products! ^^
  22. Princess Luna

    Very nice! Her wing looks awesome. I also really like the longer tail, the curved horn, and they way you did her hooves and ear. Basically I like the whole thing. XD Great work!
  23. The Mane 6

    Hi! I'm new 'round these parts so I thought I'd just throw some of my most recent art out there! There are some mistakes here and there, but these were just for practice anyway so I'm over it. I didn't want to take up too much space so I put all of the drawings into one image (which bothers me, what with the different background tones and whatnot), but you get the idea. ;P Direct link here: Thanks for taking a look!
  24. The Mane 6

    Oh, my. I'm sure you'll be fine. Maybe. XD Haha, yes it is. Usually. ;P It's all good, I was super busy, too. Oy.
  25. Meet Forgetmenot

    I really like your style! The contrast in these is great, and very crisp. The backstory is nice, too! I love the name Forgetmenot for a florist pony, that's perfect. ^^