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  2. Happy Birthday @ambergerr! :) 

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      Thank you! :mlp_pinkie:

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      You're welcome, my friend! :D 

  3. ambergerr

    Ambergerr's Art Shop [OPEN]

    CLOSED Hey, everyone! I'm finally back from hiatus as I am finally graduating from college! Through the end of the year, I'm offering detailed headshots of pony, canine, feline or whatever-ine characters and/or pets for the holiday season! Here's an example of the level of quality you'll get: *** Note: Please ignore the "Paypal and Venmo accepted" part! *** Send me a message if you're interested! Thank you!!
  4. ambergerr

    Welcome to the GoG!

    That would be me! Thanks for your interest in our growing project, we hope you stick around!
  5. ambergerr

    Ambergerr's Art Shop [OPEN]

    Hello once again! Decided to try my hand at a YCH-type deal and with Hearts and Hooves Day just around the corner I think now's as good a time as any! So in honor of February 14th I'm offering a $14 special of two ponies (or other species, too!) in the pose below. Small adjustments can be made if needed! Just pick the "Hearts and Hooves Special" in the payment options if you want one! I'm gonna try to do as many as I can of these until the 14th. ^^ Thanks for taking a look! Finished example:
  6. ambergerr

    Ambergerr's Art Shop [OPEN]

    Just messaged you! Though you'll probably see that before you read this.
  7. I like that Rara idea, I definitely would have felt more of a connection to her. But I do understand the cross-promotion thing as well. I guess I'm neutral on it.
  8. I definitely felt some tears welling up when the opening started -- I got a rush of pride in the series for making it this far, and I was just overall happy to be part of the fandom for so long (5 years for me, too!).
  9. ambergerr

    Ambergerr's Art Shop [OPEN]

    Heya! I do have one slot left. PM me when you can, and I can explain my busy-ness that @Techno Universal mentioned.
  10. ambergerr

    Ambergerr's Art Shop [OPEN]

    Hey! I can do that, I'll start up a PM with you. ^^
  11. ambergerr

    Ambergerr's Art Shop [OPEN]

    Hi! Just updating examples and such, and headshots are now available! ^^ Here are a few more recent works (there are some new ones up above, too!): Thanks for stopping by!
  12. ambergerr

    Rainbow dash!

    So cute! Love her little wing. Also dang you colored it on your phone?! That takes some talent.
  13. ambergerr

    Ambergerr's Art Shop [OPEN]

    Alright, perfect! I'll send you a message when I'm done with the line work!
  14. ambergerr

    Ambergerr's Art Shop [OPEN]

    Awesome! I'll start working on it today. The only thing is I don't see any new pictures in the link from that previous message -- don't know if they're just not showing up or if I need a new link to those. Since you paid for the line art which is something I would be doing anyway working on the full drawing I'll just deduct it from the final price. ^^ So when the concept is done then you would just pay for shading. Speaking of which I just thought of another quick question: would you like it to be lineless or with the outlines?
  15. ambergerr

    Ambergerr's Art Shop [OPEN]

    Okay, sounds good! Just a couple more things and then we can get rolling. For the character do you have any specific pose or emotion you'd like? Also I noticed the hair was a different color in one of the images -- do you want the green or silver version? Also the armor was different in one of the images, so I'd need to know for sure which one you'd want. Oh! And did you want any of the weapons shown -- if so, which one? The only other thing I'd need is a reference of the mage quarter of stormwind -- I googled it but since I'm not actually familiar with the game I wouldn't want to accidentally draw the wrong place. I'm adding a couple prices that were missed in my shop when it was created, but once that's done you should be able to add the "Shading" and "Complex background" options to your cart and then I can get moving! EDIT: Shop's fixed! Just add those options and let me know when you've paid. ^^