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  1. Sarif Industries from Deus Ex Human Revolution, probably because the player works for the company and David Sarif is an ambitious, psychopathic boss with god tier voice acting. Also Humanity Front for having another god tier voice actor acting for the character who leads the organization. It's a shame that the sequel replaced David Sarif for a mediocre voice actor, but it was understandably because the original voice actor was a rude douche in the team. I so wish he could have just been someone everyone else could work with better
  2. I bought a $750 laptop that has a 1080p screen, an i7, and an Nvidia GPU, just to live stream my friends and I playing Smash Bros Melee wherever I go
  3. CSGO is so easy. You have no idea how little skill this game takes... Relative to Quake. Counter-Strike is an FPS series about killing still low health enemies. Everyone is easy to kill. Quake is the exact opposite of this game and the skill demand is excessive (which is a good thing). Characters move fast, can take a long time to kill, and can regenerate their health & armor. Good players can predict where you are, what health & armor you're at, and can control item respawn timers. How do you fight against that? In most 1v1s I play, I usually get onlyt 1 kill and my opponents usually
  4. I started playing Quake Live again in duel mode this time. It's godly good. Too bad the community's dead, but I don't care, even if I go about 1-40/0-40 most games. The skill gap is an evil murderous monster
  5. All that's needed is probably a brony shirt to get a discount. What's an even easier plan? But bronies are the target audience. They're going to be gladly willing to pay full price to see the movie. It might be a bad business decision, just looking at the potential profit flow
  6. I'm a silver 2 because I'm a casual scrub who only plays casual mode. Hi ^.^ http://steamcommunity.com/id/HeartIsNaked
  7. Who else instantly thought of this upon reading that comment? This game takes place in 2027
  8. Ever since probably like 2013, I've bought a cake all for myself on every Valentines Day. I've never shared any with anyone ever. All for me ... Forever alone ^.^
  9. OMG, It's my clone! I remember you from a sexy FoxInShadow commission's comment's section

    1. Blood Moon

      Blood Moon

      A couple hundred, but it was mostly paid for by my friends as a birthday present.

    2. stripper


      Your friends are Rarities

    3. Blood Moon

      Blood Moon

      They are pretty fantastic~

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  10. I played a few games of Quake 3 Arena with a friend on LAN, because Quake Live on LAN couldn't work for us, and we were hilariously bad. So fun though

  11. Twilight's spa hairstyle. All other answers are incorrect ^.^
  12. Is that Kokonoe in your avatar? She's a mean nice person

    1. Driz


      Yes! 'tis indeed, the one and only, Professor Kokonoe. She's the meanest nicest cat person ever.

  13. He finally responded way too late, but I didn't want to bring it up and we just played games online. I think I know how to handle this friend now I'm not interested in making new friends, really
  14. http://steamcommunity.com/id/HeartIsNaked
  15. We've tried to coordinate gaming at his house twice in 2 weeks and both times failed due to lack of communication on his part. He doesn't want me on the days he failed to get shit together that he couldn't do them because of who knows what shit. A warning would be nice. I've had issues with this guy before. If I abandon him, I'll be truly friendless in person. He was hardly even a friend anyways Coordinating anything with him is a selfish request though. I'd hate to be with anyone else because I willingly committed social suicide at my benefit. Bringing my whole 30 lbs gaming rig with me t
  16. Silver 2. I'm kind of a pub stomper, but not skilled ^.^
  17. I hate advertising my videos on Reddit because it feels like I'm doing nothing but spamming the forum users with simple content that anyone can make that isn't what they're interested in. CSGO's an esports game and in my experience with Melee, they hate casual play. I don't know if CSGO's (competitive?) community views casual play. The thing about my channel is that I play a lot and a lot of moments happen, so a lot of moments end up on my channel. I hope I filter my videos well enough so that only good stuff ends up on my channel. But I'm also afraid that by filtering, I lose content. The las
  18. I started growing my hair long ever since probably age 12 or 13. It's never been short since and I'm 26 My parents, sadly, always tried to make it short and I sadly gave in. It was once down to my bottom rib. I'm thinking of letting it grow all the way down to my butt
  19. God damn cute avatar ♥

    1. Moonlit_Night


      thanks :D ATM working on one that isn't just a recolor (not a gif tho.. I ain't got time fo dat)

  20. The biggest mistake I ever made on Youtube was fast forwarding my Melee moments from 3 videos/week to 3 videos/day. I know it's suicidal but I had a death wish. I've already explained this. My subscriber loss would have been slower and lower until its run out in 2019 and by that time, I would have collected years worth of PC FPS videos. My subscriber views/video would also have remained in the 3+ digits unlike what it is now, usually 15 views But there's a problem with this. I didn't learn how to quality filter PC FPSs until almost a year after making them, so I would have had 3 years of g
  21. The worst problem in gaming is people thinking they can tell other people what to do with their money. If someone's hyped enough to preorder a game and buy DLC for it, let them. They like what they expect to get enough to drop the dough for it. If you don't, don't buy this stuff. Handle your own purchasing decisions
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