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  1. Now I know this server isn't as active as before. It has been a while since I even searched up this name. But I have played on this server since 2013. I Just wanted to see my friends old builds, but then I remembered that they cleared the old 1.6.4 map back before I was banned. I am currently still banned and this is not a repeal. BUT I was hoping anyone has ANY world downloads from 1.6? or maybe even 1.8? I know someone has asked before for a world download but I was just wondering if anyone has a copy. I don't really mind how big the file would be, but I just wanna experience some nostalgia. It's fine if nobody has one. I get it. It has been a while. Thank you, ~Jon (Blueexphone/Bluee_wong)
  2. Welcome to MLP Forums,! I hope you have a great time here. /)