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  1. [Rewatch commentary] to Equestria Girls Special Movie Magic Klick here (Redirect in the description)
  2. [Rewatch commentary] to Equestria Girls Special Dance Magic Klick here (Redirect in the description)
  3. Tears and Feels Episode 13 The Perfect Pear Klick here (Redirect in the description)
  4. Episode 12 Klick here (Redirect in the description)
  5. Episode 11 is up Klick here (Redirect in the description)
  6. Reaction to S07 E10 A Royal Problem Wow what an episode
  7. Reaction to S07 E09 Honest Appel
  8. Reaction to Hard To Say Anything and RolePonies
  9. Reaction to Pony Girl (from Tridash) later i will but episode 7 here Season 7 Episode 7 "Parental Glideance"
  10. Ok, then i will use this topic for posting my videos, so i dont have to open a new one for every video ( continuing updates)
  11. Hello every Pony I am Thorsten (Phoenix) from germany and i do reaction on mlp episodes (becouse i love mlp) in english (ok my english is not the best, but i try to show everyone a german brony ) (sad that all my episode reacts blocked world wide, so all my videos are redirect to google drive), also do reaction on fan made mlp videos, merchandis stuff from time to time, mlp ccg, cosplays (and cosplay reaction ( they are not blind) at the moment there is one but my king sombra cosplay is finished (3 weeks ago) so i will do one with it to) and i will do a video of this year Galacon ( German Convention in July... i am in my king sombra cosplay at this con) Here is my Youtube Channel so have nice day and i hope sameone is watching it
  12. This can be true, becouse i try to please youtube i cut it so many time and when i give up and out it toghter, it was hard to fix all the cuts. But it can be much out of sync
  13. thx, nice to hear
  14. Hello I am now 1 year in mlp and the fandom. So i make a special (Cosplay) react for my anniversary . "Saeson 4 Final Twilight's Kingdom" there is a redirect link in the description There are alos redirect reaction video for other reacts for season 6 in my channel And more Content will come, soon. Also done react to (With my 24 inch plushie Luna) The Moon Rises and Lullaby for a Princess
  15. Welcome to MLP Forums, Phoenix2k16! I hope you have a great time here. /)