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  1. Do you guys ever watch it Your favorite actor Morgan Freeman stars in Nat Geo Documentary series Story Of God The documentary series about beliefs and spirituality in 4 different religions This documentary series is first aired and premiered in 2015 Morgan Freeman dind't became Twilight Sparkle's VA instead he stars in Nat Geographic Documentary series Story Of God featuring him as a host of the series
  2. The previous two movies and the next movie have a villains that can fight but why Cinch never fight? Maybe she doesn't absorb Equestrian magic to get a magical power Or maybe she is just too lazy to use her karate skill(She possibly knows martial arts when she was young)
  3. The movie will have narration in the opening credits The Narrator is Nicole Oliver Narration script: Several months after Chrysalis' overthrownment The Ponykind and Changelings can finally lived in peace However the biggest threat will soon come This biggest threat is The Storm King from The Storm Kingdom He threatened Equestria with his iron fist and by his powers By this Elements Of Harmony's allies are useless However they must find ally to allied them The rare pony species seaponies had been found and they must find them to allied them to defeat The Storm King
  4. This comedy show have predict the future many times The episodes of the old seasons of The Simpsons is foreshadowing the future Many articles in the internet said that The Simpsons really is predict the future and it was true Brony Fandom are also predicted but dind't appeared on any articles The predictions are many I can't described how many of all of this predictions
  5. Pinkie Pie meet Twilight's old friends in Amending Fences But should Fluttershy,Rarity,Rainbow and Applejack meet them too Probably they can communicate each other Should they meet Twilight's old friends What would your reaction if you see Mane 5 meet Twilight's old friends
  6. In Season 3 Mare Do Well is Rainbow's friends But in Season 7 she actually Sunset Shimmer in disguise She use this secret identity so Celestia will never know when she leaved Equestria Girls World Unlike Previous Mare Do Well Disguises,Sunset's disguise will never be revealed(Which mean she will never be unmasked) Rainbow is no longer jerk here but Mare Do Well will speak here Only her voice is actually Sunset's voice Twilight and Starlight will never catch Mare Do Well Because this Mare Do Well is actually reformed Sunset in disguise and will never be unmasked
  7. Lyra can be added when She leaved Bon Bon/Sweetie Drops and go to Canterlot to meet Twilight's new friends and reunited with her old friends
  8. Pandora from Warriors Orochi That's my choice for narration music It's for Nightshroud and myself This music can be good and perfect with the narration text's color is yellow gold and with blue sky with clouds as background for the narration
  9. Ahem one by one please Mane 5 first,Starlight second,Sunburst third,Thorax fourth and Discord fifth and the last Sorry,Moondancer is absence or just make a cameo and will not speak in the episode She's just one time playing her role in the show she only mentioned or just make a cameo at one of Twilight's old friends
  10. Why he doesn't have a muscular bulky hoofs He has normal stallion design without muscular bulky hoofs Should they redesign Sunburst with muscular bulky hoofs like Shining Armor,Big Mac,Blueblood and Bulk Biceps Muscular bulky hoofs is a hoof that doesn't coat covering the entire hoofs of a stallion
  11. Because his hoofs is white So it need to be muscular and bulky
  12. The villain song is an apostate christian song One of the lyrics "He makes a devil so much stronger than a man" is actually a word when you sell your soul to Satan Beata Maria translated to Blessed Mary refer to Mother Of Jesus The lyrics "Like Fire,Hellfire This fire in my skin this burning desire is turning me to sin" has word sin in it Sin is mentioned in the song's lyrics The verses of the song before the chorus part sounds like a temptation "I Feel Her,I See Her The Sun caught on her raven hair is blazing in me out of control" it sounds like a temptation The last chorus lyrics: Hellfire,Dark Fire Now Gypsy it's your turn choose me or your pyre Be mine or you will burn Pyre means burned in stakes So if it translated It will be sounded like this: Hellfire Dark Fire Now Gypsy it's your turn choose me or burned in stakes Be mine or you will burn Kyrie Eleison chantings in the ending part is very controversy It means "Lord have mercy" The catholic church chantings in the song's lyrics are very controversy and very full of christian religion imagery The chantings,the lyrics are very very controversies because catholic prayer confiteor is used as an intro to the song In Hebrew dub of the song God is changed to Elohim/Yahweh the God of Judaism and Christianity Very,Very,Very Controversy
  13. animation Is Disney's Hellfire full of controversies

    He killed his mother accidently But he must raise Quasimodo to pay the blood that he spilled The eyes of Notre Dame is actually Judeo-Christian God that watching him through many statues for his sin that he commited To avoid this punishment,he must raise a child that have her mother killed by him He felt in fear because Yahweh can see his wrongdoings through eyes of notre dame TBD you also must watch the latin fandub by 0ivette in youtube You will find all the meaning of latin chantings in the lyrics
  14. animation Did The Simpsons really predicted the future

    Family Guy dind't predict any events of history Instead they just copy it because they think it was cool The Simpsons is the real future predicting show The Simpsons predict many future events The Brony episode that have referenced to FiM Is actually a prediction that Brony Fandom will appeared on 2010
  15. animation Did The Simpsons really predicted the future

    They also predicted Ebola Virus attack and Farmville game addiction
  16. spoiler Mare Do Well in Season 7 will be Sunset Shimmer

    This Mare Do Well will attempt to murder Rainbow Dash That parodied Physco famous shower scene with Physco Strings music/The Murder by Bernard Hermann played in the background When RD takes a shower suddenly she see Mare Do Well holding a knife try to kill her because this MDW is Sunset Sunset doesn't like anypony jealous of her becoming Equestria's Superhero so she attempt to kill Rainbow by stabbing her wings Gozer is ancient evil that also Supervillain MDW is the superhero that must stop him
  17. All must be muscular Including Flash Sentry Redesign all stallions to have muscular hoofs Redesign all the stallions
  18. spoiler Mare Do Well in Season 7 will be Sunset Shimmer

    Not a superhero but a supervillain that is pretending to be a hero She leaves Canterlot High every single night to help Pony Twilight Because Pony Twilight helped her defeat the sirens So to thanked this kindness she must help Twilight too It will not reported I use harsh word to make you listen so you accept Sunset Shimmer as Mare Do Well Sunset should be Mare Do Well No More Denying I will rage at all of you So you know your listen Status update:Don't post any denial posts in this topic
  19. Muscular bulky body type is the coolest Husbandos always have this body type He shall be redesigned in Season 11(That set 30 years after Season 10 where Mane 6 is now fully grown up and the time where Flurry Heart have becomed a teenager) He shall have this body type Is the most coolest body type than the other body types in the show I like Muscular Bulky Body they're awesome
  20. animation Is Disney's Hellfire full of controversies

    He's a churchgoing villain Look at tv tropes He's a churchgoing villain Churchgoing villain is a villain that hides behind religion Frollo is hiding behind Catholic religion He justified his deeds as God's will He's hiding behind Christian religion all the time It doesn't changed nothing it changed everything
  21. spoiler Mare Do Well in Season 7 will be Sunset Shimmer

    There will be Mare Do Well Zuul is just a fake superhero Mare Do Well costume that Sunset wear is maked by herself and full of gadgets It makes sense Rainbow Dash is not Mare Do Well but Sunset Shimmer Sunset Shimmer makes her own Mare Do Well costume but will have many gadgets to stop the criminals Sunset Shimmer must wear this Mare Do Well costume all the time when she visit Equestria She will never take off her mare do well mask She will have magic aura color changing device and a voice changer to keep her identity secret Ninth Doctor listen The Crystal Mirror will stay offscreen in the series To keep The show and EQG seperate Listen here No more denying about Sunset being Mare Do Well No more Denying Do you hear me No more Denying She should be in the show But under the disguise of Mare Do Well that will never be unmasked This Mare Do Well is recurring because she is Sunset Shimmer Sunset Shimmer is Mare Do Well Never take off her mask when she in Equestria This Mare Do Well will said she doesn't need take off her mask NO MORE DENYING!!!!!!!!!! If you deny I will use harsh word at all of you
  22. Look at this two restaurant owners in Spice Life Up They look like characters from Elena Of Avalor Their problem is The Sibling Rivalry about Restaurant's ownership One try to sell the restaurant and one try to protect her grandmother's recipes This references to one of Elena Of Avalor's episode The sibling rivalry about bussiness ownership One try to sell it and one try to protect it
  23. The hotel appeared on gameloft game But will it appears on the show too Betty Boufett will be a new recurring character in Season 7 She is the owner of the golden horseshoe hotel In example Characters from other places in Equestria will stay in the hotel for a vacation in Ponyville This could be Coco Pommel,Pie Sisters or even Sunburst to stay for a vacation
  24. spoiler Golden Horseshoe Hotel(Season 7)

    No just a resort located ouskirts of Ponyville that was bigger on the inside In the inside the rooms is seperated into four sections: 1.Reservation:1st Floor room and the first room in the hotel,this room is for reservation to stay and how many bits to pay to stay in the hotel and to check in and check out in the hotel 2.Simple/Standard Rooms:This Rooms are rooms that are cheap in prices and the room is look quite simple,it's located on Hotel's 1st Floor 3.Deluxe Rooms:This Rooms is located on 2nd Floor,this rooms are quite expensive in prices but not too expensive. The room is look fancy ans luxury but not too fancy and too luxury 4.Supreme Rooms/VIP Rooms:The most expensive one,it's located on 3rd Floor,this is very expensive in prices and the rooms is look fancy and very luxurious because this rooms is only for VIP(Very Important Pony) 5.Indoor Pool:Located on 3rd Floor this room is for swimming and relaxing The only outdoor room is the restaurant area(that was only a tables) to eat foods and drinks The Cafeteria is on 1st Floor
  25. spoiler Mare Do Well in Season 7 will be Sunset Shimmer

    No one will never know who she is She will use voice changer to keep her identity secret Her disguising voice is a baritoned version of Starlight's voice Her identity as Mare Do Well is 100% Top Secret and 100% Will never be exposed Voice changer will make your voice sound like other people's voice