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  1. Illegal


    Good to be here pal.
  2. I've heard a lot of good things about Angel Beats. I plan to watch it eventually.
  3. What's some of your favorite anime? List them all. Here's some of my personal favorites: Usagi Drops Watamote Mob Psycho 100 One Punch Man DBZ Overlord Re: Zero The Devil is a Part-Timer Kamisama Minarai Katekyo Hitman Reborn Your Lie In April Phoenix Wright, Ace Attorney Ace of the Diamond Gunslinger Girl and a few more. I love One Piece but I prefer the manga. As for Yu-Gi-Oh, the original manga is really neat. Tons of torture instead of card games. Tell me yours.
  4. Reasons to live: Memes Sonic Spider-Man Ponies The Future Garfield Half-Life 3 That's all I can think of right now.
  5. Welcome to Jurassic Park
  6. Illegal

    Hi ^_^

    Welcome to the herd where the pony is the word.
  7. Illegal


    Hey, I'm illegal. I've been a fan of mlp since early 2012. Been to a few conventions and am pretty active in terms of watching the show and being apart of the brony fandom. I've got an OC, both mare and stallion, named Illegal. For now I'll be using just a from a pony creator until my intuos tablet arrives in the mail so I can art again. I had to sell my last one for bills. I'm into video games, photoshop, pc building, programming, art, photography, anime/cartoons, comedy, comic books, genetics, physics, and reptiles such as black throated monitor lizards and rock iguanas. I'm also 20 years old from the USA. Sometimes I come off as rude I just have a straightforward way of thinking and I don't like to beat around the bush so sorry if I offend anybody. My favorite mane 6 pony is Fluttershy but my other favorites are Trixie, Applebloom, Sweetie Belle, and Spider-Man. I hope to make some friends while I'm here. Below you'll find my OC and various photoshops of mine. Enjoy.