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  1. No its that the hacker left the comment, I do want to see that finished product though!
  2. So I finally found out who hacked me, it was belive it or not my little brother, he saw me enter the password and put it into his tablet! Now he was obviously punished quite heavily for what he did, and he many need to go and see a physiologist because of the stories he wrote (he kept them backed up on his tablet, so we do have a record of them, if any mods want to provide me with a log of posts made that would help) It's just sad to see the things my brother has wrote and said, I feel so sorry for him in a way...
  3. So a few days ago I was showing a few anti brony friends mlp fourms to hopefully convince them we are not a bunch of pedos, unfortunately I think they saw me enter my password because about an hour ago sexually explicit comments and stories began appearing on my account! Or perhaps they guessed my password, it's quite obvious
  4. Well at any rate it is unique and fresh, real nice
  5. That's fine, it's for a friend not me anyway, at the moment their trying to learn the art of a comedic photo (hence the one with me holding a stick)
  6. I enjoy taking stupid photos of myself, it's a weird hobby I know, but hopefully these can give you a quick laugh as I help someone perfect the art of taking photos of people, the one who took these hopes to do it as a job, so if you have any tips for him
  7. For taking stupid photos of myself and using them as fourm icons XD
  8. I belive that there is almost certainly something after death, after all nothing is scientifically impossible, what exactly happens I belive is impossible to know, I suspect the most likely theroy however is spirits, I do believe in spirits yes, reincarnation is also quite possible, another theroy I have is that the uninverse is in a loop, my evidence for this is that we are almost certain the uninverse began with a huge explosion, and suspect it is shrinking inwards now, what if the uninverse collapses and exposes to start everything over again exactly the same, in which case once you die you start all over again with no memory of it, so tell me, how many times have you read this?
  9. ANY COLOUR OF THE RAINBOW! and then some others...
  10. Exceptionally sunny and warm for the UK, polens starting up so the hay fevers starting to kicm in
  11. That episode alone wouldn't have kept me on for 5 years, the next episode though! Wow!
  12. How about a harp with plants and flowers around it?