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  1. I'm one of those kinda people that tend to think of a ton of "What if's?" its kinda a weird thing about me.
  2. It's always on my mind to wonder i know most would continue there art and stories, buts its always been curious to me to see what other may do after the show stops.
  3. I always loved Photoshopping and as a newbie to it I did a small picture. It actually did good after I posted it to Derpibooru. Which suprised me because i'm a crappy Photoshop artist just putting a vector on top a digital photo and touched it up with a bit of color balancing and even though its beat down by my photography it's still Up on my Deviantart page. Mostly cause I think of its as a mile stone into my actual hobby as a photographer. Also It's a two year old image.
  4. Hi I'm Headphone I love video games and music and i am known as Headphone Gaming on two video sites called Vidme and Youtube. For the past 5 years of being a brony i have thought out to share fun things and dreamed of spreading happiness with others and at the age of 20 I have pulled through and love being a odd ball guy with a love for ponies and a neck for being weird. I hope to become active in anyway I can. Link to my youtube and video if you want to see them: https://vid.me/Headphone_Gaming https://www.youtube.com/c/HeadphoneMC
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