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  1. Love this song. :)

  2. Magic_Spark

    The WPCC Lounge

    Well its not morning anymore so I will say Good day. hopefully we can get some cool things going. I need to bust out my wood burner and work on this wood I cut. Doing details etc..
  3. Magic_Spark

    The WPCC Lounge She had an operation but for some reason it wasn't in time. She passed in the night.
  4. Magic_Spark

    The WPCC Lounge

    Wow There are way too many messages for me to get caught up. I have been busy. I have a gig doing a robotic character for Troma. Its been a while but I am all settled in and have my milling system up and running as well as my 3d printer. I will be working on some things for those who asked. My horse witnessed her first horse death. A horse in the stall next to here died. Took here a couple of days to get over it. The horse colliced. Something that is common with horses. Now she has a new friend. A young stud in the stall next door. He is great and very nice. I was on foal watch for a while but we found out that the mare isn't pregnant. Going to take some time to work on my 3d art and such. Need to get cracking on those coasters.
  5. Its foaling season.

    I have been on mare watch. If the mare is going to give birth I have to contact the owner so she can make sure the birthing goes well. :)


    1. Alexshy


      Yay! The new life is always welcome! But safety first, of course.

    2. Nature Tune

      Nature Tune

      Yes! My fellow Equestrian:pout:^_^ What breed is she? Do you ride her?

    3. Magic_Spark


      Its not my horse. She is a miniature and you cannot ride her.

  6. I know that the girls are in high school. When I was in High School I was still living at home. Where are the parents?
  7. Just started on a new horse cart. 

    All 3D printed. :)


  8. Here is something I created back in 2000 when I lived in Hawaii. 

    Some one gave me a coconut so I used my air brush and painted it. 



    1. Porrot


      That's awesome.

  9. Magic_Spark

    What pony is this?

    Upon searching the web I found this and a video of another in a larger box and another video of more detail on the box. I think they are Chinese made. They so love to copy us Americans. Hopefully this post sticks as I tried to post it before and for some reason it failed.
  10. Some how one of my posts was deleted or the system rejected it. 

    Been 2 weeks now and I haven't seen any updates from those I follow either. :(


    1. Alexshy


      Ask for help in the Technical section or PM the admin directly, mine friend.

  11. I now have my milling system up and running. 

    I will be making some custom Jewelry boxes very soon. I will post the first one I make soon.

  12. Things are starting to look better. I have been working on a new job. They like me and It looks like I will be hired. I am hoping that they are going to haggle me down too much on pay. I set the bar high as I know they like to get it to go lower. :)

    1. Alexshy


      Tis awesome news, mine friend! :pinkie: Keepest kicking! *virtual thumbs up*

    2. Nature Tune

      Nature Tune

      Yay! :D Honest work brings honest rewards.

  13. Still working on Troma project. 

    I just wish I had someone special I can spend time with these days. 

    *sigh* I will cease to exist in another half century. Probably be alone till then. 



    1. Alexshy


      Oh... I'm sure thou can find special somepony, mine friend. Thou seem to be a very busy person, correct? Mayhap, thou needst to look around thyself more attentively oft... :kindness:

    2. Magic_Spark


      I have no idea where to go. Most people my age are caught up in the whole political thing. I used to go to conventions (Furry ones prior to MLP) and would find no one. I gave up on them cause they were not as exciting as I thought they would be. I am only busy now cause I am trying to make ends meet. Hard to look when your working to pay for living expenses.

      I think my horse is even upset with me. I used to be able to take her for walks every day and now I am lucky if I have time enough for one day a week... 


  14. Magic_Spark

    Spoiler Why hasn't Hasbro acknowledged the end?

    Nothing lasts forever. However they will most likely be working on other interests. The ponies will probably return again a few years later as another reboot. Who knows. What matters is the memories.
  15. Magic_Spark

    What would you give to go to Equestria(or their earth)

    I would have to give up the one thing that is important. My horse. Would be a difficult decision.