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  1. Craft

    Thanks. I can make them like Fluttershy's cutiemark.
  2. Craft

    This is a 3d printed butterfly that glows in the dark. The glow material is very thin but is not fragile.
  3. Spoiler

    The Ursa minor was the bear that broke her horn. Ursa Minor's are very powerful and most ponies cannot fight them. Twilight just put it to sleep and sent it back but she could not match its magic. The magic isn't just the horn either as she demonstrated the ability to do magic still. I think she was princess quality material. Had she had it good and didn't looser her horn she would have probably become as powerful or more so than twilight. The loss of the horn did not turn her evil. She wasn't really evil but rather desperate to get her horn back. Had she known she was being used I think she would have not helped the evil bad guy in the end. Ultimately she sacrificed herself to protect Twilight. Vanity was her curse. She desperately wanted to have friends and fit in but was shunned because of her disability and broken horn. (Very similar to a soldier loosing a limb and people treating him differently as a result). Twilight showed her that her horn isn't what makes her but her personality and willingness to make and be friends. The premise of the show is all about friendship and how powerful it is. Its more powerful than any magic.
  4. Ok I wrote them hours apart but I will do this in the future if there is no other posts.
  5. Just saw this. I have always wanted to make figures. I have a 3d printer and all the tools required. Just been so focused on other things to make anything. Great job on this and I wanted to say one thing. (Those air bubbles I hear can be popped using a hair dryer.) Anyway I also use Maya and I use Zbrush too. I can make jointed models but have not done so. The most complex thing I ever 3d printed was a horse cart. Everything here was 3d printed except the horse (Bryer) and the metal buckles. Keep up the great work and thanks for sharing.
  6. I am still not sure if your asking for real world physical art or digital art? Can you be more specific please. Thanks.
  7. "Since I was abused, I may never what it feels like to be loved. Plus, I don't believe in the concept of love. It just doesn't make sense, when you take human nature and its sociopathic attributes into consideration... :sunny:" Not every one is a sociopath. Love is something you feel and when it does happen its the most uphoric feeling and you will know it. I was abused as well. I didn't want to talk about it but to your benefit I was also molested as a child. So I am living proof you can feel love even if your "damaged". Do not fall into the battered syndrome. You are better than that. "I'm on a very short time limit. And I think when we see somepony with something we want, we feel left out. And what do you mean, I was "taught incorrectly"? " I do not know what that means a short time limit. And yes you were taught about life in a negative way. I was too. I am not saying your a bad person and do not take it negatively. Seeing what your doing that is causing you grief you then can correct it. "We take subconsciously advantage of others, whether obvious or not. We subconsciously see others as either a tool to manipulate and control or an obstacle to knocked down or destroy at all costs. We're more interested in what we can get from others (money, sex, a sense of purpose and/or worth, approval, etc.) than the individual themselves. It's just how humans are; it's for survival. Sometimes you have to manipulate others and take advantage of them, even it's just for the basic necessities. Desperate times call for desperate measures, you know." Taking advantages of others. Well everyone does this. Its not something most of us are proud of and it happens at times when we are not paying attention to it. This is one of those things that is unavoidable. However you can give just as easily as take. If you view your taking as a negative you can then look to see how you can return something useful to the other party. This is a ballancing act and I do it all the time. I know others want to use me for my knowledge so I set it up so they have to decide what to give me in return. Money, food, time well spent. There is nothing complicated about this and humans have been doing this for years. We are trained at young ages to do this. So do not take it as a bad thing unless a person is attempint to control you and take without giving anything in return. Those people you just need to avoid. Only you can control your feelings and being. There is not magic pill or divine power that will change this. "The problem is, even if you're in a relationship or married to somepony, you'll still keep secrets from each other, whether minor or major. We all have those attributes that we'll hide so our reputation isn't ruined. We're all dishonest about things now again; lying is but a survival strategy, as well as a manipulation and defense tactic." keeping secrets is what we are taught as kids and its to avoid punishment or embarassment. What if the secret could put you in a leagal delima? Well I do not hold it against a person if they willing withold information. I just do not like a willing lie. Everyone lies and if you lied about having cancer to your spouse its not fair to them. Lying is dishonest and you can't have any relationship based on lies. So before you get married or decide to have a serious relationship you need to be assertive that your mate knows that lying is a deal breaker. Just as an example:(Say I met this girl and really liked her and wanted to get more serious. However there seemed to something wrong.) She was reluctant to tell me that she was a guy that looked like a girl. This would upset me as this is a serious lie in the form of looks rather than words. I would not be friedns with a person like this. I am friends with Gay people as I believe that without a body they are generless. But when it comes to relationships I prefer women cause I am a guy. I have pondered the prospect of being with a guy but it just does not appeal to me. So in this exaple even after the discovery I would just say that we can stay friends but I can't go beyond that. Simplely because I am not attracted to males sexually. I would never treat someone who is Gay bad unless they are a jerk to me. "Humans are animals, too. We may be more civilized now than we were a couple millennia ago, but, at our core, we're still wild animals. Nothing can take own natural instincts and biological programming away." Yes I can agree about being an animal. However we have something that animals do not. We can be creative and plan for the future and ponder the past. "I don't care for clubs or dancing, even though dancing is practically the human mating call. But I would love to go to brony cons, where I can meet others that share common interests with me. I just don't have the money or transportation for that. I tell ya, cons seem to be at random locations each year, and that's just an inconvenience." I mentioned the clubs as its how most people get out to meet others. You have to go where the men/women go in order to meet others. Does not have to be a dance club. Could be a hiking or rafting one... Just ask some people you like talking to where what your looking for like to hang out. Investigate where to go and have fun at it. I haven't gone to cons. To be honest you may have fun there but its not a hookup place. I am not a bad looking guy and I never even came close to finding anyone to date there. So don't hold your breath on them. They are great to see your favorite artist and meet some online frinends but its not the only place to find someone. "That just contradicts your previous point. Unplugging with do more harm than good. Staying plugged in (metaphorically) will increase the odds of me finding somepony." When I said unplug, I did not mean throw your computer away. I menat take some time off and get out of the house. Being around the computer all the time is not healthy and you can ask your doc about that. Just get out go bike riding or walking. Do some type of activity that you can enjoy. Once you get old you will regret not doing that. Trust me or not. Its up to you. "I do want my special somepony to be my best friend. I know a couple that were best friends, and still are, even after they married." Good relationships are a 2 way street. They have to be recipical and you have to have trust. Do not assert what you want and expect things. Be accepting more and look for a friend. Accept that person for who they are more than what you personally desire. If they feel the same then you will have a lasting relationship. "You can transit to an MLP-themed universe that matches your fantasies. I may just do that :P...once I learn how... There are infinite realities, and whatever you can think of, there are infinite universes just like it and then some. " Your imagination can take you anywhere you want to go. Right now you just need a good break. I really do hope you find a special person that can show you what I am talking about and you will be like a million dollar winner. As far as infinate worlds, yes science as touched uppon this subject but untill that time comes where you pass on don't dwell on it too much. You will miss the nice things in this world. I have pondered what if a rip in the universe allowed me to pass into a world where things are different. I found myslef reluctant to go as it would cause my family grief and what if there was someone who is perfect for me here I would not see them. Its easy to get caught up in this idea but the reality is it will not happen according to the majority of science. - Yeah, the blissful are the happiest." My live isn't the greatest but I keep to my ways and I am blissful. I enjoy making others happy and it makes me happy. I give and I do not expect things back. "Being happy is very hard, if not impossible, in the world today, you know. Too many things to worry about and too many things and odds against you. Everything is a commodity, even that simple things we need to survive, and money runs everything. We just can't seem to get happiness, only buy short-lived bliss. The MLP universe does seem so ideal, don't it? Money isn't that big of a deal, and the bonds we have with other is the main concern." The world is full of evil. And you can blame nature for that. All life finds living to be a struggle and the universe is one gigantic experiment. Understanding your not living in a world that is 100% bad is something to consider. Despite the struggles I myself do not think all is lost. I spent 7 months in a war zone. I didn't think I would make it back alive. However Here I am and I am going to make the best of it.
  8. Love is not always what we are told or taught. Love is a feeling we have when there is a special connection between to people. Its also that bond between a mother and child. Its so awesome its almost indescribable. If your in need then its time to go looking. Love rarely falls in your lap. If you are telling others your looking and loathing when you see happy couples then you were taught incorrectly. You need to get out to find that special person. Be weary there are some who would take advantage of you cause they can tell your desperate. To love is to know. How the hell do you expect to know anyone or for anyone to know you. Just have to see what activities are out there that other like minded people are doing. I am speaking from experience. I have been alone for years. I had a very crappy childhood and remained alone cause on one taught me that I need to get out and be seen. I had no parent help me with others. Now I enjoy going places and talking to strangers. You can find someone special by being yourself and not hiding. People can subconsciously see dishonesty. They may not even know it. I know animals can see it right away. So feeling down get out unplug and go to a club or go dancing. At least you can talk to others. Get to know new faces. Who knows you may even find what your looking for. Networking is key. The right person may be a friend of a person you just meet. Never stop looking but have fun int the process. Society doesn't work the way we see in movies or fairy tales. I enjoy fantasizing about a world like MLP but I know that its not real and that talking ponies will never exist in my lifetime. What draws me to the show is the personalities as they are more human. I really like that about the show. I really do hope you find that special person. Its the most joy anyone can ever have. If you commit suicide you will never experience it. So you have a lot to live for. Remember there are folks like me who do care and wish you well. Despite the fact that I do not know you on a more local level. I live to make others happy. Sorta like Pinky Pie, except I do not throw parties and act the way she does. Please do have a happy life. Only you can do that and no one will do it for you.
  9. I have been single for more than 20 years. So your not alone. I posted in another thread about this as well. Please do read this as it may be of use.
  10. I am not sure. However since that last post I lost my hard drive. I did a data recovery and I am trying to get everything back on track. When I find it I will post it here for you. Sorry for the wait.
  11. Found a resource for the map and its from Hasbro. That way it will be as close to the series as possible.
  12. Nice. Love all the art.
  13. If you ever need anything small I have a 3d printer and a mill system I can make all sorts of things. Also your dress reminded me of this:
  14. I have looked into this and Gary's mod is nice but I prefer to work with Source Filmmaker. I have seen a lot of fan works come from this. Nightmare Night is one of my favorites and shows what you can do with some time and a bit of talent.
  15. I am working on this. I do a lot of different items. I own a 3d printer and milling machine. I also air brush, and draw when I can. Lately I have not been able to do much drawing. :/ I hope to change that soon.