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  1. Found a resource for the map and its from Hasbro. That way it will be as close to the series as possible.
  2. Nice. Love all the art.
  3. If you ever need anything small I have a 3d printer and a mill system I can make all sorts of things. Also your dress reminded me of this:
  4. I have looked into this and Gary's mod is nice but I prefer to work with Source Filmmaker. I have seen a lot of fan works come from this. Nightmare Night is one of my favorites and shows what you can do with some time and a bit of talent.
  5. I am working on this. I do a lot of different items. I own a 3d printer and milling machine. I also air brush, and draw when I can. Lately I have not been able to do much drawing. :/ I hope to change that soon.
  6. Here are 2 engravings I did with my system. I used a flashlight to light them up. The size is 50mm x 50mm I plan on making a much larger one at sometime when I get some more plexiglass.
  7. I will need to gather resources then start working out the map where things go and size relationships.
  8. He is not the problem. Most of the crooked ones are massing millions in schemes we the people cannot. They are using the system to their advantage and using inside trading, IPO's and Foundation fronts to rob everyone. They will not make any laws to the contrary. Its not illegal for them to do this and thats one of the biggest reasons they do not want to stop being a politician. Its too easy to make money and you can't make any like that without being a politician. :/ So whats got them in an uproar is Trump didn't make his millions that way and he is threatening their way of life which if we did it we would be jailed. If politicians could not mass so much money then we would not have this crisis on our hands and its also possible that Trump would have never became president. So all this whining about him is useless cause he is not the problem. He would not have been elected if the elite group of jerk-offs did not create the laws and system to protect themselves from wrong doing. Why is it ok for the politicians to mass wealth when we can't take advantage of that same system? Its not and our way of life is in jeopardy if its not corrected soon.
  9. General

    I like to dress up for the kids. Its fun.
  10. I did a quick search for the LED that changes color.
  11. I do not want to be one to tell others what to believe. So.. I noticed that a lot of people use the term Afterlife. Also life after death. These terms are subject to examination. How can one live if they have died? Makes no sense to me. At any rate let me talk about something related but not exactly what you would expect. Here goes. Think for a moment about what we are made of. Matter right? Stuff like bones and soft tissues. Go further even smaller. Now we see atoms and basic elements then we get to electrons and protons etc... We are nothing more than a combination of carefully placed energetic particles floating in a sea of energy. Who is to say what we really are if we cannot really picture everything around us at that level. Also what is the sea of energy? Where does it come from. how does it interact with us? We only have begun understanding some of these things. Also what about dimension beyond the 3rd? Why does it seem that you can never get to the smallest division? Our brains are chemical reactions. What if these reactions are influenced by another type of energy not measured or discovered yet? I do not know what happens when death occurs. I do know from science that its not what we imagine. No one has risen from the dead to let us know. All we know is that the brain dies and is not the same. However if there is some influencing energy then what about that? Would it be us as far as our identity? Could it be that our earthly body is only a fraction of our being? Perhaps we are more than this 3d body we travel around in? These are some of the questions I have thought about. There are thoughts on possibilities that can be explored. I hope there is no heaven or hell as suggested in the bible. I do not want to spend eternity doing the same boring thing forever...
  12. I have a pony. Well technically she is smaller than a pony... She shows and has won all sorts of ribbons. Her best attribute besides being cute, is that she can make people very happy. Some day I want to have her trained to be able to go into the hospitals and cheer up those who have illnesses that prevent them from going anywhere.
  13. Mega Thread

    I have a miniature horse. She is 31" tall and ponies are taller than 34"
  14. I have never experienced a paranormal event. I have done remote viewing. I did visit the haunted house in San Diego called the Wailie house. It is said its the most haunted one where people get scratches and feel creepy cold hand on their shoulder. When I was there I went up stairs and sat in a chair there. There were a lot of folks running around with laptops, cameras and other recording devices. I waited for about 20 minutes but there was no activity. I didn't feel anything either. The room I was in was supposed to be the most active. So I went downstairs and people were acting stranger than before. My friend asked me what I did. I said nothing why? He said all the activity stopped as if the house was never haunted. Nothing silent and no recorded activity. So Not sure if I am a person who scares ghosts away or what ever. I just do not believe that they are there.
  15. I am not with anyone. I do miss the times I did have someone. However those few I have dated all broke their own rules. The last relationship I had the girl told me that I couldn't see any other girl. I said ok the same applies to her. She broke that rule when I had to go away for a month. When I date a girl my only rule is "Do not lie to me" If she can follow that rule then I am good. If not then there is no relationship. There is no reason to lie to me about anything.