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  1. Been working for a buddy and I have one other project. 3d printing an armadillo shell and making it move. :D

    Going to be a very busy week. 

  2. Post Your Waifu

    I like Rarity however my AV is mine. I can hug and hold her.
  3. Spoiler Toon Boom MLP Generation 5

    I wouldn't mind seeing the 3d rendered versions have a go. Like this: --->
  4. The end of MLP:FiM: not goodbye, right?

    I do miss Lauren Faust. She can really make great stories.
  5. So.. Brony Mate..

    I am actually on that site. I haven't payed a cent for it either. Which limits me to just messages. They don't pester me to pay unless I try a feature that is pay only. I have had several girls message me and they seem real. Not sure could be a trolling dude... I have to agree its a pretty lame site to have all this opportunity and to use it for bait. :/
  6. Horse Appreciation Thread

    Well I have what most dream of. I own a miniature horse. she is something special. She makes people happy just being around them. She has won ribbons at Nationals and local shows. She loves to pull a cart and drive. I plan on breeding her sometime in the future. Just right now my trainer says to wait a bit more. She is an expert and has been very good to both me and my horse. She gives hugs and kisses too.
  7. I took out of storage the cell of a MLP cel from one of the earlier shows.

    The pony pictured that you can clearly see the cutie mark is Melody from G1 My Little Pony Tales TV series.

    This cel was a gift from a friend of mine. I was not really into the show back then. 




  8. Ok I have my 3D printer working again.

    I found a work around and it works great. 

    Going to be doing some 3d printing for a effects company soon.


  9. Just when I need to 3d print something the printer if malfunctioning and I cannot get work done. :(

    If I cannot get it solved I am going to end my 3d printing and sell this thing off. 

    This is the second time it has done this and its getting old. :/


  10. Started printing and my plate was chipped. 

    This happens when the temp is set to high and there is some plastic that will bond with the glass.

    Then chip occurs. So I have to turn over the plate and use the other side. Just ordered a new one. 

    Hope nothing else breaks. :/ 


  11. Just 3d printed 3 clock holders. These are made to hold the clock from being knocked off the wall. 

    My trainer had a clock fall when a gust of wind knocked it off and the front glass broke. So as a test I made some clock holding parts to keep it from happening again. :)

    Here are images of the designed part.

    I am showing the front and back of one of them and then the back of the entire clock where you can see them attached. 

    The long screws are not necessary but its what I had on hand.




    1. Alexshy


      Tis fancy, mine friend! :pinkie:

    2. Magic_Spark


      More to come. Going to be working on making a new horse cart. I attached an image of one I did.



  12. I am finally moved. Have my computer set up and can now get back to things again. 

    I am still sore and tired so I will be taking it easy for a few more days. :)


    1. Alexshy


      Tis nice to know thou hast everything set already! And moreover is close to thine friend at last hey.png.2edbfa7d500bf894a54b01111e0dc824.png

    2. Magic_Spark


      Thanks. I plan on working with my 3d printer and airbrushing soon. I am still sore and recovering. Hard to sit idle as I am always used to working on things.

  13. What would happen if a unicorn's horn broke off?

    All the ponies have magic. Not just unicorns/alacorns. Remember the huge battle with Tirak and Twilight. He took magic from the earth and Pegasus ponies as well. And as far as Twilight's horn going all floppy. It was a magical flower that did that. With magic involved anything is possible.
  14. Spent the last 8 hours moving stuff. :( I am sore as hell. I still have to move more stuff. 

    Wish I was a wizard or magical pony. 

    1. Fluttershy Friend

      Fluttershy Friend

      Take care of yourself friend!

  15. Just moved a car load of things. Now I need to go and move the rest. Going to be doing this on Monday. 

    Aside from moving I have a new client for 3D prnnted business cards. He really likes the sample I did. 

    Well I am off to bed now. I have a long day of lifting heavy things and travel. 

    1. Magic_Spark


      Loaded the moving trailer and it wasn’t enough room. Going to have to spend more $$$ on another truck rental.