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  1. Absolutely not! They actually go pretty well together.
  2. Sadly, I have none . Really do plan on getting one, though.
  3. HELP!!! MY WORK IS ABUSIVE. Destroying All pictures in your house.
  4. It's true, there are many OCs, good and bad. But there is a problem. Many people create over-the-top OCs That are very unlikely to be part of the show, yet their "Backstory" has something to do with the Canon. Mostly, it is DARK Alicorn OCs in relation to the princesses. Yes, I am TOTALLY guilty for creating an OC that is almost impossible to be part of the show. But my character is actually set in an alternate universe. For a show about brightly colored ponies, there are a lot of OCs that look too Villain ish, or dark. Most Ponies in the show have simple and bright designs. OCs Normally have Complicated mane, or are just........ *Sighs*.......... Recolours. Not all though. Some OCs do have a look that fits the show. I'm not insulting complicated Ponies, and I appreciate the designs and sophistication. If you really want a pony that looks to the show's designs, then try a simple mane design, matching colors that don't clash, and you could use a dark tone with a bright colour, but not all dark and edgy. You could also use a dark color with a light one. Put at the most 3 colours in the mane. Do not go for an Alicorn, and keep horn and wing proportions normal. Do not make the pony too large or too small. At the least make it an Average ponies height, and at the most, Luna's height. Whatever you do, DO NOT MAKE THE EYE COLOR BRIGHT RED! Keep the eye design simple, and fitting to the face shape. Please, do not take this as a must. So, In conclusion, make whatever OC you want!!!! No one should stop you. But if you want to make your OC part of the show, keep the design up to the show's standards. Thanks for reading .
  5. Simple. I start a completely nonsensical story with a sentence and everyone else adds on to this story which never ends! After finishing my work, I got off my chair, only to create a hole in the floor, and I HAD to fall in.
  6. I'm the new president!!! I shall actually make Ponyville have good defense and PROPER guards. Also, if I become president, Everypony will be best pony!
  7. WTF THIS PERSON LISTENED TO MUSIC FOR DAYS AND DIED OF DEHYDRATION!!!!!! A poorly animated terrible Harry Potter fanfic.