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  1. Honestly I would like to move back to Washington state if I could. I don't know why people think Texas is such a great state, it's really not and the outages have proven that. Washington might not be perfect (Seattle's handling of CHAZ is an example, and of course how Seattle people whine and complain about other people existing that just so happen to live in tents across the street because they've been abandoned by a country that doesn't care for them), but it's the closest there is in these here states.


    I've been losing a decent amount of fondness for this country, and from my time living here especially during the pandemic, well, this country is really not the greatest in the world by a longshot.

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  2. My top 10 now, with only 1 per series:

    1. Borderlands 2 (all of them except Pre-Sequel are really good)
    2. Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story (Superstar Saga is also very good)
    3. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2: Darkness/Sky/Time
    4. Team Fortress 2
    5. Kirby Super Star Ultra (Squeak Squad and Crystal Shards are both very good)
    6. Super Mario 64 DS
    7. Pokemon Black and White 2 (BW, Platinum, DP, Emerald are all very good also)
    8. Halo 3 (Combat Evolved is very good)
    9. Disgaea 2 (Disgaea 1 is also very good)
    10. Banjo-Kazooie (Banjo-Tooie is also very good)


    • The Borderlands games, with the exception of Pre-Sequel, are all great games. Even if 3's story is very meh especially at the very end, the gameplay of 3 is the best in the franchise so...
    • To be honest, I'd never ever consider being born earlier than I was. There were a lot of very barbaric things about society even just decades ago (some of them still remain today). After I was, though, I consider that a lot.
    • The Harry Potter Movies are way better than the books. 
    • Most consoles since the days of the Xbox 360/PS3 have been bad. :dry:
    • Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2 is a masterpiece and in fact a huge part of the reason Dusknoir is my favorite pokemon (yep) is that as a villain Dusknoir was fantastic.
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  4. My thoughts are that a lot of these streaming services are simple attempts at oligopolizing the entertainment industry.


    However, I don't entirely mind most of them when they aren't gouging you and most of the monthly subscription services are more than worth it. In Paramount+'s case Star Trek content + OG Twilight Zone make it more than worth the price.

  5. I can't believe how stupid people who are supposed to know math better than me seem to be with a simple problem anyone that's high school age or older should be able to instantly solve in their head but yet somehow a mathematician can get it wrong because they don't know order of operations.


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  6. Welp, I guess I'll have to be some sort of white Native American.


    Hey at least I don't live in Europe. 1021 AD Europe was honestly worse. Both suck, but at least I could actually... live here sort of? I'd still much rather stay in my present time... If anything I'd much rather wake up in 3021 AD.

  7. I played a bit of a little game called Singularity, and that game's story gets complicated with the temporal back and forth. With all the stuff involving E99, time travel, being an alternate history where the Soviets performed an experiment on an island and it went horribly wrong...


    Also, the story of the Fallout franchise has some complications as well, and a lot of theories surrounding it and it's surprisingly bulky on story when you read terminals and look around the open worlds of the series.


    Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2 has a complicated story for a Nintendo game I guess also.

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  8. I'm still a homoromantic pansexual who identifies as non-binary and isn't picky about pronouns (he/him or they/them don't care an awful lot, though they/them is more accurate).


    Still have moments I wish I wasn't in a closed relationship because I don't exclusively go that way and some girls/in-betweens are attractive, but that should stay here and not leave.

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  9. On 2018-07-30 at 12:07 AM, Stolas said:
    • The Pokémon games
    • The Mario franchise
    • Kirby games

    I would say TF2 and Borderlands, but I haven't been able to play either in over a year now.

    Pretty much this, though I would be inclined to sub Mario with TF2 now that I can play them. Also because I've found myself less and less interested in playing Mario titles.

  10. "Why yes blame people instead of acknowledging your toilet is f***ed and calling a plumber to fix it. And paying for it because it's partially due to your own negligence... Hypocritical @$$hole. I am so sick and tired of you being a complete and total piece of $#!+ that frankly I wish your wife would tell you to leave and never come back."

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