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  1. Sorry I like way too many people on these forums to tag! I always feel like I'm leaving someone out. ;m;
  2. I really like either Spring or Fall, not too hot and not too cold. .w.
  3. I play video games(A lot of FNaF ) Drawing/art Cosplay Are just a couple of my non-MLP hobbies uwu
  4. Social anxiety, being judged by others, my weight, and being forgotten.
  5. My boy's fan club is active again OwO
  6. Adeerable


    Hello! Welcome to the forums! I hope you enjoy your stay!!!
  7. English is the only language I know. Well, I know a tiny bit of Spanish but that's it.
  8. Literally way too hot... And I'm going to Six Flags tomorrow. Yikes.
  9. Feeling pretty good. A little tired, but it's all good.
  10. I visited the zoo like, back in March before all this Covid stuff happened. I really wanna go back one of these days, when all this stuff is over.
  11. Uhh, FNaF, Internet, MLP, and Discord lul Oh and cosplaying
  12. Hi there, and welcome to the forums/herd!! I love Gallus too!
  13. Never heard of Mellow Yellow either, but I have to go with Mountain Dew.