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  1. SnowStorm097

    Retribution - MLP: FiM Fan Music

    Thanks! Working on getting better as wellso hopefully some better Music will come out later on xD
  2. SnowStorm097

    Retribution - MLP: FiM Fan Music

    Just uploaded a song that was kinda WIP back when I made it in September 2017 to Youtube. I would have finished the song if my Macbook had not have broken down Pretty proud of the song despite some off its flaws, mainly guitar related as I am still kind off a newbie on guitar. I am however very proud of the atmosphere and the transistions in it. I plan on uploading some more Music that is actually finished in the upcoming weeks/months as well Feedback is always appriciated, although most of the songs I have on my Youtube is pretty old. And this song was far from being finished to begin With. Link:
  3. SnowStorm097


    Thanks, I will certainly do that Cx Thank you Cx
  4. SnowStorm097

    Looking for a Singer

    Not entirely sure if this is the right Place to ask this, but I have seen a few other posts of this nature here so I figured I would try! Currently looking for a singer to sing and Write some lyrics for song that I am working on. The song itself is fairly dark and rhythmic in nature, very inspired by bands like TOOL, Capricorns and others. Genre-wise I Guess it would fall under either Progressive Metal or Alternative Rock. Female or Male, does not matter that much, as long as you have good quality microphone to record with. If you have any question and/or you are interested it looking at it, please get in touch With me on here, Skype or Steam so we can talk a bit! I will link a WIP of the song, some stuff still needs to be ironed out and re-recorded but the structure and riffs are set: Skype: wenomkiilzz Steam:eccentricbrony Have a good day or night, and I hope to hear from you!
  5. SnowStorm097


    Thank you haha, I have my Music on Soundcloud and Youtube (YT is linked on my profile haha) but most of those are fairly old as of right now. I hope to have fun too XP Haha, I am kinda obssessed With Music so you could Call me a Music lover. I mostly make Rock and Heavy Metal Styled Music, but I have dabbled a lot in Electronic stuff and orchestral as well. Most of the stuff I have released is fairly old at this point though (Have not updated my YT since 2014 almost xD). Thank you! I hope I will have a great time too haha Eeyup I am Norwegian^ Nice to meet a fellow Scandinavian haha :3 The older songs are kinda old (suprising right? xD) but I am working on some New stuff that I will probably release at some point in the near future haha. Thanks for the compliment though,
  6. SnowStorm097


    I also make Music so that is something interesting I Guess xD
  7. SnowStorm097

    Female Singer available

    If you are still interested in doing vocal stuff I have a Project that I am working on at the moment that require vocals and lyrics!