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Everything posted by rainbowdashacademy

  1. OH,MY GOSH OH, MY GOSH ! this is Rainbowdash finally got what I was looking for today I'm excited to tell you everypony I bought at Dollar Tree Colorforms My Little Pony sticker story adventure !
  2. So mane five what did you think of CATS THE MOVIE ? "I Alicorn Princess Twilight Sparkle thought was scientifically hornical "! "This is Fluttershy those cats creeped me out why would they eat humanoid mice my Pegasus heart is broken"! "What tarnation did I juz watched ? Applejack here why are these felions rubbing their flanks on each other I don't get it ? "Hell ya this movie rocks got sex and drunk cats comedy mischief kinda makes them like me Rainbowdash"! "Rarity here what is up with these tacky costumes of cats the singing was terrible I bet Opalesence my cat could do better ? "wow my stars this movie was a party alright did find it catackular catagical catstravagana of a catwister haaaaa made some catiriffic catjokes! "Pinkie Pie that wasn't funny but you could of cats up on some cathemes catoday I'm spike the dragon I thought movie was awesome !
  3. Played EQUESTRIA FALLOUT REMAINS love the game but it has bad issues playing online on ITCH.IO site going to stage 2 of the game chasing rainbows after killing the female pony gone berserk? Has anypony had an issue with this game freezing up with a green cursor and can't do anything let me know ?
  4. Last week my friend bought me a Funko pop figure of Tempest Shadow from my little pony the movie as a Christmas present awesome !
  5. If you Unicorns and Gryphons want watch a mystery bizarre anime check out Infinity Train their on season book 2 ! "this some kind a ride Discord could invent 1. Twilight Sparkle -Science Lab car, 2. Fluttershy - Zoo car, 3. Rarity- Birthstone car, 4. Applejack- Apple Computer Car 5. Pinkie Pie- Creepy funhouse car, 6. Rainbowdash- Weather seasons car, 7. Princess Celestia- Haunted past car, 8. Princess Luna - Trapped on the moon car, 9. Derpy Hooves- Wrong Mail orders car, 10. Spike the dragon- The Garble Bully dragon car.
  6. "I LOVE BEING SCARED" - Fluttershy "haaaaa I'm Twilight Pinkie Sparkle I love parties Princess Whorelestia yeah sue me I'm drunk and funny-Twilight Sparkle Rarity- "meowwwww I'm a cat could give me a tubby rub my spiky wiky! What I spike don't know you anymore hmmm should I could Meowrity Apple Jack- "GOSH DANG IT YOU'LL ALL MADE ME HATE APPLES AGAIN! Rainbowdash- " I'm the great and powerful flyer"! PINKIE PIE- WOW MAKING DRESSES IS FUN !!! Star Glimmer- " oh great I'm a goat now this very badddd!!!
  7. Now playing Kirby Triple Deluxe love hypernova power ohhhh yeah don't fuck with the pink marshmellow alien now king DEDEDEDEDE I know he'll send you packing ! Loving the graphics on the 3ds some ponies get magicaches I don't ?
  8. Watch one that I didn't know was by the comic DARK HORSE COMICS called DR GIGGLES gotta love the slap stick humor he says like oh you forgot to check in, and others good stuff.
  9. I check this out on youtube.com/ I'M A FREAKIN FURRY song by Hiphop Husky and NOS HYENA "I'M GRINDING FOR THAT FURSUIT enjoy everypony gotta soar back to cloudsdale later!
  10. played a little bit of Megaman X collection got to the top of Sigma's Fortress didn't get very far and died again so after that fail again and yes got to Bospider once couldn't beat him ? So next game played a little of Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon I don't know if that is the first installment or the second but still fun think MARIO GHOSTBUSTERS!!! basically. Oh, by the way the new 3ds games I got for Christmas are Fire Emblem Warriors, Super Smash Bros., last Kirby Triple Deluxe.
  11. Saw Star Wars Rise of the Skywalker very awesome film and rainboom awesome tears of how it ends I enjoyed it for what It is breathtaking effects and the magic of the movie itself a masterpiece in my book !
  12. The Lord of Hell is back even older the Dutch singer can rock after all these years a concert called https://youtu.be/LORqKHEBP6Q
  13. Still playing old school games of Megaman -X Collection on game cube tried one night to beat Blast Hornet no such luck he kicked my ass and stung me while his little hornets he shoots out stick to you plus trying to dodge him was harder than I thought it was but is still fun to play !
  14. Last week opened Christmas presents with my Niece and Nephew and my Sister drove down a long trip from KC Kansas and I live in Wichita KS. I got the rest of the Ponyville Mysteries book series and playing cards from London. Plus today I bought a awesome Equestria Girls mini figure doll my favorite Rainboomin' awesome Rainbow Dash it is truly 20% cooler with me !
  15. A rainboom awesome Pegasus as myself yesterday broke out the Gamecube still works after all these years playing some old school classic MEGAMAN-X Collection games
  16. Awesome job on your rainboom awesomness of your banner artwork of Scootaloo keep up the good work !

  17. Today I watched Playmobile The Movie before you rant that it's a rip off of Legos movie ask yourself this Brony friends and Pegasister because there is several too many Rainbooming building sets that copy or are similar to one another! So plus a Awesome Wonderbolts flyer as myself Rainbow Dash don't listen to what fans or critics say about a movie I enjoy it for what it is in my heart. Surprise Playmobile the Movie has something that Legos movies don't have A fantastic James Bond theme go see it to enjoy it not what others think about this movie who cares if people say it's a ripoff if not be excited to watch this movie for what it's worth.
  18. There's a fan game you should try Megaman-X Unleashed the final edition by game developer Corrupiao Lendario !
  19. Rainboom, awesome with a 1dollar bits you can't go wrong today bought some mlp fim glitter pens bright pink for Pinkie pie with sugar smiles yellow and shy like Fluttershy, Purple and science magic for Princess Twilight Sparkle and last me Rainbowdash because sky blue is the wonderbolts call to arms. Buy yours today Brony and Pegasister fans at any Dollar Tree Store!
  20. At A comic book convention bought one of the discontinued Guardians Of Harmony toy the complete Wonderbolts team now It's !00% cooler with Soarin and Spitfire for 17 dollars paid 20 dollars for it !
  21. Last week saw Moshi Monsters The Movie on cable It was Rainbooming awesome why? Sound familiar Villain in movie Dr, Strange Glove wants destroy the magical world of Moshi hating anything to do with cute and love yes it has the same story like MLP friendship is magic enjoy ! Plus today saw Frozen II in 3-D fantastic lifelike.
  22. Good news BRONY FANS! I heard this from Drwolf001 A new series of Mlp is coming soon It's gonna be Manga fantascal superrainbooming awesome !!! https://youtu.be/GMYDEN7sqrc
  23. I just notice your a fan of Hazbin Hotel and the funny line that Angel Dust said to Alastor the radio demon I'll suck your dick and he's like not interested love to see more of the show why? I thought the pilot episode remind me of Nightmare before Christmas Meets Hell !
  25. Check this new Ozzy Osbourne song plus The King of hell is back with a new song also King Diamond enjoy my brony friends ! https://youtu.be/fMAAMfH04Q https://youtu.be/GmG2srrqonk sorry guys ozzy new youtube song won't load but king diamond will work !