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    Transgender - FTM
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    United Kingdom
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    "I've McFallen and I can't get up!"
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    Baking, binge-watching on Netflix and freshly baked sugar cookies.

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  1. Cherry Crust

    Mornin' Everypony!

    Thanks for the amazing support, and I know I definitely will enjoy myself now!
  2. Cherry Crust

    Mornin' Everypony!

    Thank you very much! I appreciate it, and I hope to see you around too!
  3. Cherry Crust

    Mornin' Everypony!

    Oh right! I.E.D Is an intermittent Explosive Disorder! It means I can have sudden outbursts of anger, and can get angrily quite easily. I take my medication for it quite often; so it shouldn't be as bad!
  4. My name is Cherry Crust, but you can just call me Cherry! I'm from Newcastle Upon Tyne, a small village in the United Kingdom! I have a mental disorder, known as I.E.D! In regards to that, I hope that I do not hurt anyones feelings, as it is not usually intended. Nevertheless, I quite enjoy meeting new people, and talking with my friends. I am still a student, and sketch in my spare time. I came up with the concept of my pony, by combining Cherry Jubilee and Granny Smith together. His mane is based off Jubilee's gorgeous locks, and has Granny Smith's cutie mark, with my own cherry flavour
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