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  1. Equestria Girls 7/10 Story was pretty good as Twi was a sort of fish out of water character. Songs were likable RR 9/10 Better Fan service, Best Villains of the series and Best songs Legend Of Everfree 5/10 Story and songs were pretty meh for me Friendship Games 7/10 I liked the whole competition aspect of the plot, songs were also pretty good but kinda forgettable (except for Unleash the Magic)
  2. I like it. Not as much as MLP:FIM, but it has it's quirks. And Rainbow Rocks is really one of my all time favorite movies.
  3. Hmm.. maybe a slice of life episode like 100 but whith other characters that were untouched. The non main characters in Canterlot, the other Pie sisters, Some wonderbolts etc. Im pretty curious about their lives when none of the main 6 are around to create a situation.
  4. I just want to thank Hasbro and everyone else involved in making this episode. Im always glad to see best pony Trixie and Glimmy get the spotlight but this episode just took it to another level Getting to see inside Trixie's wagon, the amazing song and the actual believable bickering was top notch
  5. Hi! Im Adam, or i guess you can call me by my newly invented forum name Frost Mist. Ive been lurking in these forums as a guest for a few years now and finally decided to create my account so I can join in on some conversations. I am a big fan of the show.. dont really now what qualifies as a brony but guessing im one lol. Sadly none of my real life friends watch(or want to watch ) the show so i crave some people to talk to about anything MLP. Pleased to meet you all P.S Trixie is best pony fight me