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  1. I personally find the whole attitude of "Oh, the show is total utter shit BECAUSE I DIDN'T LIKE THE ENDING" to be rather stupid. I think Nostalgia Critic did a video about that subject: people suddenly dumping on a movie or show because they didn't like the ending. Did I like the epilogue? sort of, there are some things that could be better, but I enjoyed it none-the-less...between crying my eyes out that is.
  2. The remark on the whole "you were a baby once" was more of an "okay okay, I get it, enough" thing, since I hear that EVERY time I mention I don't like babies. It's like when the actress that played Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter movies kept having people be like "HEHE, 10 POINTS TO GRYFFINDOR" every single time they would do / achieve something, it gets old. And i'll admit that hate is a strong word, I dislike them. I dislike that they stare at me when i'm eating out for lunch, makes me uncomfortable I dislike that they have that defense mechanism of "omg, something is wei
  3. figured as much, but you never know some people go flippin CRAZY defending anything baby related.
  4. yeeeeeeep, there it is: the one thing every single person has to say to me at least once whenever I mention that I dislike babies Congrats x3
  5. Perhaps I am alone in this, yet again, but I honestly cannot stand the Cake Twins: Pumpkin and Pound Cake. I'm sure they are rather accurate portrayals of how babies in real life act, so I guess they got that right...? But that's also why I dislike them greatly, as well as kinda don't mind Flurry Heart that much: they act like actual babies, and I truly dislike / kinda hate babies / toddlers irl. Will I still prefer to not watch Flurry episodes? of course, but she's not NEARLY as bad as the twins. But I'm sure like pretty much everywhere else, I'm alone in this / will be yelled
  6. My guess is that its A.) A returning villain / not someone new B.) S6 is where Glimmy was finally converted into a good guy, so I believe it's also where the Glimmy hate train originated. C.) Color Bugs...nuff said (Even if I adore the reformed changelings) Anyway, I'm gonna reverse the topic here and talk about an episode that I hate that I'm sure the fandom finds okay / enjoys: Baby Cakes I honestly seriously dislike babies in general, so having an entire episode based around them ruined it for me, and I still skip that eps to this day.
  7. Welcome to the forums @hot mess! Hope you enjoy your time here, new friendo~
  8. You say that but like...every single cartoon of the 2010s (or at least a lot of them) were in that crappy Calarts style. Yes, I'm one of THOSE people that doesn't like Gravity Falls / HATES Steven Universe, so what?
  9. AYYYY, its Luna night, lets-a get ready to part-
  10. As someone that enjoys EVERY season, and has watched the whole thing, I can say that I'm glad that it ended the way it did, and was as long as it was. For one, I'm one of the only people alive that enjoys s8 / the school / the Young Six characters, and I'll always stick by those opinions. Was the Baby Cakes episode super stupid? ofc did they go too ham on Flurry Heart? yeeeeep But overall, I really enjoyed every little bit of it, and im glad the show lasted as long as it did Otherwise, I may not have ever come back to the fandom~
  11. yeeeeeep, I've always hated that mentality of "oh, something looks super bad / some person in the company did something stupid, BOYCOTT THIS AND EVERYTHING THEY EVER MAKE!"
  12. Fluttershy, at least from the mane 6 If you include SunShim, she wins~
  13. That is legit me like...any time a historical movie is played, and someone gets blown up / have their head blown off, like in Glory Everyone in the class would be cringing or looking away I'd be sitting there in the corner, laughing my ass off somewhat x3
  14. mhmm, tis why I always tell people to invest in Physical copies of video games Because everyone knows that eventually, pretty much every single digital game will be taken down one day.
  15. I can whistle songs and what not, but trying to do the super loud whistle meant to get someones attention? nope
  16. Used to be Rock and Metal / stuff like that (REAL rock, none of this softcore stuff. IMO: a song having a guitar in it somewhere =/= Rock, and The Beatles aren't really rock either.) But now I find myself listening to basically nothing but Orchestral stuff...or to be more specific: Video Game soundtracks, classical music / stuff like Beethoven bores me.
  17. I'd like to imagine that if Ember came through the portal, she would maybe turn into some kind of other animal besides a dog. Spike turning into one made sense since he's kind of a momma's boy to a degree But the whole Dragon = Dog algorithm is kind of silly x3
  18. Pretty funny how this topic derailed from "hey, should this experimental in-between series be cancelled?" to people arguing over someone's stance on it Oh internet, you silly beast you, I can always rely on you to make me laugh x3
  19. In my opinion, its because the super frigid winds of the north don't really lend themselves well to the life style of a pegasus, and unicorns couldn't be bothered to move up somewhere so far from their birth place Or both of the other races were like "eh, Earth Ponies are strong, let them shovel all this snow and deal with it~" and it kinda just stuck after centuries.
  20. fare67t

    Never Have I Ever...

    Nope, I'm too much of a good obedient person to get kicked out x3 Never have I ever stolen from a friend
  21. Would really appreciate people either commissioning me for art, or just straight up helping me with funding for...sensitive things (not like that).

    1. fare67t


      I have some issues with family irl, mainly involving a cousin of mine dying recently, and I don't think the part of the family that lives down where he was has the money to afford a funeral.

      But I know its probably not good to just randomly ask people for money on here, so I'll refrain / say forget it.

  22. fare67t

    I is new... so yeah

    Welcome to the forums, new friendo! Also, nice r/place profile pic @Derpy Pon-3
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