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  1. I bought it at a local shop for $5,99. Can recommend. Thanks for reviving the older stuff though. Honestly, it's fun looking through all the different topics each day.
  2. Happens to me too, when I laugh a lot. But it's more in the cheeks then. Very lovely image, well done!
  3. Thanks for the follow, mate! Have one back. :)

  4. I think...I'm more...of a...slow...reader. But I don't think that's a bit thing.
  5. Cocokoru

    Ayyy rookie here

    Welcome!! I wish you a good time and lots of fun~! *gives cookie of friendship*
  6. I just tried it. 63 seconds. Now I feel funny.
  7. Cocokoru

    Mega Thread How are you feeling?

    I feel like a ninja. Just hopping around and hoping that no one sees me.
  8. Happiness is what I live for. This can be everypony's personal quest, there is no general guide for how to be happy, since everyone defines and feels it differently. For me...happiness is being positive. It's not about smiling and showing it on the outside, for me it's about the true inner feelings. A person who seems cold on the outside, could be one of the most happy persons on earth. And the most happy person on the outside could be nearly dead inside. For me, it's about the attitude and not about something like possessions or even health. I think it's very important to be able to be h
  9. I never visitied one, but I can imagine how great that would be. I simply live for happiness and peace. I have no control over the things that are happening in the world or other humans and creatures, I only have control over myself and my own choices. So the only thing I can do is to just live for myself and not doing things I would regret later, like harming others, spreading hate etc.
  10. What does the scootacup reaction mean? Was wondering about that one all the time. Even searching for it leads to 0 results. A true mystery. :wau:

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. WWolf


      It’s Scoot’s seal of approval. Not meant for drinking :P .

    3. Cocokoru


      Thank you all the for the scootacups, my funny little ponies. :laugh:

      @Cagey I see. :)

      @WWolf Is noted! I need a new cup now.

    4. Bastian


      Just learned that!

      scootacups for everypony!:fluttershy:

  11. No, never. I think most people would disagree on that, because of different views and values, but that doesn't matter at all.
  12. Cocokoru

    General What life do you want?

    No changes, the same as now.
  13. Same goes for me. It takes a while until clothes are getting worn out.
  14. I prefer my coffee to be just water. In other words: I don't like coffee.
  15. I always look down on the keyboard. I also just use two fingers. Let's try and see what happens when I type with closed eyes! Hello deaf pony friends, I feel wonderfl roday! Oh, that's not too bad, I guess. Just looking at it once to have a starting point. This could be some kind of forum game.
  16. There must be a really cute pony inside this costume!
  17. @Stone Cold Steve Tuna I wasn't happy with my voice either, when I listened to myself in the beginning. It took me some time to get used to it. A lot of people think that about themselves, but the voices aren't actually terrible. Some have really unique voices, but end up becoming really popular, in kids shows or maybe as a cool villain. I think you can use every voice, if you find the right character for it.
  18. I'm listening to the soundtrack of Fire Emblem: Three Houses~
  19. The king thought the dude from the other side of the borders slept with his daughter and banned him. The mother of the dude and her army tried to kill the king as revenge afterwards, but they failed. The army joined the king and betrayed the mother and she fell in the flush, but she never learned to swim and died. The king changed his mind about the dude and he was allowed to come back and show his “affection” to his girlfriend in front of dozens of animals. - The Lion King II: Simba's Pride
  20. Good. I want to learn and try out new things.
  21. I love about myself that I stay true to myself and don't change for anyone. It is a very lonely path, but I don't have to regret anything at least.
  22. The most original one... That's really difficult to answer. One of my characters is upside down, because his “gravity” works differently, because he is from the “mirrored” world. Magic was common in his original world, so he learned to walk in the air. The funny aspect about him is, that his magic abilities grow stronger in each game. In the second game he walks normally on the ground, but his hair still falls up. And in the third one he can walk completely normal on the ground. Well, at least he pretends to, he can't just change his own “gravity”. At one point he fell asleep and he was not ab
  23. It's difficult for me to pronounce many words with “r” in english. Like rumor or flower. English dialects are impossible for me at the moment, but I really like them.
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