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  1. I bought it at a local shop for $5,99. Can recommend. Thanks for reviving the older stuff though. Honestly, it's fun looking through all the different topics each day.
  2. Happens to me too, when I laugh a lot. But it's more in the cheeks then. Very lovely image, well done!
  3. Thanks for the follow, mate! Have one back. :)

  4. *hires a scary clown to boop you*

    Watch out :wacko: 

    1. Cocokoru


      Why do you warn me when hire him in the first place? :please:

      But thanks for the warning. *shiver*

    2. WWolf


      So you know he’ll only boop you :P 

  5. I think...I'm more...of a...slow...reader. But I don't think that's a bit thing.
  6. Welcome!! I wish you a good time and lots of fun~! *gives cookie of friendship*
  7. I just tried it. 63 seconds. Now I feel funny.
  8. I feel like a ninja. Just hopping around and hoping that no one sees me.
  9. Happiness is what I live for. This can be everypony's personal quest, there is no general guide for how to be happy, since everyone defines and feels it differently. For me...happiness is being positive. It's not about smiling and showing it on the outside, for me it's about the true inner feelings. A person who seems cold on the outside, could be one of the most happy persons on earth. And the most happy person on the outside could be nearly dead inside. For me, it's about the attitude and not about something like possessions or even health. I think it's very important to be able to be happy alone. Independently. And this leads to fulfilling relationships as well. The same feels attract each other, it's not like a magnet. Being negative means to attract other negative elements. And how will you find your way out of it, if you don't do it yourself and put some effort in it, right?
  10. I never visitied one, but I can imagine how great that would be. I simply live for happiness and peace. I have no control over the things that are happening in the world or other humans and creatures, I only have control over myself and my own choices. So the only thing I can do is to just live for myself and not doing things I would regret later, like harming others, spreading hate etc.
  11. What does the scootacup reaction mean? Was wondering about that one all the time. Even searching for it leads to 0 results. A true mystery. :wau:

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. WWolf


      It’s Scoot’s seal of approval. Not meant for drinking :P .

    3. Cocokoru


      Thank you all the for the scootacups, my funny little ponies. :laugh:

      @Cagey I see. :)

      @WWolf Is noted! I need a new cup now.

    4. Bastian


      Just learned that!

      scootacups for everypony!:fluttershy:

  12. No, never. I think most people would disagree on that, because of different views and values, but that doesn't matter at all.
  13. Same goes for me. It takes a while until clothes are getting worn out.