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  1. But keep an eye, on your pizza!! ! CAUSE i'M (Chica) A BIRD WHO LIKES TO EAT! NAMNAMNAMNAMNMA !
  2. Do it ! They won’t hear . We’re listening! What do you want to sing?
  3. Hegg yeah. Embarassment is... sort of temporary. I need it for my education .
  4. They're going to get a hoof in der face!
  5. Wwolf does not approve of Wolf Punch :okiedokieloki:.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. ExplosionMare


      Sounds like a sad game for wolves :( 

    3. WWolf


      Oh they're fine :P . You lose the game if you overheat the punch, and it ends with WOLFSPLOSION :yay: !!!! WOLFSPLOSION!!

    4. ExplosionMare


      Is that really part of the game? :devious:

  6. Lifts her tail you say ? What if a mare lifts a stallions tail ?
  7. Hmmm, I guess with a better camera you'd be able to see more than just the few stars in this picture . (oh this is a telescope)
  8. Is the Milky Way pretty visible at night ? Can you see Andromeda ?
  9. I speak abstractly about what I’m thinking sometimes, at least about certain stuff. I also like to use wackos to remove that cold tone from my posts and messages .
  10. Hmmmm haven’t had one in a while. I’m sure they’re all tasty af.
  11. Sometimes the answer you have has a catch. It can’t be what you’re looking for if there’s a price to pay you can’t realistically pay off. Thankfully, there’s always more than one answer.
  12. You have no idea, although I don't actively seek it. I just hope I get it passively. Maybe that's subconsciously why my OC's cutie mark is a shooting star/comet; they really get your attention .
  13. For some reason I've abstained from reading anything about TikTok. I don't even exactly know what they are and feel like there's so much more going on than some... whatever it is. Sounds like something related to music.