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  1. When injustice becomes law, rebellion becomes duty.

  2. Vague questions deserve vague answers.

  3. *puts a clown in your closet :wacko: *

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    2. WWolf


      You'd seriously prefer a snake bite over encountering a clown with unknown intentions :maud::wacko: ?

    3. meme


      and the spiders

    4. WWolf


      Ok I guess that's understandable then :wacko: 

  4. I guess I like it toasty . I can’t reemmeber the last time I had a grilled-cheese sandwich . Oh oops I misread it. I call it a grilled/cheese sandwich .
  5. Mega Thread

    How do you know it was that particular day ?
  6. Example, I keep my phone in my right pocket, wallet in left pocket (I don’t like it in the rear pocket), earphones and keys go in different places, so nothing consistent .
  7. Science

    I used to want to be an astronomer, though my interest in the extraterrestrial has mostly moved inside the atmosphere (I'm very interested in aviation now). I'm about as interested in it as most people are, though I probably know more since I always bought books about them. Twice in the past month I got to witness some cool meteors shine . The first one I thought was an airplane diving towards the airport (wondering crap, I hope he's planning on pulling up or he must be doing acrobatic flight), then it quickly faded and burnt out . I forgot what the other one looked like but I've seen some cool displays I haven't really followed a lot of astronomy lately. Mostly just stuff that's big on the news like the eclipse this year, or when the New Horizon's probe passed by Pluto. I didn't even know we had discovered so many of Pluto's moons already , or that it even had so many for a (dwarf) planet its size .
  8. Well? Do you have it over or under ? I think I prefer it under, even if over means more accessible . It just feels weird to me having the paper hang closer to me...
  9. Science

    No though one time it sure felt like there was one; winds blew all the leaves off the tree, hail broke the windows (double-pane became single-pane...) and well it was nasty. I'm South of Tornado Alley, storms here are actually pretty mild and rarely go severe thankfully, though I've gotten tornado warnings this past year and wasn't aware if things were any dangerous in the area since I never experienced anything severe .
  10. But of course . Just look at that cute pone .
  11. You know what's going on with Swirly? She hasn't logged on in two days.

    1. WWolf


      Probably busy with exams :wacko: .

    2. TwilyFan13


      I am a bit concerned about her, she hasn't logged on in days.

    3. SparklingSwirls


      Haha no I don't have exams :P 

  12. Mega Thread

    Generally ok, just a little peeved by something that’s pretty reoccurring .
  13. General

    I deliver food for Domino's at the moment . I’m 23 . I make no mention of MLP at my job and have to stick to uniform .
  14. Hope you like strawberry milk :ooh::rarity: ...

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    2. Princess Moony

      Princess Moony

      :wacko:...........*bites it*:derp:

    3. WWolf



      *bites your mane :o *

    4. Princess Moony

      Princess Moony

      D: ....... &^@@^&#???:oneheckofahat: