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  1. Have you considered a field in pyrotechnics, or shapeshifting ?
  2. It’s not just eating out, I’m stimulating the economy :pout: .

    1. Kyoshi


      It's not delivery, it's delivery.

    2. ShadOBabe


      Hey yeah! Love that reasoning! XD 

  3. Shhh, I’m hiding from the aardvarks
  4. Key word “wanna”, unless you bring explosions to the party then victory is more assured, or in CypherHuuf’s case, if you’re a cute kirin .
  5. Don’t. Just enjoy some of my cake
  6. He’s nothing but a faek .
  7. *cat resting making breathing noises*
    *me gets close to cat and makes breathing noises*
    *cat paws me*

  8. WWolf

    Confession Time!

    Hahah, the creepy thing wasn’t related to sleep paralysis. I just walked back from the bathroom late at night, turned around and some short, creepy thing with glowing eyes and teeth was laughing at me in the corner. Something I won’t ever forget.. Only I saw/heard it though, as mom was in the same room when I saw it and she was awake in bed.
  9. WWolf

    Confession Time!

    When I’m having sensations of sleep paralysis, or overcome it, I’ll turn on the light to make sure nothing is there . Mostly paranoia, but also because there was something there at my old apartments when I was 8, and it... was terrifying... I’d rather not talk about it now ...
  10. Durable, tough, and hot when not pleased .
  11. I wonder if they have kirin pumps