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  1. Dangit, hit send already.....:glimmer: 

  2. Tell us a truth about yourself?

    I’m terrible handling rejection :l . I feel like at that point I’m no longer an equal.. like I’m less for having the lower hand, it may be a little awkward being friends. It hasn’t really happened yet :U.... Ok once but it was more mutual ...
  3. We shouldn't be scared to go to school.

    At least put more law enforcement in schools and have people go through metal detectors, at least during school hours... I dunno. Then again, the damage can always occur outside. At least once people are in school it’d be safe..
  4. Get Off Your Electronics

    Don't feed the trolls . I do admit I wish I was less involved with electronics (such as my laptop and phone), although I lack the ambition to go out and do something more active. I do work, occasionally go to flight school (weather permitting...) and play in an ensemble once a week. I do feel sometimes like I wish I had more time in the day , even though I realistically have a lot of time off.
  5. We shouldn't be scared to go to school.

    It can happen anywhere and anytime to anyone which is the scary part about it. There are things we can prevent, others are not as easy...
  6. Mega Thread How are you feeling right now?

    Pretty triggered. Let's commence an exodus!!!
  7. I need life alert in bed; I can never get up.

    1. TrotterOoze Gallaslime

      TrotterOoze Gallaslime

      Just strap a taser Alarm clock above your bed aiming down that goes of 3 minutes after you normal alarm......after one or two days you will start getting out of bed quicker ¦D

    2. WWolf


      If only I could find one :please: 

  8. I wonder when and where will be next, and the next time. I hope that question won't be answered until a very long time but I'm afraid that's out of my control. Mine.

  9. 2 years ago.

    nuu you're good :c
  10. Have you ever been pulled over by a cop!?

    Knock on wood, not yet, however there was one time I had my flashers on while working, that a police officer pulled up behind a car behind me (not sure why the bloody hell he didn’t take the flashers as a clue ), turned on the lights and came to the passenger door, just asking me if there was anything wrong (there wasn’t, just Triple checking an order...), so I guess I can say I’ve been “held stopped”, but not pulled over .
  11. Airports you have been through.

    Here’s my list Austin Bergstrom DFW George-Bush Intercontinental Dallas/Love Field San Antonio Denver Durango LAX McCarran Las Vegas Oakland Phoenix-Sky Harbor (this one was actually for a medical diversion ) Oklahoma City “Jolly Roger” Stillwater airport (?) Monterrey Benito-Juarez, Mexico City O’Hare Blue-Grass, Lexington Pittsburgh Newark Albany Frankfurt Am-Main Vienna Copenhagen Rome-Fiumicino Then some smaller airports I’ve flown to via a Cessna 172 Sunrise Beach Lockhart San Marcos Taylor Smithville Also what’s with the freaking double space I can’t get rid of ? And the font size ?
  12. Midnight snacks

    I do since I’m up pretty late. I have to be very quiet ... usually a banana, sandwich, chips or crackers
  13. Ask a Troll

    I did ask you a question about trolling; what would a troll say I should do to go to space? Magnets?
  14. Crushes: Share Them HERE! Don't be Shy!

    I come here pretty often .... Forum: Hmm Pony: Sodium IRL: Trumpet girl in my ensemble; I especially like her laugh . I actually feel comfortable enough to maybe shoot her a message some day since we only see each other once a week and I only stay in the first half of the rehearsal... she has that Pinkie Pie personality . Only thing is her name is kind of weirdly "spelt" (no that's not her name or a part of any of it ) so it'd be odd saying how I found her on Facebook, although tbh it was just a matter of experimenting ... but then that seems pretty try hard and obvious . It's not a huge crush, just a bit light so far...