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  1. Olol the forums don’t want to be pinched.

    1. HereComesTom


      They didn't add a "pinch" brohoof option!

  2. So ohld. It was a fun, intriguing series watching though all of them (and the bit of disappointment when episode 4 would not be the last one but sure why not have an extra hour of stuff?!). Probably won't be watching the whole thing all over again, but did decide to watch a good portion of the last one.


    1. Rikifive


      These are amazing; oh I so loved it back then ~ mind blowing and nice in general. :catface:

  3. What u doin :ticking:?

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    2. Princess Moony

      Princess Moony

      What happened again? x3

    3. WWolf


      The ghosties controlling you :please: ?

    4. Princess Moony

      Princess Moony

      Well,I love it! OwO I even surprised my parents by lifting 4 32 packages of water bottles OwO cause they even fused me with their strength OwO pretty creepy right? >:D that did happened yesterday btw >~>

  4. Lyra: *bounce! Bounce! Bounce! Bounce! Zap*

  5. B O R K :muffins:

    1. WWolf


      *sprays with water :bea:*

    2. Retro*Derpy


      :(  b o r k ...

    3. WWolf


      Haha :P :yay: 

  6. I feel ancient playing GTA V on PS3 :scoots: . Seems like everybody's moved on to PS4, except for all the modders :maud: (not "maud-ers").

  7. WWolf

    Auto or Manual

    Manual is fun . It’s like playing the “how smooth can you make the transitions” game .
  8. WWolf

    General Any LEGO fans

    I recently brought out some of my Lego sets from the bottom of my parents’ bed (they were stored away for when relatives needed my room to stay). There’s a bit of space. Not all of them are out. Mostly Star Wars. I wonder where my Bionicle are .
  9. Jupiter looks gross.

    1. AveryGamerDude


      The planet or the Team Galactic Admin? (Sorry I have Pokemon Platinum on the mind lol.)

    2. WWolf


      Lal the planet :P 

  10. Who’s the pink dragon :huh: ?

    1. Tacodidra


      Scales from "The Hearth's Warming Club". :) Quite a cute dragon, isn't she? :mlp_yay:

    2. WWolf


      Hmm yes, I don’t remember watching that episode :wacko: .

    3. Tacodidra


      It was one of the highlights for me in season 8 – an episode I'd definitely recommend! :D

      The avatar was my choice for Dragon Appreciation Day – but I've had it since then, since I haven't been able to think of a good replacement yet... and why not since I like it. :adorkable:

  11. A French Derpy full of sodium chloride :wacko: 

    1. CypherHoof


      Tackle the NaCl :)

  12. I hate that I already feel tired at 9pm. Literally I spend more time getting up from bed and through work than everything else :maud: .

    1. Chrysalis14


      I often hate waking up in mornings because I often have little time to get things done before I leave.

    2. WWolf


      Well you could wake up earlier; I prefer getting up as late as possible :wacko: .

    3. Chrysalis14


      I could sleep earlier but I often get distracted by videos and video games. :wacko: 

  13. A what now ? All I know are normal, special, tribute, ritual, fusion . I liked special summoning, I guess. One particular one, with decoy dragon while there’s a level 7+ dragon in the graveyard .
  14. Helloh :ooh: 

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    2. WWolf


      Hahah that's a funny Rainbow Dash :laugh: 

    3. Princess Moony

      Princess Moony


    4. WWolf


      Is there a problem uBjrTY8.png?