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  1. *summons many void portals and boops* @Splashee @Rising Dusk @Pucksterv @Lucky Bolt
  2. @Splashee Whoaaaaaaa, thanks Splashee. It's cool to see everyone else here too and will try to be here more often.
  3. @Splashee It certainly is. I have loads of fun on Discord mostly. I started on Google Plus three years ago. My first oc? It was Shadow Moon. His real name is Dustin Eclipse. An alicorn that has issues from his past in the military. Currently, he is undergoing therapy. Since due too him being found unconscious from a secret empire. The leader saw potential in him. Then tried to use him as a tool to take over Equestria. By brainwashing him and making him into a robot. Not literally. Just him with no emotions nor a conscious. Soon. Mane Six, managed to stop him and break the control over him. By banishing the leader. Afterwards. During recovery in a hospital. Suffering from his injuries. He had no recollection of what previously happened. Till the next week after his release from the hospital. A former close colleague of his. Named Captain Conner. A male pegasus. Informed him on what happened and what he tragically done too the ponies. Too some of them. Then that's where guilt and this inner pain started. Afterwards, he grew into depression and stood away. Just to give you a little backstory of him. I'll be posting artworks of him real soon. Hope you are well? ^^
  4. Thank you all so much! Sorry for the terribly late response here. I have been busy in Discord app recently. Especially on PonyTown. I do role play sometimes on there. I usually post my artworks on Discord app on several mlp servers. Still, as always. I got more on the way! I'll post them when they're ready.
  5. Here is Estella being her sweet and caring self as always.
  6. Lol Thanks. I used a firehouse red and infra red colors for the mane/tail. Got more of my art coming on the way.
  7. Thank you. On average for alicorn's height? They would be 6'ft 1"in tall. Estella full grown is nearly at Celestia's height. Just a few inches above. Void was younger there and not full grown yet. She was only 6'ft 2"in tall. Now , she's 6'ft 8"in tall. From head too hind hoof if you stand her up. ^^
  8. This right here. Is such a heart warming moment. On how long it has been and waited for Estella to finally meet Void. Here it is ladies and gentlecolts. Estella and Void.
  9. @Super Splashee It's been going great! ^^ I recently put my next piece of art and revealed the secret admirer. Also, boy are you riiiight! You'll be in awe to see how he looks.
  10. The moment you all been waiting for. I reveal to all. The secret admirer. Named Smooth Walker.
  11. @Super Splashee Thanks again. As always. I'll show the "secret admirer" in the next artwork being with her on the side while walking.
  12. "*whispers to herself* Hmm, wonder what Void is up too? Especially that one pegasus. ^_^" That pegasus being her secret admirer.
  13. Nebula wants you to be her star.
  14. @Super Splashee Not all of them. A few of them are earth ponies and some are unicorns. Few others being changelings. Reason for my alicorn favoritism? Is that I like how majestic they look and I don't tend to make them over powered or be much like a mary-sue. I keep it simple as it is with their backstories and their ability. Also, I never ever relate none of them too any canon characters. That is a big no no.
  15. Here she is ladies and gentlecolts! ^^ The one that motivates and keeps Void from being lonely. The one that Void met first. When no other beings ever wanted to talk to her. Behold! Nightmare! Nebula!