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  1. Luna and Celestia encounter the terrifying creature of the deep... THE KRAKEN!!!!
  2. After many months of waiting, the first trailer for the upcoming G5 MLP movie has finally arrived. Today we'll be analyzing what story and information we can take away, along with secrets and easter eggs hidden within.
  3. With the next generation of MLP soon to be upon us, we have to ask ourselves... how is friendship... no longer magic?
  4. This video has been a long time coming as I bring this hidden gem to light. The Wonderbolts Academy Handbook! The Ultimate Self Improving and Networking Guide for Kids. Let's take a look and maybe even learn a something about this magnificent novel.
  5. Looking back at the Last Crusade and reading the latest MLP comic, which shows the return of Scootaloo's parents, I had to ask myself who are Scootaloo's "Real" Parents.
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