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  1. Well I am working in some brony game proyects making the graphics but yes it would be great if I find someone who would make a complex platformer videogame like super mario land 2 or warioland 3, with enemies, bosses, puzles... For now I'm very busy in some proyects XP
  2. First of all I apologize for my lateness, I've been working on some brony projects and I don't had much time. Finally I finished the enemies for Evergreen Forest, I hope you find it useful
  3. Well if if you need make bigger graphics I add a F.A.Q. in all resoures, and I explain how to change the size of the resources, also if someone need help I also add a contact mail XP Unfortunately I don't have enough time to learn programming, sorry. Added Evergreen Forest location, next update will be some forest enemies like cocatrice and others, maybe I will finish next week
  4. Thanks for the advice Pix3M but I don't have a very good level of english it seems you want to tell me something about some problems with the graphics but I can't understand you, sorry
  5. Hello everybrony!This is not for a specific or concret game, it is only a few resources for ALL brony community,feel free to use as you want for your brony projects, you can even make changes if you really need.It make me happy to know that has been useful for you.I hope it helps some game developers and make the fandom bigger and more entretaining XDI am working in more locations soooo... next updates soon :)Ponyville residential zone tilesets: Pony, unicorn and pegasus template: And finally the enemies: You can find all of my works on : http://punkypie8.deviantart.co
  6. lol man you must buy the newborn one is the most bizarre of all, G3,5 powerrrr! also fashion style are a bit fagotry for me but as you know ... Rainbow Dash always dresses in styleXD
  7. punkypie

    Mega Thread Rate the Avatar of the User Above You!

    Is one of the best meats you can eat, healthy and good for gaining muscular mass for the lack of fat XD
  8. punkypie

    Mega Thread Rate the Avatar of the User Above You!

    well my favourite music is a bit creppy (Fear, GG allin... XD)
  9. All the pony merchandise are for little girs this is the problem, i hope one third toy company like todd mc flare buy the license and make some accurate merchandise... Te blind bag is suposed to be the most show like merchandise and we have Pinkie Pie whith different hair, Rainbow Dash recolored as Flutershy, Big mac with tiny body, Applejack without hat... Seriusly Hasbro we want a good tv show looking merchandise, is so hard to do? But one question: is the brony comunity suficient large for doing their toy line? is it economically possible?
  10. punkypie

    Mega Thread Rate the Avatar of the User Above You!

    8/10 because i like chiken... and pinkie too nom nom nommmmmmmm juicy! XD
  11. I really belive Trixie has a lot of potential for being a charismatic evil character, i want see a episode taking her revenge against twilight Sparkle and she's friends
  12. i'm surprised with the amount of Applejack votes, i vote Pinkie... i feel bad for poor applejack, she need her own song to gain popularity
  13. I want but i don't think Hasbro give green light at studio b we will gonna see derpy as a blackground character doing funny stuff but nothing more, unfortunately... one of the more sad think about the show an the whole franchise is it be created for little girls, this give a large amount of restrictions to the writers
  14. Eeeeemmm... man talking about kissing ponies ummm nooooo just no who knows what is gonna happen next...
  15. Well drawn and good design and I like the color palette, they look like in the line of the original tv show
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