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  1. Construction took about 2 weeks, off and on. Thabks everyone! He's a work in progress, needs some hair floofing and his pink GF, but he's a lot of fun to wear for sure!
  2. Finished my handmade Shining Armor cosplay! His horn is 3D printed and filled with LEDs, his mane and tail are hand wefted wig hair and his hooves are light and soft cold foam with vinyl. Thanks for looking!
  3. I made some convention badges for myself and my husband. Now if only I could convince him to take some time off and go to a pony con! : ) Made from cutout paper, some gel pen, and calligraphy inks. We're still trying to work out what our cutie marks would be! Thanks for looking!
  4. My husband has at least 5 or 6 MLP FiM tshirts he wears as often as he can, a pony hanging from our rearview mirror, and has one of the Rainbow Dash wallets. Not a shy fan at all! And in the last three years, I've never seen him get any flack for it. It's actually led to him meeting a lot of people, at airports, restaurants, everywhere. He's got a very nonchalant attitude when it comes to the opinion of strangers! It's cute when we're out shopping and a cashier sees his wallet and they confesses to being a fan too.
  5. Made this for my rearview mirror! Rainbow Dash sculpture by DragonSquared, on Flickr Made out of Sculpey, some acrylic paints for the rainbow hair, and Rustolium clear varnish. I haven't sculpted anything in ages, but there are so many talented pony sculptors I got inspired to dig out some of the old sculpting clays! : Another shot of her in action on my Twitter. :} Thanks for looking everypony!
  6. Hasbro seems to be turning a blind eye to copyright infringement, but they HAVE cease-and-desisted fan content creators. : / If someone reports your content to Hasbro, legally they are obligated to pursue you and seek recourse, which could be anything from just warning you to get rid of all infringing content, to paying them licensing dues/profits from any sales you might make off their content, to suing you for losses or damaging their brand. In order to defend a copyright in court, the owners of the intellectual property have to pursue all reports of infringement fully. If they let one artist get away with it, then if it went to court a judge may be less likely to rule in their favour. So if its reported, you can bet Hasbro will act. The one way around copyright infringement is if its considered parody. But then, parody is hard to define and measure and that's why good lawyers get paid a lot of money. Don't get me wrong, I love seeing people make profit from their hard work. If what you do is good and people love it, it's awesome to get paid for it! But it's risky when it comes to the intellectual property of others.
  7. Hey there! I was in your exact place about a year and a half ago, and I found some really helpful resources that got me started! This blogger has a few articles and tutorials on how to draft custom patterns and how to achieve certain 3D shapes. Also I had a lot of inspiration from other plush makers and crafters, and deviantArt is a great collection! I made a few practice ponies from free patterns online, which helped me know what direction to go in when designing my own pattern! I also took out a LOT of books from the library, mostly clothing patterning books. They are great for how to use fabric properly, how to design seams and how to use a sewing machine or even hand sew for the best results. There are a few doll making books and stuffed animal pattern books that were helpful, but really the most helpful thing was just to make a bunch of practice ponies and keep editing the pattern with each version. Good luck!
  8. She's really cute! I like the way you've done the braids in her mane, looks really good! I think your style looks neat, it's really nice seeing everyone's interpretations.
  9. She's all done! Lyra Heartstrings The colours are a little washed out because I took the photos in the evening, but she's all put together and adorable! I'm pretty happy with how she turned out. : )
  10. Thanks y'all! I'm excited to finish her up, and I've already got a Mr & Mrs Cake all cut out waiting to be sewn together. I worked on my pattern for a few months, so it's a labour of love and pretty complicated. But if you're wanting to start, I can recommend using any of the pony patterns that are offered on dA by various makers. My pattern is pretty much just a variation of what's commonly used, just in proportions that I like. The key is to make one, tweak the pattern a little, make another, keep editing the pattern till eventually four or five ponies later you have a shape that's your style and to your liking! - this is a pretty good pattern to follow, but again, just search "pony pattern" and there's a lot of great stuff that comes up!
  11. Hi there! I've been working on improving my pony pattern and finally have another pony to share. MLP FIM - Lyra plush by DragonSquared Studio, on Flickr A Lyra! Her cutie mark and eyes are hand embroidered, and she still needs some finishing details like her hair attached and a smile but she's almost done! Made out of minky with felt and embroidery thread details, stuffed with polyfil, and stands about 13" tall. I'm not open for custom commissions at this time, but will announce when I do on my deviantArt account for anyone interested! Thanks for looking!
  12. My Little Pony - Blank Flank Pegasus by DragonSquared Studio, on Flickr Just finished this handsome fella! (click the image for a bigger view!) He's made out of minky and polyfill, with some felt and embroidered details. The owner hasn't decided on a cutie mark yet, so he's a blank flank! I designed and drafted the pattern myself, he stands about 13" tall. Thanks for looking! : )
  13. Happy Birthday!