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  1. My parents pulled the Satanism card to keep me from playing the game. Denying a kid the right to play a video game on the grounds of religion is child abuse in my opinion.
  2. sasuke

    Hai doge u scared

  3. My area I live in is one of those areas that gets snowed on hard, even though the last few winters have been quite dry, this winter, my area got like, a few feet of snow (3 feet one day). It's just getting tiring, and I am believed to have Seasonal Affective Disorder.
  4. Finally, somebody who agrees with me, the whole concept of the game just bores me, and the fans of it can be really irritating at times.
  5. Also I think Libertarianism is the worst political ideology ever thought of, just the idea of it is going to fail because the only thing most are concerned with nowadays is legalizing weed and getting rid of taxes.
  6. Thanks! I've always loved the diverse human forms because it actually has a realistic feeling to me.
  7. The brony fandom is not that great anymore. I love racially diverse human forms of MLP characters. Halo is the most overrated and boring piece of shit on the planet. Winter sucks, and snow does too.
  8. Nah

    Commies only thread

    This is my type of thread.
  9. All glory to the master race!
  10. Capitalism has done nothing but reward the wealthy for being wealthy and punish and exploit the unfortunate or poor for being poor, plus that's quite a popular opinion.
  11. Time to get creative

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